Friday, July 29, 2011

do you want one of my fof coffee mug cozys?

i would be glad to make you a cozy for your ugly mug. **giggles**

i will be making some in a variety of colors this weekend but if you want a specific color or something special as the button or a cute something like a flower or maybe even something else.  i have tons of buttons even glittery ones.  i will post a pic of all my cute buttons later.  just contact me if you want one.  i will even give you a mug to put it on if you don't have one already.  :)  oh & i can make can koozies & coffee sleeves as well.  just let me know.

coffee mug cozy with mug...$10       without a mug...$7
coffee sleeve...$5
can koozie...$6
want a hackey sac???  $8

see the post below the 'what we watched' post for examples or just click on the crochet label to see all my crochet stuffs.  :)

what we watched last night

 our night started off with dinner (sausage/baked beans/corn on the cob & homemade gf bread) & some mtv's the challenge: rivals.  let me just say CT is a BEAST!!!  i'm really liking the show & i think the top contenders in this game are for the boys: CT & Adam and Kenny & Wes and then you have the newbie team of Leroy & Mike.  i think they will make it to the final challenge but i really think CT & Adam will take the win for the boys.  for the girls: i'm thinking Caramaria & Laurel and Paula & Evelyn are looking good.

then we watched insidious, the movie.  it was pretty good, it's a scary movie & it scared me in parts.  nothing like a good old fashioned, jump out at you, type of movie.  i did figure out a part of it but i was ok, with it because they did a pretty good job of the storyline.  however, i didn't like the ending, i don't like being left hanging.  i guess it's just a way to make a sequel.  i would say if you like scary movies then you need to see this.  :)

what do you have to say about hoarders?  it's a great show.  so sad these people live like this but luckily they are getting help with aftercare & seems as if a lot of the people carry on with the organizing that they are showed during the clean-up process.  if you haven't ever watched this show you must start watching, unless you are a neat freak & then you might end up with a nervous breakdown.  ;)

we also watch big brother.  i can hardly watch it & the only reason we watch is because we watch the better version of big brother...  big brother after dark on showtime.  i'm sorry but i really, really, really want to HURT rachel.  she is annoying as fuck & why is it when she is in the confession room or whatever they call it, she is YELLING?!?!?!?!!!!!  i don't get it.  she is the ONLY one that yells while taping her confessions.  oh and the drama she has going on.  the fake crying is super annoying too.  someone needs to just GROW UP!!!  she isn't even pretty, not that she would still be allowed to but at least if she was cute it could be a little tiny bit more tolerable!  ok, i will quit talking about her.  the show is ok, i do a lot of crocheting during the show & don't really look up too much so i have to get my updates from the man.  :)

the shirt explains it all!!!

time for show-n-tell!!!
two of the items i have had for awhile now but just now getting around to trying to get decent pics of them.  i made the potholder tuesday & finished it after cnc night but never attached a loop so i did that last night.  they are made with peaches & cream yarn in the red/cream/blue ombre.  not for sure the name, i just picked some up a long time ago & just got around to making stuff out of it.  i also made a hackey sac out of this one ball of yarn.  not bad for a tiny ball, potholder, coffee cozy & a hackey sac.  :)

coffee cozys... 
cute little flower cozy for your coffee cup :)  this one & the next one are made with lily yarn in the self striping variety

i still can't get a good shot of this one, it's really plain but that tattoo inspired bird button sets off the cozy, i think of my friend crystal every time i see it

this is the one i made last night.  have an ugly mug, just use a cozy to all purdy it up!  :)

new potholder...
this is the dahlia spring potholder from lily

just for grins, this is the hackey sac

birthday shout-out

Happy Birthday Claudia!!!
a very happy bday to one of my bestest friends, ms claudia!  thanks for always being there for me.  love & kisses xoxoxoxoxo

i made it all sparkly for you!  ;)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

an experiment starting next week means i need to do some cleaning!

seriously i wish i had a maid, wish i could afford a maid is more like it!  i really hate cleaning & even though i have jess to do some of the cleaning as chores, kitchen & trash is the basics, i want someone to come clean my bathrooms & wash my base boards & shit like that!  you know stuff no one wants to do but needs to be done but is actually neglected at my house!  :(

anywho... we are going to try letting q stay at home with jason during the week.  he only works m-w during the week & can talk to her during calls & she can watch tv & color & do whatever else she normally does but she will just have to learn not to talk to him until he is between calls.  i think i can keep her busy enough with crafts, computer & coloring that she will be able to control her talking.  plus jess will be there every afternoon & ams to help with her tuesdays.  i just hope when they are together that they can behave & not argue!  i swear you would think that siblings that are 11yrs apart wouldn't fight like crazy but they feed off each other.  i guess it's the whole sibling part.  don't get me wrong, jess is absolutely fabulous with other kids & she watches a friend's kids & they love her to death & can't wait to see her.  so if any of you need a sitter jess is great & she is certified in cpr because she is a certified lifeguard.  :)  if i could just find her a lifeguard job at the y that would be awesome.  apparently the gentleman that hires the lifeguards for the y & the city pools is extremely hard to get ahold of.  persistence is the key though. 

ok so back to the subject at hand...  we need to clean out jason's office so i can get q's 'office' in order.  she is so excited about this!  she can't hardly wait until monday gets here!  i told her we would set up the computer & go to the library & pick out some learning computer games, i'm hoping they have stuff like that because we will not be hooking up her computer to internet!  i also told her that we would have her very own colors, scissors, glue & other assorted crafts that ONLY she can play with!  hopp can't touch any of it.  she is even more excited about her very own crafts that hopp can't touch.  :)  so i cleared out my yarn of the yaffa blocks yesterday & put them in a box, i'm probably getting our daycare lady's rolling carts that are see through to put my yarn in & organize it.  i think it's 2 carts with 3 drawers, i really wanted to have wall mounted shelving but this will work till i find what i really want, walmart use to carry them but now they have them online somewhere else but i'm not willing, yet anyways, to pay what they want.  we shall see.  i still have this huge mdf board that i could make shelves out of but i don't have anyone that could cut it up for me.  we have a saw but the battery charger doesn't work anymore.  :(  sorry off on a different note...  it's still a mess though but i plan to have it cleared by thursday evening so that we can sort all the junk/trash out & get her 'office' up & running by monday.  :) 

i found me a mini-desk/coffee table type thing that's perfect for her.  i will post before/after pics of the cleaning process & the refinishing of the q desk.  we have to sand & paint it so i need to have it done on saturday so it has time to dry.  i really, really want it to rain so if i have to wait to paint i'm cool with that.  :) 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

this is funny!

ok, so i have told you about my expo thing where i get to try different products if chosen for the tryology programs, they basically ask you questions & pick from the people that take the survey to try things & then they send you a sample of the product or in the case of my cheese tryology i got coupons for free cheese, it was delish btw!  so i just got an email where i was selected to do the newest tryology...  a clearblue easy pregnancy test.  i don't think i have to take the test but i guess i can find a pregger or thinks-she-is-preggers to take the test for me & then i just send in a video of what i think of the product.  i get points & the more points i get the more things i can get like amazon gift cards & stuff like that.  :)  you can also vlog about any product they are asking about & get extra points.  i haven't done anything other than the cheese thing yet so i don't have many points so i can't really do anything yet with my points.  it's not a big deal it's just my phone,the only video camera i have right now, is not cooperating with me right now.  :(  so this is why i haven't done more videos, well & i don't really like to watch myself on video & i don't have editing capabilities so i have to get it right in one take.  yikes! 

well, if you would like to sign up here is my tryology referral link  i don't think i get points or anything but i think you have to have someone's referral code to be accepted.  i just did a screener to get a new lcd tv!  how awesome would that be to be selected & get a FREEEE TV?!?!?  so anywho, just thought i would share my funny of the day.  :)

so sexy!!!

so i remembered to take a pic of my night splint this am before i took it off.  i may have to put a censor bar up because i'm going to have stalkers!  ;)

you like those red sheets, don't you?!?  that sets off the sexy even more!!!  ;)



so this started about 2wks ago...  q said, 'mom, every time you see a yellow car, yell banana!'.  i was like ok, sure whatever.  well it was hilarious & i found that it has really helped hopp with finding yellow items.  the same day we started playing we stopped by dollar tree to look for something, can't remember what it was, & as soon as we started walking towards the store hopp yells, 'ANANA momma, ANANA!!'.  i looked over & there was a guy in a bright yellow shirt!  i was so proud of her!  up until now, hopp has not been too good with color recognition so this was one of the proud moments.

as you know yellow is not a very prominent car color but there are quite a few yellow ones out there so this is a perfect-not-too redundant yelling of something in the car while driving around.  for awhile it was, to-each-his-own on who got how many points but now we pair up.  it has been me & q and hopp & jess are paired together, only because q is behind me & hopp is behind jess.  :)  so as we have been playing for a little bit i thought i would mix it up just a little.  so i suggested any orange car to yell out 'MANGO'.  it seems there are more yellow than orange cars & q was not too impressed monday night when we couldn't find anything orange.  the neighbor has an orange car so i got the first mango!  :) 

do any of you play eye spy type games in the car?

on a totally separate note, it's wipw & i have nothing to show.  i still have that stupid potholder i can't figure out!  it's pissing me off because one side down is wavy & the other side up is perfect!  i will figure something out with it but it's really irritating to not be able to finish one of the patterns.  :(  if you want to check out other wipw stuff head on over to tami's amis & see what everyone else is working on.  :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

foot follow-up today

ok, so it looks as if today was the last day for any shots!!!  :)  i got one last cortisone shot, which for the record was painful but not as painful as the first one!  so with that out of the way i'm done with my pf/bone spurs other than the therapy which i haven't done too much of other than wearing my foot splint nightly, which i've done great on & have only missed 2 nights because i was so tired i forgot & when i woke up in the middle of the night & remembered i was too sleepy to get up & put it on!  this is a record people, i have never really been one to keep up with something like this for so long.  i do have to say that the night splints, although super UNSEXY, has really helped my foot tremendously.  he did get on to me because i need to start wearing arch support, i saw some at payless for 4.99 which i'm going to try out.  maybe i won't have to buy the $50 ones.  :) so anywho, that's all!  it could be worse but thankfully it's not!  :)  maybe one day i will remember to take a pic of the oh-so-sexy night splint & post.

what i watched this weekend

movies/documentaries we watched this weekend...

we watched Monica and David, it's a documentary of two downs syndrome adults that get married.  now, not every downs couple could do this because some are not at the mental capacity of these two or the family support either.  sometimes i feel for them because the mom is a little overprotective of monica that they don't get much freedom.  i think, that if they have the money i think they do, they should hire a part time person that can take them places & do things with them.  this story is so sweet & they are so cute together.  this is definitely a MUST SEE!!!  it was weird, one day i came home for lunch & this just happened to be on during the middle of it & the only 2-5 minutes that i watched of it, i knew i had to watch it so i recorded it & finally got to watch it.

i'm really like documentaries as you can see, this is the second one i watched on saturday.  jess & curtis, the new bf, watched this one with me as jason had already watched it & i happened to catch the last little bit with him.  it was so heartbreaking i knew i needed to watch it from the beginning.  it's call Man vs Ford, it's about the dumpings in this town that ford did back in the 60s & 70s that caused all the kids/adults & future kids in that town to have major medical issues.  i can't say much more because i don't want to give anything away but i just want to say ford should be ashamed of themselves & i don't think i will EVER buy a vehicle from them EVER!!!  this is another MUST SEE!  so check your dvr schedules & add them if you haven't seen them already. i think hbo is showing both of them.

omg, now that i just went & looked at the mvf, not to be mistaken with man v. food, trailer i'm outraged!

we also watched our usual tb on sunday & then we watched Entourage.  this is a great show but it's the final series so unless you have invested time in the show i wouldn't watch it unless you watch from season 1 (on dvd) & then you should watch it.  :)  it really is a great show & i'm going to miss watching the gang, it was a little dark last season with vince going into a downward drug spiral but i think this season is going to be lighter & funnier.  can't wait till sunday to watch the next show.

the sandwich king, jeff

we also watched next food network star & i'm guessing Vic Vegas, "mama's boy", is going to win it this year or maybe jeff the "sandwich king" guy.

vic vegas

Friday, July 22, 2011

TGIFOF!!!!! :o)

yep you guessed it...  it's fof day, or as i like to call it show-and-tell day.  :)  i have several things for you today.  i FINALLY get to show you the pippa blanket & bunting (garland) set i made for her.  btw, she is being delivered today, lil miss pippa will be blessing this world with her presence!!!!  yay for new babies!!!  go team girl!  hahaha that makes me laugh every time, well we are team girl at our house.  :)  oh & i also get to show you the bunting i did for ms callie.  i couldn't show you earlier because it was similar, but definitely not the same thing, to what i was making for pippa & i didn't want to ruin the surprise for sarah, her mommy, because she actually reads my stuff.  :)

so without further ado.....

ms callie's bunting.  this was the only place i could think of to hang it.  the pics are from so long ago, 2 wedding & 2 additional jess was so young in the second pic from the left.  :)

miss pippa's bunting.  i really like how it looks on my fence.  her room is black/white polka dots with yellow accents

ms pippa's blanket.  finally!  no more teasers.  :)  her big brother stole it when sarah pulled it out of the bag so i'm going to have to make him a blanket for his bday coming up.  :)

close-up of the blanket, it's a moss stitch with 6 rows of yellow alternated with 4 rows of a different color & then i gave it a granny border, inspired by crafts from the cwtch's proper granny blanket, i love sarah's stuff.  this sarah & pippa's mommy are not the same people, they live on separate continents.  :)

also i got 3 potholders done for my potholder wall!  i'm so excited!  i got the one finished on my wipw that was the african flower one.  i was able to figure it out on my own but i CAN NOT find the a video for the flower potholder.  :(  i will get it figured out eventually so it's still a work-in-progress thing.  :)

this is the 3 finished so far.  i love them!  **this is not my kitchen** ;)

african flower mandala

this one was not as hard as i thought it was going to be but more work than i anticipated.  just one of the 4 versions from your nana's potholders

this reminds me of watermelon :)  this is the maggies kitchen pattern & i used edging 1
i can usually make 1 potholder an evening during the week but i'm hoping to get at least 3-5 more done by sunday.  do you have a favorite potholder pattern you would like to share?  i made a mushroom one last night i haven't finished yet so that will be one of next week's fof.  it's my own pattern so if i can remember what i did i will post the pattern, it took me FOREVER to get it right, i'm just not good with my own pattern making but i'm proud of this one!  :)  it's so cute can't wait to show it to you guys & it's nothing like the lion brand one, i like that one too.  :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

just a quick note about yesterday...

i want to record, for myself, all the little things i can remember so i can look back when i need a good moment.  i had one yesterday.  :)

tuesday nights are cnc (chat 'n craft) nights that i get together with my crafty friends & one not-so-crafty friend (& it's ok to not be crafty, it's the company i enjoy) & we sit, drink coffee & crochet/knit & try to get some work done on whatever we are doing that week.  well i took jess with me last night & even though it's a kid/hubby free evening with my girls, i still brought her because she doesn't do anything but play on my phone & text her bf & when they get there she can go to another table so it's all good, i still have girl time & jess can get out of the house. well, no one showed, cristal was sick :(, claudia had errands to do, crystal forgot & candi is still out of town.  so jess & i sat there until 8:35ish & then we left & hit the grocery store where i spent more than i wanted to but i have to remember i didn't go for 2wks!  so i guess it's ok.  anywho, i really enjoyed my time with jess, we talked about all sorts of things but mainly it was her talking about her bf.  awwww, young love.  :)

now  today, the little hussy, is out gallivanting around with one of my friends have a blast!  remember when we were in high school & we had the WHOLE summer off to do nothing at all?!?!?  boy we took those days for granted didn't we?  even if you are a sahm & you don't work you still ARE WORKING so you really don't get those days back right?  well i guess you would if your kids move out & you still don't work.  :)

it's wipw!!!

another addition of wipw....

so i have been working on my wall of potholders & i have 2 made already {saving these for fof } & one that i'm still working on not shown because i'm not for sure if i want to stop because the pattern i'm using is a good one but where i'm at now, it's something else, so i need to decide if i want to stop or keep going.  :)

these are my show-n-tell items for this wipw, i started the Flower Potholders by Jennifer Martin & i'm stuck on the edging part where you make it in a contrasting color & it makes it look like a flower.  i'm only making one-sided potholders because they are for decoration & not for actual use so this one isn't even cotton thread.  it's that icky-scratchy red heart junk.  so have any of you wipw peeps done this particular pattern or the gehaekelte topflappen pattern?  geez, how do you even pronounce that?  ;)  i did it in a green camo & going to outline it, if i figure it out, in a light white/tan tweed looking yarn.  these were both given to me by my friend marti & they are missing the sleeve so i'm not for sure what brand or colorway this second yarn is.  it's really soft though.  :)

i'm stuck HELP!!!
my second wipw is one, that had i started first, would be a fof product as i think i could have finished it last night.  this is the African Flower Mandala Pot Holder by one of my fave blog crochet with raymond.  i can't wait to finish it but i think i may be stuck again on the next round as i have to define the petals on this one.  i may have to youtube an african flower tutorial.  i'm sure someone has one on youtube, everything is on youtube.  :)  i can even watch youtube on my tv which is super awesome! 
hoping i can figure out the next round.

so these 2 are blah colors due to my hubby doesn't like all the cutesy bright colors but i'm putting my foot down!  more pretty colors after these 2.  ;)  both of these patterns are freebies on ravelry.  :)


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

stuff i watch on tv

last night we watched some of our shows off the dvr & this is what we watched last night...

i wonder if he knows he's on fire??
Rescue Me, this is the last season ever!  so unless you have watched before i wouldn't start watching.  i haven't been too impressed with the last season or two, the first 2-3 seasons were awesome but now unless they really surprise me with the next couple of episodes, i'm bored with you!  but i still watch cause jason still likes it.  :)
masterchef, the guy on the left is a dick, the guy on the right needs bigger shirts!  just sayin' if you are a big person, i'm one too,  i don't care to see your heart beat through your shirt.  :]
next we watched MasterChef, i loooooove all things gordon ramsey!  he is pretty tame in this show, the real dick chef is the bald guy, i-don't-know-your-name-&-don't-care-who-you-are chef.  :)  he did get on this one guy's (christian) ass last night for he was being an ass & disrespectful to the other contestants.  christian thinks he's this bad ass chef & has this nasty ego about him.  i like when people are confident but not jackass arrogant!  anywho, it was funny.  :)  there are still 10 contestants left on the show so you can still catch on if you want to watch. 

"you DONKEY!!!"  ;)
 we then watched Hell's Kitchen, this is where the foul-mouthed gordon ramsey is at his best!  i love this show!  it just started last night & we have watched every season!  last night was the first night they went & visited the previous winner, probably because she stayed in la to work in his restaurant there.  you should watch if you aren't watching now.

 we then started watching Camelot, starz came out with this which is about, you guessed it, king arthur.  i'm not too impressed yet.  GOT was so much better in the first 10 minutes than this was in the first 2hr episode.  i'm hoping the rest of the season is better! 

see i told you i was a tv junkie, i love it!  nothin' better than a good couple of shows & some crochet to make my night complete.  :)  i love my dvr, on regular network shows it only takes 35-45 minutes to watch an entire episode!

sign of the times or just a deadbeat?

i don't know why this struck me as funny but for some reason when i came across this yesterday, as the last of the stuff was being chunked out in the yard, i heard smokey's voice, from Friday, "you got kicked the fuuuck out!".  :)  i have never seen this before, i've always seen it in movies & heard of it but never witnessed it.  i'm guessing it's not a one-partner-kicking-out-the-other-partner kind of thing as it's got couches & stuff in the lawn. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

weekend of 7/16/11

so on saturday we did our first cash in of our cans, q is saving up for a barbie car but the way things are going i may have to get her to save for something a little less money like the new bella ballerina shoes she wants so bad.  the barbie car is $300-400 & can are not a fast way to get money.  anywho, we went to the aluminum can cash place & she made $2.50!  she was so excited, the guy asked her if they were for her & she said yes so excitedly.  :)  so we got them unloaded & he weighed them & gave us the money.  thank you carissa & christine for saving your cans for us.  i just got some from erika the other day.  so see why i may have to have her change her mind, also she is about to be 6 & the age requirement is to 6, i know she would be ok for a year or two though but it may take that long to get the money saved up.  maybe we can find one on craigslist when we get some more money & paint it or something. 

holding her can loot!  thanks again ladies!

then we didn't really do anything on saturday, nana came & picked up the girls & they spent the night with her & it was just me & jason to catch up on shows & watch our movies.  again, i like my weekends like this, laid back & easy.  :)  oh i did go to an 'adult' party at crystal's house, she even has evidence which i look like a huge whale. 

then it was time to pick up jess, we met them half way but hopp had to go potty so we made a stop at thurber & got out.  there was this little make-shift swingset with these horse swings.  ummm... they reminded me of pony play, you know the adult kinky sex play.  the girls thought they were cute but it was too funny not to pass up so i had to snap a pic.  :]
pony play anyone?!?  :D

then we got home, we ate a late dinner & i sent ALL the girls to bed.  they were so tired that not too soon after pocahontas started that they started dropping off like flies.  q ended up in bed with jess, she has missed her so much & was glad to get to snuggle with her.  jess said q kept her warm, that kid is always cold!  so glad my baby girl is at home!  i truly missed her, not too long before she leaves the house for college, so i really need to enjoy this time with her. 
everyone but hopp watching the movie!  look at her snuggling her baby!  her hand is behind her head too, that means she is about to pass out!  ;)

movies from this weekend

on friday we watched 2 movies, Rango & Lincoln Lawyer...

i didn't really care for Rango.  it was ok, but very predictable.  i just don't have much to say about it, other than the very first of the movie is funny when he is sitting with his 'girlfriend'.  it's probably worth renting from redbox since it's only $1 but i would say wait till it comes on one of the movie channels if you get them.

then we watched Lincoln Lawyer.  much better.  it was a very good movie but it was again, predictable.  there was a little twist but overall was a great movie.  A MUST SEE!!!

then on saturday we watched Let Me In.  if you like vampire movies it was pretty good.  again predictable.    i did like Let Me In though.  it was a different take on your typical vampire movie.  they had a foreign version (Let The Right One In) that i saw a preview to a few years back & i wanted to watch it but never got around to it & then they came out with an american version.  jason saw the foreign version so i asked him if it was the same & he said yes, so i guess they didn't put too much of a different twist on the two.  now i want to really see the foreign version just to see if it was different all.  this is another must see.
the first trailer is the american version & the second one, of course is the foreign version (it is in a different language) 

what's up with all the predictable movies?  i want something to really surprise me.  i'm usually the one that surprised at the end & jason has already figured it out in the first 10-20 minutes.  with these 3 you figure the whole thing out.  GIVE ME SOMETHING I CAN NOT FIGURE OUT!  :)

well, that's my weekend wrap of movies, hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, July 15, 2011

stuff i watch on tv

luckily me, my hubby works for a satellite company as tech support, not so lucky for him because he hates being griped at all day because someone else's stupidity causes them to be rude to him.  a big majority of his calls are people that can barely turn on their tvs & because they can barely do that, they can't work their sat. box either.  :(  so remember the next time you call in for your satellite service the caller will be very appreciative if you are nice to them.  it's not their fault when the REAL PROBLEM is the satellite/cable service, they just are trying to help you get it going again.  :)  so anywho on that note, we get every channel you can think of!  we still have to pay for pay-per-view stuff but we get the nfl sunday ticket & any major sports ticket type thing for FREE!!!!  so the benefit out ways the shitty people anyday! 

ok, so this is what we have been watching on tv.  we watch most of our stuff on hbo, food network, A&E, history, discovery, mtv & some of the network channels. i'm sure there are other channels but i can't think of them right off hand.  i will remember more shows/movies as well & as i remember them i will talk about them.

first off, True Blood!  i'm a horror fan, i don't care how cheesy or gory it is i LOVE horror movies.  hubby does too & even my q watches them with us!  now we don't watch the nude ones with her, we mainly watch old school stuff with her.  so saying that true blood is out of the question, we don't even let jess watch with us when she is home, just not age appropriate.  i love true blood, vampires are so cool.  i think i would like to be one if they were real.  they are up all night & have that oh-so-cool swagger about them!  if you don't watch TB i highly suggest you vod, netflix or borrow the dvd series.  a friend of mine calls them hillbilly vampires but that's because i make fun of her twilight jacob fantasies.  ;)

next, the season is over but should be coming back sometime next spring, i can't wait, Game of Thrones, another hbo series.  hbo truely puts out GREAT shows!  i miss OZ, Six Feet Under & The Sopranos!  GOT is about medieval times, i'm not a fan of this time period really, but geez it got me from the first 10 minutes!  not many shows, that i'm not a fan of the genre, do.  but wow!  great storyline & you will not believe how the story ends at the last couple of episodes, truly shocking!  so go out & do the same with this one so we can chat about it next season.  :)

ok, i'll admit it, i'm a true reality show whore!  not just like the bachelor stuff like that, i like the super trashy stuff like Jersey Shore, coming back on soon, can't wait to watch!  i loved all the VH1 & MTV love shows with flava flav, bret michaels, new york & even frank's from the i love new york first season.  :)  i say they make me feel better about myself as a person.  these girls, even if they are coerced with alcohol & acting, are hilarious!  it's mindless entertainment i tell ya!  so now we are watching The Challenge on MTV where the old road rulers and current & old casts of real world team up & compete for money.  this year is super interesting because they have rivals teamed together in teams of 2 to see if they can put their bitter pasts aside & work together to win the ultimate goal of $50,000 or whatever it is.

there are so many other things on our dvr & as i watch them i will talk about them but this is what i can remember off-hand about what we are watching.

now for the movies i can remember

Prom Night in Mississippi is a documentary.  absolutely astonishing that people are STILL segregating themselves & their communities.  this is a story about a mississippi school that up until 2009, i believe, have separate proms.  it's a MUST SEE!

i've also talked about on fb & am before the Wild & Wonderful Whites of West Virginia.  jaw dropping & entertaining!  you just have to watch, you will not believe the things they do & stuff they get away with.  you so want them to better themselves & root for them but sometimes things never change!  this is another MUST SEE!

i also just got through watching Cinema Verite, it's about the first reality tv family.  it's a little slow but it's still a good one to watch.  it's sad how the producer/director changes the views & the things he says about them when the show actually airs.

tonight we are going to watch Rango & Lincoln Lawyer so i will let you guys know what i think about them.  :)

fof day!!!
it's friday so you know what that means!  it's fof day!!!!  yay!  well, i still haven't finished the pippa blanket only because i knew i couldn't show it off today so i did something quick (or so i thought would be quick) so i would have something for show-and-tell today.  ;)  i started a potholder last night & this one isn't even for me for the wall of potholders, i made it for my wonderful MIL.  really i'm one of the few that loves my MIL. :)  i think the pattern was a little off because i would get to the 3rd round & the count would be off.  i frogged it after the 5th round because it was off & i'm pretty anal about getting it right & it was just a tiny bit wonky.  so i kept the first round & started over.  it was still off.  i think there is just one row missing because it was only off by 2 stitches which are added on the corners.  anywho, i just did an extra row & it all worked out good.  so here is my fof for the day. 

star potholder

i used lily sugar 'n cream stripes in american stripes (it's self-striping, that's way the color changes aren't uniform) that my friend marti 'donated' to me.  :)  my MIL has her living room & her kitchen in the americana themes & it will look great hanging on her wall.  she is one of my biggest fans so i know she will say she loves it!  :)  i think it turned out pretty good.  maybe i will do another for my wall of potholders.  :)

i used the Janelle's Star Dishcloth pattern i found on ravelry, it was the perfect size as a potholder, i just did a 10ch loop on the top of one of the points in a smaller hook.  one day i'm going to learn to blanket stitch & do it on a cabone ring to attach to the top so it looks really nice.  the loops are nice but the ring is really nice & finishes it off well. :)

Happy FOF Day everyone & have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

upcoming projects

i'm so excited, i saw a post from crochet with raymond about a wall of potholders.

wall of potholders inspiration
   i was intrigued so i was looking at some ideas & i'm in love!  i can't wait to start on my potholder project.  i plan on at least making 10 different kinds in various colors.  here are some of the designs i plan on making.  these are all new to me so this is another 2011 resolution.  :)

fanciful flower potholder i think this is my fave :)

grandala square, not really a potholder but can easily be turned into one :)

ripple rose potholder

starburst potholder

all of these can be found on ravelry, & FREE.  :)  this is just a sample of what i want to do.  as i get them done i will post them.  :)

wip wednesday

today is wip (work in progress) wednesday!!!  ugh i can't show you because again she reads my blog!  ;)  i'm still working on the pippa blanket.  i'm almost done.  it's so super cute.  here's another sneak peek though.  sorry sarah.  :)

pippa blanket

sorry so short, lots to do today.  not only is it wip wednesday, it's report day.  have a great day everyone!  :o)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

barbie hair & a fundraiser

so when i was little i had SUPER straight hair.  i'm talking straight as a board hair!  i hated it, it tangled so badly & would cry EVERYTIME my mom would brush my hair!  well i had a friend named hayley & she had SUPER curly hair!  ohhhhh i dreamed of having curly hair, i wanted hair just like hayley's beautiful curls & apparently she wanted my straight hair.  :)  it reminds me of my lil q, she has super curly hair & wants 'barbie' hair all the time!  she asks me all the time, i have only straightened her hair one time!  it was so pretty & long but she looked so mature!  it was weird, she looked so different.  so last night as i was giving her a shower she asked about 'barbie' hair.  i thought about it & sure why not, i have time right?  it's one of those things she will always remember, just like i remember my mom braiding my hair for me or my nana putting my hair in sponge rollers.  :)  so just because, i straightened her hair last night.  :)

well when she woke up, i guess she got sweaty in the middle of the night & the underside & parts of the top were curly again.  i only blow-dried her hair & touched it up with a straightener on low temp last night.  so i touched it up & put a little clip on the top to keep it out of her eyes this morning.  she is so proud of her 'barbie' hair but i miss the curly headed girl, luckily when i wash it, it will curl right back up.  :)

i think she was watching hopp to make sure she didn't get in the shot!  just q & the barbie hair allowed :)
a real supermodel pose!

i think i got her about to blink & she was going to say something.

miss thang

the night before.  look how long it is curls-free.  :)

now, i'm thinking of starting a new blog just for my fundraiser.  i don't have exact dates yet but it's usually the 3rd tuesday or thursday of october, it's going to be for the annual bunco for breast cancer for the vera west women's center here in abilene.  i love playing but i don't get to play every year.  so this year i'm going to put up my wares & do special orders for my ticket & maybe even pay for some lucky player's seats.  :)  if it goes better than i expect i'm going to pay for grand prize tickets.  i'm even going to put all the buyers in a 'hat' & draw a name & if they win they can have $25 worth of anything they want from me.  more info to come & will post a link to my fundraiser blog.  :)