Thursday, September 13, 2012

366 days of photos week 36

ok, i'm earlier in posting this than i thought i would be...
this week we have lots of cuteness, hookin', dnc, & centipedes, OH MY!!!  :o)

day 243: sun 9/2
took hopp to the splash pad on sunday morning with a friend's kiddos & she had a blast.  usually it's a nightmare getting her hair & face wet in the shower but she had no problems with it that morning.  :o)

day 244: mon 9/3
here is the pic of the coaster sets that i'm giving away, go like my fb page to get entered if you haven't already.  :o)  it was the hubby's bday.  he is a true labor day baby.  :)  he is finally as old as i am so he can quit saying i'm old for about 3 mths.  ;o)

day 245: tues 9/4
look how sweet she is!  i can't remember why she was in the front seat but she thought she was going to get to ride up there.  um, i think not little miss.  the back seat it is for you!  :)

q in her bunny foo foo outfit.  it's so cute, it has a little layered tutu skirt with it.

day 246: wed 9/5

took hopp to the dr.  she had a bad cough & it was a stupid sinus infection!  while waiting for her rx at sam's we came across this giganto hedgehog.  omg he is so cute & as big as her!  if they still have it i may go get it for her for her bday coming up.

day 247: thurs 9/6
i had taco casa for lunch & i love it!!!  it tastes like the original taco bell stuff.  tb has really gotten nasty lately, we call it astronaut food.  :)  i love the sauce at casa, it's so good!  i had some sweet tea, they have THE BEST SWEEEEET TEA!!!  now when i say sweet tea, i mean it!  it's so sweet, just like me, oh i mean like i like it.  :o)

was working on some hookin' & watching the dnc.  i know there are lots of you that don't like him but i stand my ground & say I LOVE ME SOME OBAMAS!  he has been so awesome with all the bad criticism!  it's got to be the worst job & he has been a complete gentleman!

day 248: fri 9/7
yep, here it is.  the centipede that was outside our office building.  we are out in b-f-e & we get all kinds of critters.  a scorpion was in the sink one morning & just this last week there was a rattlesnake in master control in the station! 
this was the best pic i could get of him.  i really wanted to put him in perspective of how big these suckers are.  that card is as big as a credit card!  the head is the red part.  they are very poisonous & luckily he was cleaning his antenna & i got a still pic of him.  he was really fast!  scary, gross but oh so interesting & yes he really is shiny.  it looks like one of those plastic shiny bugs but they really do look like they have shiny plastic bodies.

my fo for last week.  it's halfway done, just 44 more to go!

q was reading the diggingest dog to me & hopp before bed. :o)

me & hopp listening to q read to us, we got some crazy hair going on!

my friend maria sent this to me.  jess taking pics on the field at the high school football game.  it's a religion here in west texas & she is on the yearbook so she gets to stand on the sidelines & take pics.  this was before the game while the band was warming up, i think.  she loves it!

day 249: sat 9/8
the first parade for the girls.  i may have taken q when she was really little but this is their first parade to remember.  they loved it!  it's a really big parade for our area.  it was almost 2hrs long!  it kicked off the west texas fair & rodeo & there were lots of great cars, horses, bands & rodeo queens.  i will definitely be taking them to the parades more often, we have several throughout the year.  :o)

one of jess's friends asked me to make her a slouchy & matching scarf.  this is the yarn i picked out.  i really like it.  it's a pinkish red & worked great for my projects.  you should see them tomorrow.  it's first love by yarn bee in passion berry.  it's a nice chunky/bulky yarn.  :o)

366 days of photos week 35

ok, i'm late, i'm having a crazy work week again.  having presentations really cramps my style. ;o)
here we go...

day 236: sun 8/26
it rained!!!  i let q catch all the rain she could in all the pitchers & buckets we could find.  we ended up having to dump most of it because the mosquitos have been something fierce at our house & west nile has been positive in some that have been caught.  it was fun while it lasted & kept her busy for a while.  :o)

day 237: mon 8/27  FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!
can you guys believe it?!?  i have a SENIOR & a first grader!  crazy...  even hopp had a new daycare to go to so it was new places all the way around. 
showing off my popaganda ulta collection aka porno pink as we call it.  i loved the color in the bottle but it was really see through.  even with 3 layers i could still see through it.  i don't think i will buy ulta brand polish anymore. 

told you it was a busy week!  see those 2 stacks, that's over 660 invitations that needed to go out!  did it in 3 days with all the regular interruptions.

day 238: tue 8/28
ANGELS!!!  so sweet, q had her hand out touching hopp's arm.  yes, hopp sleeps like that all the time.  looks like her arm is about to break off!  poor baby on the floor never made it far in bed that night.  ;)

day 239: wed 8/29
you guys already saw this but it was my wip for the week.  it turned out so pretty as you will see or have seen already.  :o)

day 240: thurs 8/30  sorry no pic

day 241: fri 8/31
see i told you i would show it soon.  :) 
day 242: sat 9/1
this was what i was going to drink that night but i was waiting on jess to see if she needed a ride & by the time she got home it was too late & we went to bed.  but let me tell you, coconut rum & coke zero are yummy together!!!  as you can tell, these are my instagram pics except for one.  i'm going to start using them because i like the filters & features.  if you want to follow me just look for stephannis :o)
  ok, that's all for that week.  on to next week but it will have to wait just a tad bit longer.  :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

fo friday with a giveaway!!!!

ok, first things first!

here is my fo for this friday!
yay!!!  i'm halfway done!  so technically it's not a finished item per say but hell, i got 44 of these bad boys done!!!  it's a lot of changing colors & weaving in ends (which i despise!!!)  they are GORGEOUS in person & i can't wait to start joining them together.  i'm going to join them in black so the brights really pop!  :o)

now for my giveaway...
i was doing darks & brights in my blanket but i decided that i really liked the all bright better so my loss is your gain right?!?  i have a couple that i kept for myself but i didn't want to throw away all these other ones so i thought i would see if i could get enough likes on my crochet fb page to give these away.  just click on that link or here & like my page.  i would like to get to 200 but i will do the giveaway at 150, i'm just 26 shy!!!!  so close...  also if you share my page & you are the one to get the most peeps to like my page you will be an automatic winner & choose which coasters you like.  i have 6 sets, 2 maroon squares & 2 maroon squares, 1 set of blue circles and someone will receive a special mismatched set, i actually like this set the best!!!  :o)  so anywho, go like my page & maybe you will get a coaster set, i know most of you can make your own but heck, why not get a chance at a set you don't have to make!!!  you can even give them as a gift, i don't care i just want them to go to a good home. 

the cute little mismatched set with a rare mustard yellow circle!!! 
 these are perfect for your fall/winter decor.  hurry!  go like my page!!!  ;)  oh yeah, don't forget to go check out all the other finished goodies at tami's amis.  :o)  it's friday y'all!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

wip wednesday

ugh, i tried doing this earlier today from my phone & it wouldn't let me type or add pics!  so this is why i'm late today.  i have a special announcement today!!!

i only have 8 little circles to make into squares & i will be halfway done!  remember this from last year?  i was doing a bright set & a dark set.  i will have this done by winter!!!!  ::fingers crossed::

so on that note, i have decided to only do the bright set as i like the yarn & the colors better.  the dark was in redheart & i so despise the regular redheart!  anywho, i am giving away 6 coaster sets from the dark set, i can't bare to throw them away, i put so much time into them & they are perfect for drinks on the coffee table or on your end table.  i am trying to build up my crochet fb page, you can go here & like my fb page.  i'm trying to hit 200 likes.  if you don't have an fb page & you want to be entered just comment here & i will enter you as well.

this is what the coaster sets kinda look like, they are in maroon, burnt orange, navy & mustard yellow.  they are really pretty & are perfect for fall & winter.  heck, if you win them & want to give them away as a christmas or bday present you are welcome to but i would love for you to like my page.  unfortunately i don't always get to update my blog but i can easily update my fb page from my phone which is usually where my wips & fofs end up if i don't get them linked to tami's amis. 
also if you send some people my way tell them to tell me who sent them & i will automatically give the person with the most people sent a set of the coasters!  you can always friend me on my regular fb page if you wish, i don't have many followers on my blog that aren't already on my fb page but i have a few of you out there that are so kind as to always nicely comment on my stuff.  :o)

don't forget to also check out all the neat stuff in the works at tami's amis.