Friday, October 28, 2011

fof, wk in hair & something really GROSS!!!

i finished that black beanie & it's nothing special & i forgot to take a pic but it's DONE!!!  i actually undid the whole entire thing & re-worked it.  it was frustrating me beyond belief so it was just easier to redo it.

then here is the actual hk-ish hat i made for little lilli, it's her bday present so she won't get it until december but she will never see it on here.  :)  the ears are not exactly what i wanted so if you have a good kitty ear pattern let me know, q wants to be a cat for halloween & i may just make her ears.  :)

i love it so but i hated making it!!  it has long braided red ties :)

so for the week in hair...
monday, hopp was not happy to look at me but i got her anyway. 
after the pic was taken she was happy & got in the car...

tuesday, it is red ribbon week & we didn't have any camo for monday but we had cowboy boots for western day.  :)

wednesday, was red day & unfortunately i got called from the school stating q was throwing up at school so she didn't get to stay all day.  she is all good now.  :)  stupid stomach virus!!

thursday, was fave team day, didn't have a team shirt but i let her wear her old soccer shirt with a big #7 on the back, she was super excited.  sorry about pics so dark, it was sprinkling & dark & i had to take the pics with them in the car.

friday, school spirit day, she wore her overly huge bonham shirt with these silver lamé leggings.  it was so cute! 

something gross, i would say, view at your own discretion but i know most of you are mommys & if you haven't seen anything like this yet... you WILL!!!  :)  it was new dr day!  long story short, old dr has been blowing my concerns off for a while & i've had enough!  i love the new dr!   as i was talking to the young man about the girls & what is going on with them & why we were there, q put her arm around hopp & i noticed something weird about her finger.  i looked at it & FREAKED out!!!  i haven't seen it at all until this am!!!  i alerted the guy that we need to look at her finger, i knew what was going to happen, she heard me talk about it after i called jason when he left the room & she got really upset.  i have been telling her to quit biting her fingernails because she was going to get an infection & guess what?!?  mom is right once AGAIN!!!  i think she has learned a lesson so if you have a nail biter you may want to show the 2 pics below & then tell them that they poke it with a needle to drain & they have to painfully squeeeeeeeze all that gunk out!!!!  she said she won't bite her nails anymore, we will see....
from the side, this is what i caught a glimpse of

this is what i freaked about when i really looked at it!  yep, she had 2! yes 2 different shades of green under the skin!!!  it was so swollen & pink/red. 
i asked if it hurt & barely touched the pink part & she said no but then the dr asked her if it hurt & touched the infected part & she started crying.  i don't know what it looks like now, i had to unfortunately hold her legs down as the nurse held her body down & then the dr poked & squeezed.  she put ointment & a band-aid on it & i never got to see all the gross stuff or the wound after cleaned.  i kinda wish i could have, all that weird, nasty stuff is a little intriguing to me.  i know it's gross but as long as it's not on me, i don't mind watching, just don't ask me to watch a nose plastic surgery!!!  ;)

i hope everyone has a great weekend!  happy halloween see you soon.  :o)  don't forget to head over to tami's amis for other fos.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

wip wednesday

today i have 2 wips

the first one is a basic black beanie.  i'm making it for a co-worker but for some reason i keep having to add rows, my hat pattern i used is super short, can't figure out what the deal is.  anyways, i need to take out the last for sc rows & add 2 more dc rows & then add in the sc rows again.  geez it's a stupid plain beanie, why can't i get it right?!?  so frustrated on this hat!!!

brian's beanie that's causing all the frustration, on top of that, it's a terrible color to crochet because it's so dark, you really need an extra light when working with black.

 here's the 2nd wip...
this is lilli's hat.  this is before i put the embellishments on...

here is the sneak peek, can you guess what it is?  i'm all finished but the ties on the earflaps so i will post the complete pic on friday.  it's sooooo cute!!!!
well as usual, i hope you have a great rest of the week & don't forget to stop by tami's amis & check out the other wips.  :o)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


not the tv show but tortilla chips.  :o)
less salt please!
at hopp's bday party i served nachos, you know the baseball nachos.  those are the most delish kind (well unless you have had carne asada nachos). & hold up really well when you let them sit with ooey gooey cheese on top of them anyways, i bought two kinds of chips, santitos & tostitos bite sized rounds.  i love tostitos but they are sooooooo salty!!!  i like salty but not the kind that burns your tongue because it's too salty.  i actually prefer the ½ salt lays potato chips, they are super yummy & perfect amt of salty.  we also have to watch our salt due to heart issues with jason so i decided to write lays about their tortilla chips.  when writing them you have the choice of either a compliment or a complaint email.  i went with complaint only because they are too salty but i wanted to offer more of a suggestion.  i wanted to know if they could come out with a line of ½ salt tortilla chips, i prefer the bite size version but normal size would be totally ok with me.  so as i was struggling with my phone, it's not the best at email, i just expressed myself as nicely as i could that they were too salty to eat & then offered my suggestion.  this is what i got in response, let me also state that when i complain i NEVER expect anything in return i just want to tell you my opinion...

Hi Stephanni,

Thank you for writing. I'm sorry you had a negative experience with Tostitos Bite Size Rounds and apologize for the inconvenience and disappointment this caused. I'm sending coupons to you which should arrive in about a week.

Quality is a top priority at Frito-Lay. Thanks to the information you provided, we are better able to investigate and take any actions necessary to prevent a recurrence.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact us.

Should you have further questions or comments, please click on this link or copy/paste this link into your browser to send a reply:
i took out this part :)

Best regards,

Frito-Lay Consumer Relations

wow!  how nice of them.  it's nice to have a company take your comments & suggestions (well at least pretend to listen) & then give you something back   ;o)  i did get 2 coupons for a free bag of their chips any brand & another $1 off coupon.  i think i will reply back to that email & thank her for them. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

weeknd wrap up

this was a busy but fun weekend.  we went to a 'crazy' & i found a candle holder to make a hat display out of & then we went to big lots, i heard they had a big sale going on because they are moving locations, didn't find much but i did find this dragonfly thingy that i thought i would have to cut it off but after messing with it with my friend christine, we found out that it just UNSCREWED!!!  this will be another hat display.  we are going to do a craft show together.  i'm so excited but super nervous because i've never done one before.

 we went home after the visit with christine & her kiddos & took a nap.  this is how a princess naps, propped up & hands behind your head.  :)

while they were napping i started making these jet packs for the fall fest.  so super easy just takes a little time.  i found them on pinterest but mine are easier & cheaper to make than what she made.  :)

 at the fall fest playing games...

 then it was really quiet yesterday & then we had a tooth pulled & excitement because the tooth fairy is coming!!!  she brought q a dollar & a pack of gum.  :)

i also pinned a buttermilk caramel syrup for pancakes & waffles & made that last night for dinner.  o-m-g!!! it was sooooo good, i would highly suggest you make it.  i don't know what i did wrong but the only thing that didn't work was when i added the baking soda it didn't mix completely so next time i may leave it out.  i wonder why the baking soda is even needed.  anyone have any ideas as to why i would need it?  here's the link.  you should make some ASAP!!!  you won't regret it, well maybe just the calorie content.  :)  oh & the 2 little ones loved it so much they scraped their plates to get every bit of the syrup off the plate into their mouths!  jess thought it was so-so but she is totally wrong!  this syrup is the BOMB!!!!  :o)  i hope you all had a great weekend!!!  see you soon....

Friday, October 21, 2011

tgifof!!! + hair update

this week in hair & fos we have the bobble hat finished & a hacky sac.  i don't have the squares to my blanket done i had some stuff come up that i had to finish first & then i still need to go buy more yarn for the circle/squares.  :)

so here are my fos

it's finished & it's on its way to hotlanta.  :o)
hacky sac i made last night for a friend's son.  they are playing at their high school & he just had to have one so she texted me & bam, it's done!  i'm not for sure if it's the right size, it's a bit flat so i need to head to the mall this weekend to take a look at some real ones to get measurements.  sometimes patterns are just not right & i really want these to be the right size & weight!  i like them, i might make some for a craft show i may do in december.  they are quick but stuffing them is a bitch!  any hints on how to do it better.  all my lentils tried to escape on the last round...  oh & i was a tiny bit grossed out because lentils kinda look like ticks to me.  ewwwwww

then in hair this week....
monday, i needed to clean my lens that's why it's fuzzy but its kinda pretty :o)

tuesday, hopp was mad so she refused to sit & pose

wednesday, "big girl, little coat" hehehehehehehe!!!!! hopp has outgrown this little jacket so we need to find a good home for it somewhere else.  crystal does sadie need a little jacket?  it has a detachable hood.

thursday, i love this little headband, it reminds me of 80s punk.  :)  they are loving this cooler weather, all the long sleeve shirts are going to good use & they both were over the moon to get to wear what they have on!  :o)

friday, sans hopp because she was throwing up from 1:30-3:30 this am :(  she is fine this morning though & she gets to have fun with daddy at home today.  she was not happy that i was leaving though!  today is may farm day, it's a local petting zoo.  lots of my friends don't like it but i love it & q was super stoked about it this am. 

so, i'm about to head out to the may farm.  i will post pics soon of all the cute animals.  :o)

head on over to tami's amis & check out all the lovely fos.

on a side note, does anyone know how to load an audio file from my phone onto blogger?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

wip wednesday

today i'm showing you 2 wips

first up...

little miss em's bobble hat.  i was requested this many months ago when i made the first one.  i'm finally getting it done.  i just have a couple more rounds & it should be finished by tomorrow.  i'm using i love this yarn in ivory.  here is the pattern if anyone is interested.

this is the dark set & the only ones left that are not done through the 3rd round.  this is my goal for friday but i ran out of the navy so the yellow set may wait for a while.  :(  oh well...  i'm hoping to have what i can with the yarn i have done through the final 4th round by next week
that's all for today. head on over to tami's amis for more of those lovely wips.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

more tv to watch...

i've been watching the new show Homeland on showtime for 3 wks now & i must say that it's a really good show.  they started showing previews during the big brother after dark shows & i wasn't too intrigued but they pimped it out sooooo much i thought it was at least worth watching the first show to see if it's good or not.  omg was i surprised at how good it was.  this is definitely a show to be watching.  i love claire danes & she has come a long way in her acting skills.  did i mention she was temple grandin?  you have to watch if you haven't already, temple grandin that is!!  anywho, Homeland is about a war veteran found in search of the bad guys in afghanistan or where ever they are looking & he is a pow.  well, carrie (claire danes) is very suspicious from minute one & does some pretty shady stuff to keep an eye on him.  that's about all i'm going to say but i did want to mention that they are doing a marathon of the first 3 (all the ones i've watched) episodes on saturday at 8 central time.  SO PEEPS, LISTEN UP!!!  IF YOU HAVE SHOWTIME SET THAT LITTLE DVR OF YOURS OR MAKE A MENTAL NOTE TO WATCH LIVE!!!  you will not regret losing 3hrs of your life like so many other junky shows out there.  then on sunday you can watch the 4th episode & be completely caught up & we can chat about it.  :o)

here is the link to the showtime Homeland page if you want to find out more about it.  so many questions, i can't wait till sunday again.  :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

getting the weekend started off right

it started with hopp's party on friday evening.  we had nachos & played a few games & then we opened presents & ate cake.  it was a great birthday party & everyone had lots of fun.  sorry for lacking in pics, my MIL took all the pics & i don't know if i will ever get them on my end.  :)
everyone in their dino masks ready to race :)
 during the party, jess' friend came & picked her up for the game & this is the pic with both of them in their mum/garter.  gabriel is the same age as jess but i'm guessing he looks so much older because of the 'stache.  he was very sweet, the little bit we actually saw him, & was very polite & met almost everyone in the family, lucky him.  :o)

jess & her friend gabriel
after everyone left we started opening up packaging & pulling out her toys to play with.  i only got picks with two of the gifts & they were from my friend maria.  she loved the baby & the necklace/bracelet/ring set it's so cute & rainbow-y & lots of glitter.

hopp showing off her bling bling from her party

she loves her new baby
then on saturday we went & looked for a dress, long story short, she found a really cute one from ross for under $17!!!  it's blue with a black lace overlay so unless you are standing next to her you really can't tell it's blue.  i don't think they planned the colors together but he matched her & they were a very handsome couple.  :)

ready for the homecoming dance
 on sunday we didn't do much just waited till after nap & went to the laundromat to wash my comforter.  we are going to probably need it this evening so i figured i better go ahead & get it clean so we can use it soon.  we have a washer/dryer but the washer i have isn't king size comforter friendly. 
having a good time at the laundromat
i hope you all had a great weekend!  see you soon...

Friday, October 14, 2011

week in hair & fof

hopp's bday party is today so my fof is not crochet related but decor related.  i'm so into this party this year.  i like bday parties but i don't like worrying about the details.  this is the first time i'm really into it & i blame it on pinterest!!!  :o)  i found so many cute ideas on pinterest!  so here are my party stuffs i made last night...
tissue poms

lollipop tree. yes, that's a ball of yarn that the suckers are in.  much cheaper than stryofoam & eco-friendly!  :o)

monday, so sweet they are holding hands!

tuesday, hopp was in motion when i snapped this.  silly girl!




this was her outfit on wednesday, it looked so cute but the pants were a touch too tight so we will wear them separately next time.  :o)  she looked so cute but the kids asked her why she was wearing pjs.  i don't think it looks like pjs at all.  i think it hurt her little feelings.  :(  she was so excited to wear that shirt!
well, lots of stuff to do before i get off work early so have a great friday & see you soon.  :o) 

even though my fof is not crochet related i'm still posting on tami's amis so head on over & see what everyone has finished today. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

giveaway for a super cute owl plushie!!!

have you seen all the super cute stuff on gleeful things yet?!?  omg, julie has some of the best stuff!  she is a 'hooker' & she has the best tutorials & finds of all kinds of crafts on her site.  check her out & start following her blog if you haven't. 

she is doing the cutest giveaway right now!  an owl plushie, enough said!!! go check it out
here's a pic of the plushie courtesy of gt
how cute is this?!?
crossing my fingers i get chosen!!!  :o)

homecoming time!

some of you may have no idea what i'm talking about but it's a HUGE tradition in the south with football (because high school football rules over everything down this way), homecoming mums are BIG & i mean BIG!!!!  the bigger the better (you know everything's bigger in texas)!  i remember the girls with the triple flower mums & then the over the shoulder mums came out & i was in awe!!  i remember one year my dad bought me & my sister mums with a real flower.  man i thought i was so special!!!

triple mum
over the shoulder mum
see i told you the bigger the better.  actually the first year jess got a huge mum, we found this lady that made one for pretty cheap & it was gorgeous & it was too long so last year we made her own, it was a totally different flower than usually used, it was peony or something like that & everyone ohhh & awed over it, we made it a lot shorter due to the previous year it was too long & she almost fell on it.  it was really nice & simple but still pretty.  well this year she has her first real date for the game & the dance.  she is so excited so we made the garter for her 'friend'.  i showed her a little of what to do & she made it for the most part all by herself.  i just helped with the finishing touches & securing everything & in the process i burned the shit out of my thumb!!!  hot glue is a bitch when you touch it before it cools.  ;o)

putting on the letters for their names

the mess it causes, she was actually texting him at this time to find out if he put both their names on her mum
i didn't know if we should put her name on his garter because they aren't dating, it's just two friends going to the festivities together, he told her it was tradition to do so, so we put her name on there too.  i will have a pic of the kids together with their garter/mum on before the game & post later.  this is such an exciting time, she has never been on a real date where the guy picks her up so i hope she behaves herself!  she's a good girl for the most part i just hope he can behave as well.  :)

here's the mums from the last two years...
2009, see how it pulls on your clothing, i love that eagle head!  the bald eagle is the school mascot

2010, love the flower, it's so different!  the length was perfect!  :)