Thursday, May 31, 2012

366 days of photos week 21

we have new shoes, glittery car roof, a little magic, & some "who" hair...

day 139: sun 5/20
q working on the last of the bracelets

all finished!!! total of 20 class bracelets

this is what they look like.  she did the braids, i did the knotted ones.  jess did one or 2 of the braided ones...

day 140: mon 5/21
trying to clean out my garage... put some stuff on some special fb pages.  i sold some stuff really fast!  this is a twin bed frame for one of the pics.  :)

day 141: tues 5/22
my new tennis shoes!!! 

i wish my pic was better.  they are restoring this old car & they painted the roof in silver glitter!!!  omg, i wonder if i can talk jason into letting me do the baby car roof in glitter?  ;o)

day 141: wed 5/23
q's teacher gift

day 142: thurs 5/24
everyone needs a little magic wand in their pencil holder right?  :o)

was re-fixing her hair & i have one piece braided & when i pulled on the braid to get it out of the bended pony it stuck straight up.  hopp & i were giggling about it & so i snapped a pic so q could see it & giggle with us too.  :o)  we had the best little laugh about her "who" hair.

day 143: fri 5/25  sorry folks... no pic

day 144: sat 5/26
we celebrated memorial day early over at nana's house.  not for sure why i took these pics but hopp was being crazy as usual & wouldn't stay still.  :o)  they had been swimming for about 2hrs & had a blast!

crazy swimming hair...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

366 days of photos week 20

this week we had mother's day festivities, nails & a class gift project, so here we go...

day 132: sun 5/13 mother's day 2012 

me & hopp at abuelo's after dinner.  i love this pic of me & her but it looks like she is trying to grope me.  ;o)

4 generations!  my mom, hopp, j, q & me

hopp & diddy, oh hopp!  keep those peepers open & on the camera please.  :)

day 133: mon 5/14
i hit the jackpot at heb the other day & got both of these colors of polish for only $1!!!  they are made by wet n wild & are a part of the wild shine collection.  the blue is called blue moon & has the prettiest shade of deep royal with a hint of green in it & the glitter is called kaleidoscope.  it isn't blue but i put 2 layers on top of 1 layer of the blue.  i just did the ring finger in glitter & it turned out so pretty.  yes, claudia, it's my glitter accent nail i talked about on pinterest one day.  :o)

day 134: tues 5/15 no pic :o(

day 135: wed 5/16
hopp was being such a good girl at the shoe store in the mall that i let her ride one of the cars right outside the shoe store.  :o)  she was the happiest little girl in the world right at that moment, these are the moments that i wanted to record & why i started this blog.  look at that sweet face, could she smile any bigger?!?

day 136: thurs 5/17 no pic again...

day 137: fri 5/18
it's field day at school, i did her hair in a mini braid & then added the long braid to the big pony.  :o)

look at that stance!  she is getting so big!!!  i think that is her fave shirt, kitty with headphones & it's sparkly.  :)
after field day & then lunch they had their awards ceremony.  she had really cute little awards for each kiddo that was a different candy bar.  q got the "milky way" award.  she loved it & i guess had never had a milky way.  she loved it so much she said she wants a milky way everyday!  yeah right!!!  ;)

q wanted to give everyone a thank you card in her class for being her friend but i came up with friendship bracelets (of course the idea came from pinterest, here's the site for my idea), i will post all of them in week 21 but we started working on them friday evening.  i found an easy 5-strand braid & she caught on really quickly.  this was the first one she did all by herself!

close up of the braid you can find the video here, it's really easy & the young lady that teaches you is very thorough & cute!  :o)

day 138: sat 5/19
after going to a crazy i just happen to see in the paper's listings for a daybed, a wooden one at that, that i have been waiting for, for over a month or two, & it was only $35 for the day bed & the trundle!!!!!  ok, i'm done rambling, we headed to the park.  it was early so it was beautiful with the sun out & the air had a crisp chill to it.  i say perfect morning!  i love this pic of hopp's hair with sunlight caught in it.  what a little angel!!!

q & i finally talked hopp off the swings, it's all she wants to do anymore at the park!  i caught them coming down, i slowed them down just enough to catch this pic, look at the happiness on q's face.  omg, she loves her sisters!!!

and slow enough to catch this one too.  love those cheesy little smiles!!!  yep that's morning hair, didn't even take the time to really fix their hair, but who cares?  not me, saturdays are for fun not fussing with hair!!!  :o)

now that i'm caught up maybe i can get next weeks in time.  :o)  have a great week & 3 day weekend, & don't forget to thank a veteran or active service man/woman for all they have & will be doing for us!!! 

last day of school teacher gift

tomorrow is q's last day of kindergarten & we were so lucky to have ms. williams as q's first teacher!  she has been so sweet & always replied back to my silly emails.  :o)

so i wanted to surprise her with a gift from q.  i wanted to do the super cute flower pot you see on pinterest that is painted yellow on the rim & painted to look like a ruler & black on the rest of the pot & written on it, "thank you for helping me grow" but i procrastinate, no shocker there.  so i had to think of something.  i wanted to do the cute beach towel with a magazine & sunblock but i know she lives in a small town close to here & they don't have a city pool or any apts that have a pool so i'm not for sure how much water she will be around so i started thinking on what to get her...

then i thought of this...

supplies: plastic 2qt pitcher, crystal light drink mixes, snickers, gum, polish remover & 2 bottles of nail polish

q holding the finished goods complete with a bow.  :)

turned out pretty cute i must say!  i really hope she enjoys the gift & really do appreciate her for all she has done!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

366 days of photos week 19

teacher appreciation & some can drop offs

day 125: sun 5/6
not for sure if you can see it or not but q got some catalina salad dressing with her lettuce & her face broke out with these nasty red welts.  i was thinking she was allergic to something in the dressing, she has done this with ranch, honey mustard & sometimes ketchup.  she never had trouble breathing or her throat never felt funny so i wasn't too concerned about it being dangerous.  i did some internets searching & found that this is pretty common with little kids & not to be too worried about.  it is just a skin reaction to the vinegar in these condiments.  i think that if she made more of it in her mouth instead of her face this wouldn't happen.  ;)  so anywho, if you ever see this on your kid, it's probably just a skin sensitivity to vinegar.

day 126: mon 5/7
came to work & ms maria gave me a huge bouquet of the cinco de mayo flowers.  she twisted them all together & they are gorgeous!! 

day 127: tues 5/8
isn't this super cute?!?  it's my cupcake car scent holder from bath & body works.  they have all different shapes & colors.  we have a yellow smiley face with a hot pink bow in the magnum.  they clip on your visor or anywhere else you can stick it.  i got the vanilla coconut & it's ok for the magnum but this one was frosted cupcake & it smells just like a yummy vanilla cupcake was baked in my car.  :)

 day 128: wed 5/9
ladybug!  we got ready for school & headed out the door & a little lady was waiting to greet us!  superstition says that anything a ladybug lands on means you are going to get a new one.  so will i be getting a new car?  doubt it but it's always fun to play.  :o)

day 129: thurs 5/10
took q to look for something for her teacher for teacher appreciation day, actually we were supposed to get something everyday but i didn't like the ideas so i figured she would appreciate a big one time gift more.  we saw these flowers & they were stunning.  it was the most unique shade of grey/mauve i have ever seen.  i couldn't stop looking at them, they were so eye-catching! 

day 130: fri 5/11
i had done my nails on sunday & finally got a decent shade of the color.  it's from zoya & it's called marina.  it's a beautiful grey/blue color.

here is the teacher appreciation gift.  a 12pk of dr pepper in the bottles & a gorgeous necklace a friend made.  remember me telling you her fave color is green & she collects crosses?  how perfect is that?  it's so pretty & between the crosses she put pink & black accent beads & it all just popped!  she actually was wearing it the other day when i went to school with q for field day, that will be a full post on its on soon.  :)

day 131: sat 5/12
time to cash in those cans for q!  this is what my magnum looked like when we left the house.  not our biggest load but man, that's a lot of cans.  i have a great group of friends that help q out!  this load was worth $6!!!  :o)

bud light just came out with these lime-a-ritas & they are delish.  i'm a bud light lime gal, well before i was diagnosed with celiac's, but i'm not a margarita girl.  i perfer sweet over sour...  so anywho, they took that whole corona-rita thing & actually made their own thing.  let me just say, this is DELISH!!!  i know i said that in the first sentence but they really are good.  i took a drink just to try it, i didn't drink the whole thing.  this was a 24oz can but they do come in 12oz cans for those of you that don't want to feel like they look like a bum drinking a tall boy.  :o)

ok, that's all for week 18, more coming soon for last weeks pics....

Monday, May 7, 2012

366 days of photos week 18

i only missed 1 day this week!!!  i think i'm getting the hang of this picture taking thingy.  :o)  this week is mostly about hopp, guess i will have to get q & jess in here more often. 

day 118: sun 4/29
pouty picture, i told her we couldn't do swings, baby swings that was, then decided we would try the big swings.  she did really go all by herself on the big swings.  :o)  love that pouty face!!!

pushing q on the swings, it was quite hilarious!  they made my day

day 119: mon 4/30
gnome display at hobb lobb.  i really like gnomes but none of these tickled my fancy.  i wanted the jamaican one they had for a while but i guess i waited too long, he was gone when i got back.  :)

day 120: tues 5/1  no pic today...

day 121: wed 5/2

hair pic!!!  i did a slanted mini french braid on both the girls.  i left hopp's hair down & q got a low pony with hers...

this is why i left the top pic in too.  hopp's braid is a little dark.  :o)  i love that freckle face q!  she has started getting quite a bit of those lately & i'm sure this summer she will get more since she is going to summer rec. this year.  :o)

day 122: thurs 5/3
dinner at nana & diddy's!  hopp as always having a blast with her diddy!  :o)

q got this mask from santa this year in her stocking & hopp just recently found it in the closet & she wanted to wear it a couple of nights ago.  well fast forward to this night, she didn't have it on when i tucked her in so she must have gotten it & put it on & fell asleep with it on.  usually it ends up in the covers or on top of her head.  i thought this was such a funny site i had to snap the pic. 

day 123: fri 5/4

this is "slobby".  he is our new house mate & current scarer of all!  my mom moved into an apt recently & she has had him forever & she just passed him on to us.  now we all love horror stuff in our house, even hopp, so he was much welcomed!  he holds a bowl so at halloween you can leave him out & he will talk to you as you grab candy.  i can't wait to put him out during trick-or-treating time!!!  anywho, we have been putting him in different places to try & scare each other.  i have been successful with jess, wish i would have had a camera on her, & jason and of course the two littles.  jason has successfully gotten all of us.  :o)  oh & not for sure where hopp got slobby but that is what she called him as soon as she saw him.  i didn't even tell anyone we had him.  she just said, "mommy is slobby real"....

day 124: sat 5/5  happy cinco de mayo!!!

what better way to celebrate cinco de mayo than with a fourth of july tiara!!!  jk, we were at hobb lobb checking out everything & i saw this & had to have hopp model it!  she was more than obliged to help me out.  :o)  can you believe that they have had july 4th stuff out for over a month now?!?

hopp was such a good girl that she got a "prize"!  we saw these rings up by the checkout & for only .99!!!  so i told her to pick one out & she picked the pink one out & said she was going to get one for q!  for .99 i told it was fine so now q & hopp have matching rings.  :o)  look at that cheese!!!  don't you want to just pinch the shit out of her?!?

have a great rest of the week!

Friday, May 4, 2012

finished project!!!

this thing has been in the works for months!  it wasn't complicated at all, in fact, it's something i can usually get done in about 3 days to a week tops!  i've been in a crochet funk for about 3 mths now.  not for sure why i'm in one... i'm really irritated with my funk, i'm ready for it to be over with!!!!  any suggestions on how to get over it?

ok, enough with boring talk...  here it is!

a new blanket for lil miss g! 
 isn't her bedding gorgeous?!?  her mom made the quilt, the flamingos are fuzzy!  this is one of the cutest baby bedding sets i've ever seen!  i used all the caron simply soft yarns on this blanket.  the pink is watermelon, purple is grape (i believe), the green is lime & i'm not for sure the blue but it's a bright teal/aqua blue.  i'm so glad it matched, i only saw a picture of the bedding once & knew i needed to get that caron yarn!!  :)

this is a pic of mine (right) & one her grandmother made too (left).  crazy, we used the same yarn!!!  isn't that great?!? 

well, that's my fof for the week.  check out tami's amis for more amazing finished works of art & also if you are interested in the handmade pay it forward let me know, it would be so much fun!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

366 days of photos week 17

i only missed 2 days this week, not bad but got to get better...  this week had a lost tooth & a hopp/mommy day along with some other fun stuffs, so here we go!

day 111: sun 4/22
excuse the red bumps, i'm super white so my leg has these all over.  :o)  anywho, this is my thigh & jason had the bright idea of giving me a "tat".  i told him that he had the liberty of whatever he wanted.  he started with the rainbow then decided to add a sun & then to top it off added 3 birdies for me.  i don't know, looks pretty good for an amateur & the pen wouldn't cooperate...  :) 

day 112: mon 4/23 no pic :(

day 113: tues 4/24
this church is in my neighborhood & they were getting their roof fixed.  look how steep that is!!!  yikes, i would be terrified out of my mind! i've always wondered how they would stay on, they usually put planks up so they can stand on them & work on the shingles but this time they were tethered by pulleys & ropes.  it was kinda neat watching, there was one guy just running up to the top at one point & pulling himself up. 

day 114: wed 4/25
my babies!!!  this was right before bedtime, got them all together.  jess 17, q 6, hopp 3

day 115: thurs 4/26
at jump rope practice & all was going good until she smacked the back of both her arms with her jump rope & she had a melt down.  poor baby, those ropes hurt when they slap you!  anyway, i got her mind off other things & then we started talking about her loose tooth.  i felt it, it was getting looser & asked her if she wanted me to push it back a little so that the front would not be so tight, she ok'd it & i barely pushed back & it was really loose.  i tried pulling it but it wouldn't budge so i pushed it gently back again & told her to go get a paper towel because by this time it was bleeding just a tiny bit.  so she goes to get the paper towel & i try but my fingers were getting in the way so i told her to try pulling it.  she tried 2-3x & nothing happened.  she tried one more time & i thought she wasn't getting it & she yelled, "i GOT it!!!".  she was so excited.  so the fairy came by & left her a dollar bill!  not too shabby for her 3rd tooth huh?!?  :o)  so the best part is that she had graduation pictures the next day & we have a missing tooth graduation picture coming soon!  i just love missing teeth school pics!!!  :o)

day 116: fri 4/27
hopp & i got to have a mommy/daughter lunch date on friday, daycare closed due to a death in the family & they had to travel a couple of hours away.  so we went to lunch with ms claudia & her mommy (her mom came in from out of town) & when we pulled up there was this beautiful pink motorcycle in front of us.  hopp asked if it was for her... um yeah right!!!  :o)  i cracked up & she laughed & asked if it was for me.  no thanks, they scare me.  :)  anywho, she wanted me to take a pic & she loves it. 

lunch with hopp, love that sweet face!!!  she got to color a burro as we were at a mexican restaurant & it was blue & orange as that's all the colors she had been given.  :o)

day 117: sat 4/28 no pic...

well i hope you all had a great week!  have a great rest of the week & see you next week.