Wednesday, October 10, 2012

366 days of photos week 38

woohoo, 2 wks down!  lots of q this week as we had a couple of days where she lost 2 teeth in 2 days!  she had the tooth fairy working overtime!  :o)

day 257: 9/16 sun
tooth #1 pulled during nap while watching some tv, total of 3 teeth missing!

day 258: 9/17 mon
tooth #2 gone!  4 total teeth missing.  :)

hopp had her first picnic lunch, sadly it rained the next day so they couldn't go to the park as planned.  she didn't care they had one in the living room on the floor! 

day 259: 9/18 tues
this cracked me up!  i didn't care for the previous days pic just because it wasn't an "in your face" no teeth photo, i really wanted her to show off!  :o)   i love missing teeth photos!!
 day 260: 9/19 wed

it was nana night & i never feature lucky.  this is my MIL's dog, his name is lucky, he's so sweet, i wish she would let me take him home.  he never barks & loves the girls.  so what does that make him, my DIL, dog-in-law?  hehehe, sorry couldn't resist.  :o)

working on that CAL blanket, it's not a CAL anymore because everyone that did it has a finished blanket.

day 261: 9/20 thurs
hopp's teacher sent me this photo, she looks like she is about to hurt someone for looking at her lunch.  :o)

day 262: 9/21 fri
finished circles for the CAL blanket.  :)  just need 11 of the yellow & blue then i can move on to round 2...

i feel like this is such a waste...  all that yarn, kinda makes me sad.

day 263: 9/22 sat
q participated in the 1mile fun run that benefited her school.  she didn't make it the whole way running but she had a blast!

what's this i see?!?  why yes!  that's neon yarn at hob lob!!  i'm in love!!!  i have yet to buy some, not for sure what i would make with it.  i still drool every time i walk by it.  :)

working my dittos inventory, it calls for a cape cod!  hehehe

366 days of photos week 37

sorry for the long delay, it's been crazy busy the last month or so.  it's going to be a fast update so here we go...

day 250: 9/9 sun  no photo...

day 251: 9/10 mon
flower i made with a clear glitter button

day 252: 9/11 tues
my sweet pea made the cutest flag ever in remembrance of 9/11.  i'm going to frame it & put it up!  NEVER FORGET!!!!

day 253: 9/12 wed
it's been awhile since i've done a hair post.  i did their hair the same way.  look how cute they are!!!

day 254: 9/13 thurs
a finished scarf for ms maria, jess's friend.  it was just a simple dc scarf but in extra long.

day 255: 9/14 fri
this is maria in the matching hat with that white flower/glitter button from earlier.  :o)

birthday shout out!!!  this was jess's 18th bday!!!  yep, that's right my baby girl is of legal age, i can't believe it, where have all the years gone???   made this bow from a secret deodorant ad, got the tutorial from bffmrt, a great way to recycle & it's super easy to do.  on that note, a secret deodorant ad has never looked so good!  ;)

day 256: 9/15 sat
look at this precious baby!!!  his name is baylor & isn't he gorgeous?!?  his mommy is a previous co-worker friend from back in the phone book days.  that hat he is wearing was one of my fo's.  i can't get over how gorgeous he is, tawners makes some beautiful babies.  :o)

it rained & this was on my sidewalk.  i thought it was so pretty!  just a plain old leaf that fell off a tree, what a nice little piece of art.  :)

well that's all for week 37, a couple more weeks to catch up on.  i hope all of you have been doing well, i've missed you all, i haven't even caught up on my fave blogs either.  it's been so hectic!