Tuesday, July 31, 2012

366 days of photos week 30

here's to another week passed, hope yours was good too.  :o)

day 201: 7/22 sun  no pics...

day 202: 7/23 mon
had a going away lunch for one of my sales reps & i wrapped her gift in an old & i mean like 5yr old contracts.  they are from an old dinosaur printer we use to use, anyone remember dot matrix printers???

day 203: 7/24 tues
working on that baby blanket for jason's cousin.  these are the actually yarns i'm using.  :)

day 204: 7/25 wed
this was the wip when wednesday started

this is what it looked like by the time i went to bed.  not much progress but better than no progress huh? :o)

day 205: 7/26 thurs no pics again

day 206: 7/27 fri

don't you love when you get a mistery problem with software?  this is what i texted to my IT guy letting him know i had a problem first thing in the morning.  they are AWESOME & always get my shit working.  :]  like my computer background.  it's kinda dark but it's all my girls.

day 207: sat 7/28

hopp posing with her sonic cup.  it looks huge but i swear it's just a medium! 

jess got ahold of my phone & took a self pic.  :o)

not for sure if you can see, but the girls were hanging out at the bottom of the slide, see the feet hanging over the side?  :o)  now if you look to the left, you will see hopp on the other side of the slide, she was pouting because of something silly.  not even for sure what.  she is such a drama queen!  :o)

well that's it for this last week!  have a great one.  i will try to post a wip tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

wip wednesday

i'm working on a baby blanket for a cousin of jason's.  it's so pretty & can't wait for the outcome.  i started just last night & got a full hour on it, i took 3 rows apart after i started so i would have been a little further along had i not done that...

it's pink & brown with what i call the neapolitan yarn in the middle.  i hope to finish it this weekend because she is about to POP!!!  i hope you all are having a fabulous week!  :o)

check out tami's amis for more wip projects

366 days of photos week 29

i really slacked this last week, i apologize, i will work harder for you guys.  :)

day 194: 7/15 sun  no pic today...

day 195: 7/16 mon
cute new glitter button for the gladiator sandals for pippa

 day 196: 7/17 tues no pic today...

day 197: 7/18 wed
this was my wip wednesday item but i didn't get to post it.  it was sandal 1 finally finished.  it took 3 tries to get the fit right but finally i got it.  :o)

day 198: 7/19 thurs
just another day on the phones.  my 1hr shift includes 4 stations of tv to watch.  :o)

day 199: 7/20 fri
pippa's finished sandals.  aren't they cute?!?  not for sure i will make another pair, they weren't too hard to make just harder to fit the babies when their legs are chunkier.  i love me some chunky leg babies!  :o)

day 200: 7/21 sat
went to the craftapalooza with nana & the girls.  i'm thinking of doing a booth but only if christine will do it with me again.  it's a lot of work for one person!  q told hopp to sit like a mermaid, she got it half right.  :o)

suckers always get in the way when you are trying to kiss your sister.  :)

q left with nana after we had lunch so hopp & i went home & took a nap & then hit up pippa's party.  she loved the layered dip they made in little cups.  sarah is so creative & had really cute decorations.  she had this wonderful pink punch with strawberries in it & striped paper straws and mason jars for everyone to drink out of.  we didn't get to stay long but we really enjoyed it.  :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

all about jess; the senior pictures edition

WOW!  i can't believe that i'm old enough to have a SENIOR in high school!!!!  even more so i can't believe my BABY is a senior!!!  where does all the time go & man is she beautiful!  i know i don't post much about her but she has a life & isn't always around when we go on kiddie sonic saturdays or other times when i'm snapping pics of the littles.  she is working or with the church group.  you know how the life of a teen is.  she is one busy girl!  anyways, while she was in dallas with her dad this summer, they got some senior pics made.  apparently they didn't have her letter jacket quite ready for the pics so they are going to do some more fall pics with her letter jacket.  here are my favorites out of the bunch...

and this one is my favorite! 

what can i say?  i guess i'm one of those normal people that make gorgeous children.  :o)

Monday, July 16, 2012

366 days of photos week 28

day 187: 7/8 sun
i seriously can't remember what we were doing this day but don't they look so cute all sistered up :o) 

day 188: 7/9 mon no pics...

day 189: 7/10 tues
gf pancakes for dinner & i got my first blood ovum!  i think that is what it's called.  ok, i'm excited because i had never experienced one before & i had watched a show over a year ago with alton brown & he said that this happens in about every 100 eggs laid.  in my entire 36 yrs, well less because i didn't make eggs as a baby, i have never seen one & nobody i know, well has admitted to, has either.  are any of you had one?  i used the egg, just took out the little ovum.  they are harmless & tasteless.  my pancakes tasted just fine.  :o)

day 190: 7/11 wed
dinner with nana & diddy.  the usual after-dinner activities, both girls in diddy's lap, one of them playing bubble shoot on his phone.  hopp is usually the first one in his lap.  :o)  they looooooove their diddy!!!

day 191: 7/12 thurs
i'm going to start out telling you the story of my att live internet chat, i couldn't get my 3g to work, my phone supports 4g but we don't have 4g in our area yet....

he asks about my phone software...

i crack a joke & he ignores it or so i thought...

conversation continues, strictly technical until i try to crack another joke...
 OMG!  really?!?  he either has no sense of humor & was immune to my internet charms or he is such a nerd he never got it!  i'm going to take option #2.  :o)

caught my eye, the birds on the wire, not for sure why, it just did.  i like it.  :o)

day 192: 7/13 fri
it's friday the 13th & it was dress crazy day.  this is what we came up with.  funny, about 5 kids showed up wearing some kind of tye-dyed article of clothing...  i guess that means if you wear tye-dyed clothing on a regular day it means you are officially crazy!!!  :o)

jess came home from church camp & i picked hopp on the way to get her & then brought them to work with me for the last hour.  they found the dress up headgear & we took these pics...  my monkey & mouse

the marx sisters, hopp wasn't too for sure about this one because of the hair by the mouth/nose area.  :o)

the train engineer & the princess.  :)  hopp has on a super fake smile.  not for sure if i caught her at the wrong moment or if she was tired of smiling...

ladies & gentlemen, this is why we must have an education!  i don't think they are selling internet fries so they misspelled potato!!!!  there is NO "e" at the end of potato!!!!!!!!  this was at a bk restaurant & it has been like this for almost a month & it bothers me EVERY TIME i pass it!  i think i may call the mgr to have them fix it.  the worst part is that there is signage on the window that says Sweet Potato Fries, with no "e" on the end.  maybe i should give them the benefit of the doubt & maybe mr dan quayle made a celebrity appearance & did the sign...  ;)

day 193: 7/14 sat no pics...

i hope you all had a great weekend!!!  see you soon.

Monday, July 9, 2012

366 days of photos week 27

can you believe we are in the second half of the year officially?  crazy huh?!?  so you know what that means... christmas is just around the corner!!! :o)  well while you think about that, how about some pics from this last week.  i'm on a roll! 

day 180: 7/1 sun
hopp being silly on the couch

this one is so funny, the look on her face when she flipped over.

day 181: 7/2 mon

tooth #4 for q!  look at those freckles!!!  love that face!!

day 182: 7/3 tues
we had a 4th of july celebration lunch at work & this is what i brought, even though it wasn't gf, i tried it & it was delish!!!  it's a poke cake & i got the recipe off betty crocker.  it's definitely a must try & you could use any jello for the "striped" coloring.  i'm definitely going to make this soon in the gf version.  oh & the frosting is cheesecake pudding & cool whip mixed together.  it's soooooo good by itself.  :o)

here are all the desserts.  the 3 layer cake on the left bottom corner & the dessert behind it, it was a captain america cheesecake, both won the desserts contest.  isn't the 3 layer cake gorgeous?!?

day 183 & 184: 7/4 wed & 7/5 thurs no pics...

day 185: 7/6 fri

holy cow!  that face!!!  she is so silly :o) this is what i'm getting when i ask for her to smile. 

day 186: 7/7 sat
i love that q is NOT afraid of creepy crawlers!  not for sure if you can tell what's in her hand but she had 3 baby frogs.  i think if you click on the pic & you can see them.  she was so happy!  we went to a family reunion about 10 minutes out of town & it was in the country & there are always tons of baby frogs when we go.  they were everywhere this year!  you had to watch where you stepped because they would just come out of the grass, they were so cute!  i even got hopp to look at one, she wasn't going to touch it though. 

on the way back home, both q & hopp fell OUT!  :o) i thought it was funny that hopp had on jason's hat.  look how sweet that little face is!!!

well that's it for this week.  i hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

nrh2o trip

nrh2o is a water park in the dfw area. it's like schlitterbahn but on a much smaller scale. it's awesome, especially if you have little kids. i always enjoy our time when we go & this year we got to take hopp. the first year we went hopp was about 9mths old & had tubes in her ears or we would have taken her. i can't believe we didn't go last year. here are a couple of pics, starting with the hotel stay the night before...

i think hopp was psyching out q because this girl does NOT get her face wet!!!  she gets pissy!!!  :o)

isn't this the cutest?!? 

i love this face!  she is laughing really hard & at the silly faces & noises q was making every time she would come up for air...

this, is how hopp rolls!!!  just give her a corner to post up in & she is cooler than the other side of the pillow!!!  ;)

now here for the water park, now i didn't get many pics & i'm sorry but i was having such a good time with the girls & out in the water that i didn't bring my camera with me...

hahahaha, q got hopp in the face...  this was their most favorite spot of all the water park, well except for maybe that pink slide, even hopp loved it but the line was so long to ride.

synchronized spout diversions :o)

pure happiness!!! cheers, good day at the water park!!!  :o)