Wednesday, April 25, 2012

new brian mcknight song...

so i'm a huge r&b fan and i really love all of brian mcknight's music but i heard about his new song yesterday & so when jason & i were in bed about to go to sleep we decided to check it out on youtube.  what's awesome is we have directv & we can watch youtube videos on our tv!!!  we can also get pandora on it too.  :o)  so anywho, this is what it was all about...  (don't listen when kids are around or at work or at least just turn it up to where only you can hear it!)

it's called "let me show you", it's VERY ADULT!  it's shocking since you don't hear this from him in his other music.  i LOVE it!  it cracked me up & it's very velvety & smooth for an adult song.  :o) 

so what do you think about the "king of wedding songs" new adult song?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

handmade pay it forward! 2012 edition

UGH!  i can't figure out this new layout on blogger!  i know it will pass & i will remember where all the buttons are & what they do but this is so much more different...

anywho, i saw this off a fellow bloggers page today & i'm participating in the 2012 pay it forward... handmade edition. 

the rules are as follows (i copied them off of kathleen's blog, which by-the-way, you should totally follow if you are a crochet lover, she makes the neatest stuffs!):

1.  I will send a gift to the first three commenters on this post. The gift will be handmade by me.  It will be sent sometime in the next 365 days. It will be a surprise.  {if i haven't sent you something made by me in the next 6mths please remind me, i tend to forget stuff!  :o)}

2. To sign up and receive a gift, you have to play along too. Pay it Forward on your blog by promising to make a surprise for the first three people who comment on your post.

3. You must have a blog, as I will blog stalk you, cackling with glee all the while, to find the right gift for you.
4. After commenting here, please repost this or something similar to your blog in 48 hours.  If not, I'll chose the next person who comments. Fair is fair is fair, right?!?

now, on that note, if i don't get 3 peeps to do this & only one or two of you want to participate, i will send you the other one or two handmade gifts.  so start paying it forward so you can get in on the fun!!!  :o)

Monday, April 23, 2012

366 days of photos week 16

well, another week has past.  here's what our week held...

day 104: sun 4/15 no pic

day 105: mon 4/16
remember when i bought the pirates of the caribbean opi mini nail polish collection, well i finally used the stranger tides color.  i'm still not for sure about this one.  it has a green tint to it & as much as i love zombies, the color reminded me of what zombies looked like in the movies.  rotting flesh is not really a color i would necessarily want to color my nails.  :)  it would look great if you were going for the camo look.

day 106: tues 4/17
another pinterest to-do is done.  q loves to water the flowers & plants.  i made this, it's a plant water bottle recycled from a milk jug.  only problem i found is that it sucks the bottle together, does that make sense?  anyway i just need to find a place to add an air hole so it doesn't suck so much, no pun intended.  :)  you can find the tutorial here, in case you have questions.  i used a heated steak knife but a heated nail would have been better...

day 107: wed 4/18 no pic

day 108: thur 4/19
a new hair pic!  i did their hair the same way, one pony on the top & then sectioned it in half like dog ears & then sectioned that in half so they had double ponies.  :)  i love that hopp put her head on q's shoulder in the back photo.  :)

day 109: fri 4/20
this was my fof last week, see the previous post.  audra loved them :o)

day 110: sat 4/21
we went to the flea market in b-gap this weekend, it was my first time.  i wasn't too excited about what i saw.  anywho, the weirdest thing we came across was this set of pigeons, they have curly feathers!  so cool, even their feet had curly feathers on them like ugg boots.  :o)  they are called frillback pigeons here is a link on them for better pics, pretty neato huh?

just wanted to share this cute pic of hopp with her baby she insisted on taking with her that we had to go back twice for because she would drop her & forget about her.  :o)  i love this little face!!!

have a great rest of the week!  see you soon...

Friday, April 20, 2012

i actually have time for an fof!!

OMG!  it's been so busy at work.  it's that time of year where we do our big presentations for our annual tv sales.  i'm just the assistant i don't do the actual selling but there is so much that goes on behind the scenes!  anyway, i met this really sweet girl last year & she was talking about needing a koozie for her soda & i made her one.  she mentioned that she just recently lost the one i made her & wanted another one.  so that's what i did, this time i made her two.  :o)  her favorite color is green so i made her one just like last years but with a picot edging on top, it looks like a princess crown to me, & then one with changing colors & put a shell stitch towards the tops.  i'm going to experiment with a stitch that can possibly work as a hounds tooth, she is a 'bama fan. 
i was a bit disappointed with the changing colors one.  when i picked up the ball of yarn at the store it looked like there was more green than the yellow & blue.  she liked both of them. 

well i hope all of you are doing well, have a great weekend!  :o)  check out tami's amis for more fof stuffs...

Monday, April 16, 2012

366 days of photos weeks 13, 14 & 15!!!

wow...  i can't believe i've gotten this far behind!!!  ok, well here's 3 weeks wrapped into one...

day 85: sun 3/25
barbie hair, i have to confess, we had lice & i found out that if you occasionally flat iron hair it kills the eggs & lice if you have them.  i also found several ways to combat them from getting in your hair in the first place.  apparently if you soak hair in listerine that kills the lice & also if you add in the listerine to your water bottle it deters lice from coming back.  so far so good, we have been free & clear of lice for almost 3 weeks.  hopefully we will stay away from the lice from now on with our deterents.  any other helpful advice is welcomed.  :o)

day 86: mon 3/26
surprising the barbie hair stayed so she felt extra special with her hair this way!  she doesn't look the same with straight hair but i don't mind doing this on occasion just to make her feel special.  :o)

day 87: tues 3/27
at jump rope practice this day & it was windy so i looked up & took a pic of the flags, i love this one!

day 88: wed 3/28
got my painting up, it looks nice, well as nice as it can look with all those damn plugs behind me.  ;o)

day 89: thurs 3/29
i love pouty pictures!  look at that tear on her cheek :(  i think this was one of the times at jump rope practice that she was throwing a fit & i told her no so we had to leave the gym & sit in the lobby.  isn't this precious?!?  :o)

day 90: fri 3/30
i totally forgot about this pic, so glad i take random pics.  :)  q lined up some of her toys.  from left to right, sparkles, pinky-pie, not for sure the cat's name, a bunny that hopp got for her bday & the lady bug flashlight :o) 
 day 91: sat 3/31
koi fish at the local chinese place.

first time for q to see the koi fish.  i love this pic, she is just watching them swim.  so sweet, love these moments!!!

WEEK 14!

day 92: sun 4/1
took this right after midnight, she loves her sleep overs!  :o)

day 93: mon 4/2
not a hair post but look at those shoes!  they are fab-u-lous!  plus she dressed them up with rainbow socks & a tutu & a pink puppy tee!  she was too excited over this outfit & she did it all herself.  :o)

of course hopp had to get her pic taken too, some days she won't but this day she was photogenic.  :o)  she looks so cute in this orange dress & those aqua flip flops :o)

day 94: tues 4/3
saw this on pinterest & bought it.  you can find them on etsy.  i can't remember the shop name but it's under my hooker board.  :o)
 day 95 & 96: wed 4/4 & thurs 4/5 no pics...

day 97: fri 4/6
full moon tonight, picture sucks but it's the best one i got.

day 98: sat 4/7 no pic...

WEEK 15:

day 99: mon 4/8
easter sunday & this is what the easter bunny left the girls.  rapunzel & cinderella bubbles for the littles & a hunger games katniss poster for jess.  some gum & a new skip bo jr card game & some assorted boxed candy.  :o)

day 100: tues 4/9 no pic...

day 101: wed 4/10
omg, how sweet is this pic?!?  i can give her little side pony tails & a headband keeps the top strays away. :o)

q likes to get her picture taken too but hopp was saying don't take my picture, oops, too late!  ;)

a pinterest pin i can cross off my list.  made this super cute calendar, you can find the web page here just look for the 2012 calendar pages

day 102: wed 4/11
hopp & her diddy, having dinner with my inlaws :o)

day 103: thurs 4/12
went with maria & her boys to the crawfish/shrimp boil.  the girls were enjoying the music so much they decided to put on a dance show.  they had a blast!

days 104 & 105: fri 4/13 & sat 4/14 no pics... see you guys later :o)