Monday, November 28, 2011

this weekend

sorry, no turkey day pics.  i always forget to get pics, i get wrapped up in the family & festivities that i forget. 

we did have lots of fun the last few days so here are some pics that i took starting on wednesday..
it was just me & q until it was time to pick up hopp so we decided to go have some froyo.  i always get the peanut butter with the chocolate mixed.  i tryed the salted caramel but didn't really care for it plus, i didn't realize it until after i tried it, it is NOT gf so i couldn't eat it even if i liked it.  i also let q have the italian wedding cake flavor & then realized it wasn't gf either but it didn't bother her this time, thank goodness.  this was her enjoying her non-gf froyo.  :)

we then when & checked out our new big lots store.  they moved & it's so nice!  however there was this lady, pictured above & she had humongo hair!  it was so teased & huge that you could actually see through her hair.  she was probably in her 60s or 70s so i'm sure she has had this style for quite some time & possibly more hair at one point so it wasn't so see through at a younger age.  she was tiny too so her head was about the size of a small child.  it was so strange & i couldn't really take one from the front, wish i could have gotten one from the side.  i also saw that big lots had those funny someecards calendars with all those great super funny pics from pinterest.  totally thought of my friendscrystal & sarah.  :)  totally not work appropriate or i would have so bought one.  :)

so i lied, i did have pics from turkey day.  just not of the food or other family.  diddy, my fil, put q in the tree, she was feverishly trying to climb it but with a dress it was impossible to get knee traction without tearing up your knees.  so here she is, q in the tree.  sorry for the bad shadows but can you say super cheesin'?

of course hopp had to get in on the tree action.  :)

we watched captin america on friday, pretty good movie.  on another thought.  we have seen thor, that's pretty good too.  xmen was good as well.  i think the new avenger movie is going to be good too.  anyone know who all the avengers are besides, CA & thor?  i saw a lady but wasn't for sure who she was.  we have also seen bridesmaids & horrible bosses, both super funny, definitely not kid appropriate but i'm sure you already know this. 

then had a successful trip to the laundromat, for the comforter, yesterday.  thankfully no shenanigans happened.  i've always wondered what the soap dispenser looked like so i took a pic.  only got the soap dispenser so i'm not for sure what the bleach or fabric dispenser looks like, this is on the triple/quad load washers.  so now you guys know too.  :o)

last night after hitting up the grocery store it was time to warm up with a nice cup of hot cocoa.  got a huge box with marshmallows for $3 at big lots.  now i normally wouldn't show you a pic like this but this one is a first & she looked so damn cute holding that mug.  she is FOR THE FIRST TIME, drinking out of a real ceramic mug, as a matter of fact this might be her very first hot cocoa ever!  isn't she just the cutest!!!  :o)
i can't believe it but it's only 5 days till my craft show!  yikes!!! got lots to do, hope i can get some sneak peeks to you soon.  i've finished a HUGE amt of wips so not for sure i will have everything to show.  happy monday, just think, it's almost over.  :o)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

wip wednesday

i started making some headbands & i don't have the buttons on them or the embellishments either.  any suggestions besides flowers?  i thought about doing the suggestion from a friend of a heart & then putting a felt banner on it & hand-stitching something on there, kinda like a tattoo heart.  :o)

Add caption
i got the pattern from melanie matos, found on ravelry, it's a free pattern & super easy!  you should try it.
i made one that i posted on here before but not for sure when so i will post the pic here again.  :o)

a finished headband with flower in grey & yellow
have a great turkey day tomorrow & see you guys on friday, hopefully with finished headbands.  :o)  don't forget to head on over to tami's amis to see all the wonderful projects in the works. 


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

busy, busy, busy!!!

i'm getting excited for several things...

1.  it's almost time for HAM, yes i said ham.  i dislike turkey so i get excited for the ham.  :o)  i've been craving, no i'm not preggers, salty stuff & ham is right up my alley. 

2. i get off early tomorrow & i have thurs/fri off so i'm super stoked about that. 

3. the craft fair is next WEEKEND!!!!  i'm so nervous but super excited as well.  i'm going to use the extra time off to make & finish a bunch of stuff for the cf.

here are some pics from the park i took this weekend of the girls

hopp & jess on the swings, i took several of them & i wanted to show you the super cute ones.  she the pimp mobile aka princess carriage behind jess?  ;)

so cute, love that face on hopp & it's a really pretty smile on jess

awwwww, kisses

hopp loves her big sis.  look at the chin(s)  :D 

the creek is dry so we went exploring under the bridge but not too far because it got real muddy & nasty on the other side.  here q is cheesin' with jess.  look how beautiful they are!  i am so blessed with beautiful girls!
funny story about q, while i was pushing hopp on her own swing, q was playing on the playground equipment & i hear, "mommmmmy", i see her hands on the monkey bars but can't see her face or body.  i yell back, "i see you", she says mommy a little louder this time & i say i still see her & then i hear the trouble in her voice.  she starts yelling my name & i can hear she is upset.  i then hear her screaming my name & then the tears, the yelling caught my attention so i moved so i could see her fully & by this time, the screaming & crying started.  i was walking toward her in a semi-fast pace to get to her & was telling her to let go & she was in full-on panic mode.  i was trying not to laugh but it was so cute, i had not seen this emotion on her before & she wasn't in real danger & i was trying to get to her. i kept saying, "just jump, let go qeylee, you are fine", she kept saying, "i can't".  right as i got to her, this only lasted about 10-15 seconds but seemed like minutes, she couldn't hold on any longer & just dropped.  then i was concerned she hurt her wrist because instead of just landing on both feet she landed on all fours.  she was totally fine, no splinters from the mulch, just sore on the palms for holding on so long.  i comforted her & told her not to do it again today.  we then went exploring under the bridge & then left shortly after.  it was time for lunch & then a nap before we headed to a bday party for super cute sadie.  it was nightmare before christmas themed!  so cute!  we had a good time at the party & then went to nana's so i could get some sane time at home to do whatever.  :)  all in all it was a great weekend.

have a great day & hopefully i will have time to post a wip tomorrow.  are you excited as i am about thanksgiving?  oh did i mention my sister & her family are coming down & we are, of course, watching the a&m game that evening with them.  i miss her so & wish we were as close when we were little as we are now.  i really enjoy her now.  :o)

oh yeah, we went & cashed in cans saturday & we had lots of cans & made $7!  thanks to all my gracious friends for helping me show q how you can make money & how we need to save for what we want.  i will have a total soon of what we have currently in the savings jar.  :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

fof & week in hair

sorry i've been so absent, it's been super busy again at work, it's budget time so everyone is scrambling to get all that done.  have lots to show you so here we go.

fos for the week

the first 3 hats were a special order referred from a friend they turned out so super cute, can't wait to see what they look like on the cuties.
this is the daughter's hat

this is the neice's hat, it has a little bill on it, i definitely need to make more!

this is the momma hat :)

this set of two hats is a request from a friend for a baby shower

love the brown/ivory flower with the pink hat

cute little ivory bear hat with a hot pink sparkle flower with blue button center

here they are together, aren't they just adorable?!?!?

week in hair
monday was the only day q wanted something other than a headband


wednesday, hopper told me, "i look so cute!"  yes, my little pumpkin, you sure are!

thursday, look at that crazy face on hopp!  :o)


math game fun night, last night q's school had a little family fun night but i just took her so it could be me & her time.  she loved it but i do have to say that some of it was far too advanced for a little kindergartener but she tried really hard on what she didn't know.  i was so proud of her.
this was the penny flip game where you count how many times it lands on heads & how many time on tails.  she flipped 10 pennies & got even numbered heads/tails.

this was not easy, even for me!  you put the shapes in the main shape to make whatever animal.  with of help from the instructor she got it done.  :)

this was math war, you flip a card over & add the two, whoever guesses the right # first gets the cards.  let me just say this boy was a GREAT sport!  he was so patient & sweet & waited for her to get the #s added up.  he gave her a few of them.  :o)

this was the computer math station.  she was having a blast & so we jotted down the addresses, if you would like the free math game web sites let me know, i will give them to you.  i think this was her fave one.

banana shorts!  ok a little back story.  we do an annual presentation every year where they try to get new clients to sign up for an annual contract for tv commercial sales.  our manager was saying you need to work on your database for clients you want to invite this weekend, blah blah blah, & then he says, "even if you need to put on your banana shorts at home" we lost it, that was about 2-3 yrs ago!  we have been trying to find banana boxers or some type of banana shorts then i thought of this idea, duh!!!  so we got "banana shorts" a birthday cake....
how freakin' hilarious is that!!!!
i was a bit of a loss as to what was wrong with the lady that i ordered the cake from.  when i told her what i wanted (over the phone) & was giggling about it, she never once laughed or anything!  i couldn't figure out why she had no sense of humor, how could someone ask for banana shorts & you not even crack a grin, you can hear that in someone's voice on the phone!  anywho, i hope you all have a great weekend & don't forget to head to tami's amis for all the great finished stuffs.  :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

hair and my fo for the week

here is my fo for this friday, it's the baby owl hat i've been working on for that sweet new baby that's coming in this world today or tomorrow.  i hope jennie has a smooth & easy labor.  :)
sooooo cute!  can't wait to see it on the little cutie!

here is the hair for the week, i bought new headbands this weekend so that means lots of headbands.  i promise i keep asking if they want something else & they mostly say headband. 
monday, love that popeye look on hopp!  :) 

tuesday, i had 2 pics & one was looking at me the other was looking away & in each one it was a different kid looking at me, since i don't have a lot of hopp looking at me i chose this one.  :)  that look is of longing thoughts huh? 

wednesday, hopp was not in the mood so it's just cutie q posing for me  :o)

thursday, i love the high pony look with a bow, she specifically told me to do it high.  :)

friday, not much new but they are still so cute!!!  :)
happy friday/fof everyone, i'm needing this weekend so bad!  i feel so ragged but almost in a good way.  :)  i hope you all have a great weekend & will see you on monday unless i think about posting this weekend but i got lots of stuff to finish for the craft booth in a couple of weeks so i'm thinking i won't be posting sooner than monday.  head on over to tami's amis for all the beautiful fos.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

thank you thursday

it's not like the posts you see on fb where you post your thankfulness daily, nope not it at all!  today q will be delivering her fundraiser stuff with a handwritten thank you note.  :o)  she doesn't know how to read or write words yet but what i did was write out the little note & she copied it in her own handwriting.  :)  we didn't have many to write so it wasn't so daunting on her but it was enough that i think she can write & recognize these words now: thank - you - for - your - order 

i took pics of her doing the notes

i wrote the note on the napkin & here she is with some already done & one in progress

here are 3 of them

last one!  all finished!!  :)
 they said, "Thank you for your order!  <3 Qeylee"  i had her draw a heart on the paper  :)

now on to something i have really started liking, chevrons.  they are so pretty, never thought of them before but i see them on pinterest all the time & they are in all different colors & variations.  this was outside an interior design business that is in the place as the coffee shop we do chat 'n craft nights.  it has 3 pumpkins stacked on top of it, it's such a cute fall decoration!  the top pumpkin is really weird, it's half green gourd half pumpkin, i know a pumpkin is a gourd too but the top is not a pumpkin shape or color.  it's very neat, i always like all the weird shaped pumpkins.  :o)

love this!!  i'm going to pin it too.  :)

this is for one of the wips i'm working on & i hope to have it as an fo tomorrow.  question is i like both eyes but can't decide which to use.  do you like the open eyes or the sleepy eyes?  it's for a new baby boy that's being born tomorrow or saturday, she is getting induced tomorrow evening.  :)  so exciting. 
open or sleepy?
i hope everyone is having a great day!  tomorrow is friday, doing the happy dance.  :)


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

i have wips but...

no crochet wips to show you today because i'm working on stuff for friends that read my blog, i'm not showing them yet.  i guess i will call my business cards my wips for now.  i found another business card i'm thinking about.  i found it by searching button & this cutie came up, i'm worried about it being too busy & not being able to REALLY see my info without being too distracted by the art too much.  so i worked with their system & this is what i came up with....

#1 the new choice

 #2 is the fave among the last set
i wish that i could order a combo pack of the two because i love both of them sooooo much.  some of you have already seen these so i know you vote but if you haven't let me know which you prefer, #1 cutesy or #2 simple & sweet.

this is all i got for the day, head on over to tami's amis & check out all the neat wips in progress.  :o)

Monday, November 7, 2011

ugh, the choices!!!

since i'm doing the craft fair next month i better get me some business cards.  i ordered some stuff through vistaprint once & they are having a special on business cards so i'm going to order through them.  so i need help with some choices.

i like it but is it too busy?
i love this one because it's all black & the white text really stands out & i love buttons.  :)
i really like this one because there are 3 lollipops, i have a thing for 3's, 3 girls, 3 S's on my crochet fb/etsy page but i think people will think of sweets & not sweet crochet stuff

i was disappointed only because they have one with yarn but it's KNITTING!!!  so prejudice!!!  ;)  which ones do you like or do you have any other suggestions?  they have a ton of designs & really good prices.  :)

i changed my comments to the pop-up box so i'm hoping more of you can comment on my posts.  let me know if you still can't comment.

Friday, November 4, 2011

fof & week in hair

only one fo today, i'm making a friend some washcloths for their friend's new baby as a shower gift.  does that make sense?  ;)  sorry i missed you guys on wip wednesday, i forgot to take some pics & so i didn't have anything to post...

one washcloth a day.  :o)  she is having a girl so i made them all in girly colors.
 so for the week in hair, it's not anything new or fancy & i always ask but this is how they like it.  if i don't do something new, i may just have to change fridays to week in clothes or something that
monday, as you can see everyone is excited for halloween!  :)

tuesday, i love big bows on little girls.  :)

thursday, no pic for wednesday but it was pretty much the same as the days before.  look at the face on hopp!  ;)

friday, all our headbands are broke so they got the same style today, gotta love the bows!  :)  guess i need to get the girls some new headbands, hopp those them!!! 

i don't know if i told you guys but i'm officially going to do my first craft show!  i'm sharing a booth with a friend & we are going to get together tomorrow & do a mock set up in her garage since we are craft show virgins!  if it was just me, my booth would be hella' boring & i would maybe not get visitors.  thanks to christine for all these wonderful cute ideas!!!    :o)  i'm a little stressed because after i made the commitment with christine i got 6 hat orders!!!  this is awesome but i'm a little nervous about having enough stuff at my booth for purchasing.  i will do custom orders but i know that people like to get their hands on their purchases as soon as possible.  anywho, i hope you all have a great weekend & get lots of rest with that extra hour of sleep on sunday if you participate in daylight savings.  :) 

oh and if you are wondering i haven't gotten anymore done on my crochet-along.  :(  i really should have buckled down & got that thing done.  oh well, i will finish it just don't know when exactly....

as always head on over to tami's amis & check all the neat finished items.