Thursday, December 30, 2010

don't FREAK!!!!

ok, at work i'm known for a messy desk so i thought i would clean it up to start the new year off right.  my boss almost had a heart attack when he passed by, i reassured him i wasn't leaving for another job or anything.  ;)  then a rep comes through the door & they ask if i got another job.  nope i just cleaned my desk ok!  :)

so i took a couple of shots before i cleaned the mess

you like how the strawberry crush is posted up on the stack of papers, don't you, it's just chillin'

bubbles-check, bueno cup-check, steak express handy wipe-check, generic musinex-check

see my sticky notes, they stay until the glue sticks to the desk when the sticky note gets peeled off the desk

now to unveil the clean desk, i even moved everything and sprayed my desk down with some kind of dust and allergen pledge, it worked pretty good but now i have a waxy film on the desk & my finger prints don't want to come off.  drum roll please..................................................

nice huh?!?  awww, you can't see my hello kitty on my stapler or the other sparkly stickers

look at that cute pic of q, she was 2½ there :)  i kept the bubbles

mini giraffe is standing guard watching my lip gloss :)

 i bet you guys didn't know i had it in me.  well, i know how to clean a desk & just for the record, i don't expect i will keep it that way for more than a week.  who knows i may just try to keep it this way it's one of the things i'm gonna work on this year.  :) 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

birthday bash 2010

the 20th was my 35th birthday & so my friends from work decided to help me celebrate.  we met up at bww but it was super packed so we called chelsea's & they had room so we all got in our cars & headed over to chelsea's, we could have walked but it was a chilly night & after drinks who wants to walk that far?  :)  so we sat for a while without a band & had a blast & then the band started.  i was not impressed & they were too loud as you are about to see.  the name of the band means farts, i will not say the name to be nice, & they stunk just as bad.  one drummer was super weird with how he was with his guitar & the other guy sounded like a girl.  anywho, so we had a blast despite the band.  a huge thank you to roger for videoing & narrating for us, he is totally awesome at this & needs to look into acting.  i also want to thank my friend maria for being my driver & coordinating this shindig, & to cristal, doug & lindsay, jody, rosa & her hubby, joe i think, raquel & jody's crazy roommate. please enjoy the show, this was my best birthday ever!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

christmas eve 2010

i had the day off & enjoyed it thoroughly, nap included.  :)  i did some last minute shopping for my sister-in-law and tessa, finished wrapping all the presents and stockings done at 2am.  we went & looked at lights but hopp only made it about 10 minutes, she was talking one minute & then we look over & she is passed out!  so sweet!  we tried to make it to wal-mart & heb to get some drinks for christmas day but they were not letting people in AT ALL, they were closing at 8 & turning peeps away at 7:45 or maybe earlier.  so we headed to walgreens, they carry wine & beer in a-town now. :)

so now that beer & wine have been bought & lights have been seen we start on the cookies.  q was so cute & loved scooping them out & putting them on the parchment paper, we made oatmeal chocolate chip.  hopp was none too happy with me because i wouldn't let her help us.  q was very adamant about santa wanting chocolate milk.  so i made sure chocolate syrup was on the shopping list.  i gave the girls one cookie each & then left the kitchen.  i hear q about 2 minutes later, "mommy, hopper just got another cookie", she snuck two, i'm sure of.  i wished i had taken a pic of the chocolate all over her sweet, stuffed-with-cookies face.

just scoop

and then plop them down

so happy

you better at least give me a cookie or there's going to be trouble!
so then after the cookies were made, they got to open their christmas eve gift.  every year i always let the girls open one present on christmas eve, only jess has caught on so far, she was not with us this christmas unfortunately because she is with her dad.  they were so excited about opening a gift.  hopp was unsure on how to open it but she got it after watching q open hers.  q loved the tink ones & hopp loved the dora pjs. the one gift they get to open are new pjs.  you gotta have good pjs for pics on christmas eve.  :)
q how you doing that?

ok, i think i got it

such cuties!  dora & tinkerbell

look at that hair, what the heck is hopp looking at?!?!?

after the light tour was over, cookies were baked, chocolate milk made & christmas eve gifts were opened, we set out the milk & cookies & went to bed.  not a fuss was made because kitcher would be watching, can we leave him out all year, probably not but maybe a couple of letters can be left throughout the year in reminder of how to behave.  :)
yummy cookies & choco milk
i hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend as much as i did!  btw, i got my sewing machine, my wonderful hubby came through!  love you baby!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

mini giraffe

so every since i saw the directv commercial with the russian guy i have wanted one of those silly mini giraffes, it's so stinkin' cute & when he kisses it, it totally cracks me up.  they have so much going on in the commercial that i see something new each time i watch it.  it's great.  if you notice in the opening of the commercial you see dogs playing poker, he eats gold covered grapes, remote is gold & i love the way he says, "peckege". :anywho, here is the video of the commercial so you can watch & love it too.
playing peek-a-boo

ok, the real reason for the post is to show you i got my very own mini giraffe.  one of my sales reps brought it to me the other day & i was so excited my face turned super red & i got really hot.  i so love it & he sits on my messy desk & watches me work.  thank you diane for finding him & getting it for me.  :)

here he is, super cute, like my mug cozy, i made it :)

so any ideas on what we should call him? 

Friday, December 17, 2010

christmas wishes 2010

UPDATE: i got everything i wanted except for the key chain, i actually bought the beanie beard pattern myself, now gotta get started on making them, i have 4 orders for them.  :)

so i thought i would share my wishlist for xmas & birthday with you.

1. sewing machine - well not this particular one but isn't it too cute????
awww, it's hello kitty!  :)

2. mani/pedi for at least 2 visits i need more than one of either or both because I wait too long between getting them done.   what girl wouldn’t like the gift of pretty nails?

3. gift cards hobby lobby and Michaels.
any increments accepted

now I don’t expect any of you out there to get me these things it’s more of a list of what i want as a guide for the hubby, even though he will not see this until after christmas, i told him about this blog but haven't told him the url just yet.  i’m sure i have more wants but right now i can’t think of them.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

farewell to gizmo

so we got a puggle puppy, half beagle/half pug. 
hiding in the grass
he is super cute but seriously i have no patience for puppies & we just adopted Ryder, best dog in the whole world!, so i figured we needed to find a good home for him.  so i put an ad in craigslist for him.  i got 3 people to contact me about him & then no one would show up.  so finally i get a message from someone & he said he would meet me at the house at 3 that day.  his name was Brad & he was in the air force, super nice.  he told me he had an eight yr old daughter & they live in potosi & have lots of land for him to run around on & that it was a surprise for his little girl.  i think he found the best home ever.  thanks brad, even though you will probably never read this, i really appreciate you taking him & giving him more attention than we could give him.

look how cute he was when he was 6wks old

gizmo at 7mths

btw, qeylee hasn't even noticed he is gone, not once has she asked about him & it's been 2 days since he's been gone.  see i told you he didn't get much attention.  i hope you enjoy the pics of him.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

ok, random thoughts i need to post about later

this just a list of things i want to talk about in the up-coming posts

kitcher, our elf on the shelf

mini giraffe


birthday/christmas wishlist

farewell to gizmo

damn it, i told you i had a.d.d., [3rd time to edit this post!] if i don't make lists i will totally forget what i want to do or talk about & then i get all mad 'cuz i can't 'member what it was i was trying to remember  :)

a little about me

ri*tac*u*lous means ridiculously spectacular
yarn*in means to do any crafts which involves yarn
these words are courtesy of my 4 yr old Qeylee {pronounced Keely} pictured above:)

so i'm really new to this & i don't know a thing about blogging but i'm going to take a stab at it.   if you have any tips on how to work  this thing let me know, the more i can learn the better this thing will get.  :) 

i'm a working mom of 3 beautiful girls [jessika, qeylee & hopper] ages 14, 4 & 2.  i'm married to the love of my life & soulmate, 9yrs, we dated only 3mths before getting hitched.  :)  i'm very laid back & care free & one of the most non-judgmental people you will ever meet.  i'm not a girly girl but i love all the girly pink & glittery-sparkle stuff.  i have a very good sense of humor & love to laugh.  i tend to over use smileys & use all lower case, that's just how i role.  ;)

my newest passion is crocheting.  i have just recently started selling my hats to friends & even have an etsy page but sadly no sales to strangers from the page yet but i know in time that will come.  if you wanna check out my page on etsy it's

thanks & hope to have new stuff daily.  oh yeah, i'm a bit a.d.d. so it may be quite random.  :)