Thursday, March 29, 2012

hopp makes me laugh so hard, all the time!

look how super cute she is!!!!
so while q was at jump rope practice, i took hopp to the playground to play for a little bit.  i actually went down one of those tube slides & she was so happy & excited for me.  i was nervous that i would get in & get stuck but i zipped out of it really fast.  then after that we headed back to the gym to see how practice was going & we went the back way around.  it was a little bit more of a walk but not hardly much of a difference.  i guess i was walking faster than she was wanting to go & she said, i promise i didn't make this up, "UGHHHHH!  i'm tired, i need food in my mouth!".  i turned around & just busted out laughing!  oh my god, really?!?  i totally forgot to tell jason about it that night so i called him on my way to work & told him & it was so funny to relive it that i was in tears from laughing so hard!!!  i love her so much!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

366 days of photos week 12

ok, i think i'm caught up after this post until next week.  :)

day 78: sun 3/18/12 ugh, no pic...

day 79: mon 3/19
something random... bent quarter i found in my wallet

day 80: tues 3/20
we decided to let q do her jump rope thing & hopp & i hit the playground.  :o)  look how cute she is & look at her little stance.

day 81: wed 3/21

i love this time of year.  all the trees & flowers are blooming & so is the wisteria!  i love wisteria but it sure is ugly when not in bloom!  so i will enjoy everyone else's wisteria.  i took this from my car since i have no idea whose house this is.  :o)
days 82-84: thur 3/22 - sat 3/24: i can't believe i don't have one single pic!!!  that's crazy especially since i didn't take one on saturday.  sorry guys! 

have a great rest of the week & so far i've been better this week & have taken a pic everyday this week for next week.  :o)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

366 days of photos week 11

day 71: sun 3/11/12
this is my newest polish.  i love it, it's a grey-blue & it's glittery!  it's one of the colors in the holland collection with OPI called 'i have a herring problem'.  btw, i got it for free!!!  yep, that's right, i went & got my hair cut, pic to come when i can get a good one, & it was their special with a cut & style you get a free bottle of any color of OPI you desired.  :0)

day 72: mon 3/12
q had blisters on her hand (see them on the bottom hand on the pointer finger & then on the top hand they are on the middle & ring fingers) & we couldn't figure it out, she had to have shots daily for 3 days & thought it was from the shots.  this was the final day for the shots, they were for ear infections/fluid that has been going on for the past 3-4 months that refuse to clear up, so we asked the nurse about them & she said foot & mouth & confirmed it with checking the bottom of her feet &  inside her mouth, yup they were clearing up so she was in the final stages of f&m & was no longer contagious.  she is good now & no more blisters, yay for public schools giving us things that we would never otherwise come in contact with unless we licked the shopping cart handles.  ;)

later after the dr appt we headed to the movies & were a little early so we stopped at chelseas & had drinks.  momma had a pina colada & daddy had a beer.  :o)  i took off monday & tuesday & we had mommy & daddy time for a couple of days during spring break.  it was awesome & what we definitely needed.

day 73: tues 3/13
after a 1 mth hiatus, i'm crocheting again.  i started on a baby blanket for a friend of mine.  she is doing flamingos & her colors are hot pink, lime green, bright teal & purple.  i'm about 2/3 of the way done to date, it's really slow going...

day 74: wed 3/14
is there such a thing as ornamental weeds?  seriously this thing has been catching my eye for a couple of weeks & i can't seem to not look at it every week when i go to my mil's house.  they actually have a couple of them in their yard & they look like the beginnings of a dandelion but they never get any stems they just look like this.  this is the only weed i would allow in my yard & i have a yard full of unwelcome weeds in my yard at the time & none of them are this neat looking. 

day 75: thur 3/15 no pic today...


day 76: fri 3/16
happy st patty's eve!  we had a st patty's themed party at work.  the punch looks a little weird but it's only because we added maraschino cherries & the red muddied the green.  it was super delish!!!  all you need is 7up, lime sherbet, frozen lemonade, frozen limeade & fresh limes & lemons sliced up & added to the concoction.  i'm not lying this is the best punch!!!  the recipe said to add rum but it's not work appropriate so we left it out.  ;o)

this is what the yarn looked like before i went to bed.  it looks really neat the farther you get with it, if you don't mess with it it will stay open for awhile.  i know, random photo...


day 77: sat 3/17
this is my antibiotic, it's frickin' HUGE!!!  i started getting headaches on friday right before lunch & they wouldn't go away so i headed over to the walk-in & she diagnosed me with sinusitis.  gotta love stupid allergies & they are not getting better due to all the rain, which we all need, but the stupid mowing is killing me!!! :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

366 days of photos week 10

damn, i'm so far behind & i apologize, here we go

day 64: sun 3/4/12
hopp enjoying the swings at the park, it was so pretty we couldn't resist!

hopp sliding down the slide

day 65: mon 3/5/12
our new suet feeder & yarn holder for the birds

saw this on pinterest & knew it was way better than the old milk jug i've been using, which btw, just broke & crumbled from weather wear & tear.  got both of them for 1.49 each at tractor supply

day 66: tues 3/6/12 no pic...

day 67: wed 3/7/12

ok, well this is pissing me off, not for sure why it keeps rotating..  anywho, i inherited this painting from a lady that just retired at work.  at first i didn't really like it & thought of a pinterest idea but the more i look at it the more i like it.  :)

day 68: thurs 3/8/12
this is my birthday balloon, remember the chiccarone cake?  :)  it finally started to fall.  it's still up today but it's floating so i'm about to put it out of it's misery.  it's been fun while it lasted.  :o)

day 69: fri 3/9/12
you see that?  we pulled in a parking spot & all the grackles were out & making lots of noise & then, i saw something... there was a grackle on the tire of the truck just chilling & making lots of noise.  i thought it was pretty funny as did q & so i snapped this pic.  sorry, i was going to take one when i got out but when i opened my door it flew off.  :)

day 70: sat 3/10/12  oops, forgot to take a pic...

have a great rest of the week & hopefully, i can get the next week on here.  :o)

Friday, March 9, 2012

366 days of photos week 9

ok, now to catch up...

day 57: sun 2/26/12  oops, forgot to take a pic this day...

day 58: mon 2/27/12
more of the stuff growing & blooming around the house.  not for sure what this bush is but it's so pretty.  this has been planted way before we got in the house.  so weird, was thinking about the other day while talking to my neighbor, we have been in the house almost 7 years now.  it doesn't seem that long since we moved in.

day 59: tues 2/28/12
so i got a text from jess the other day & she sent me a pic of some coconut water, asked if we could get some.  i never had any & while i was out shopping for work stuff i picked some up.  this stuff is super expensive!  well, 2.69 for a bottle of something is a expensive to me.  anyways, i tried it & it's NASTY!!!!  i thought maybe it would taste just a tad sweet, nope, it tasted almost like the brown part, almost dirty.  i know people like this stuff but i couldn't take more than 2 sips of it.  i tried it, just a tiny sip, & thought maybe i didn't get a big enough drink to get the real taste of it but nope, it was nasty the second time i tried it.  :o)  the girls liked it so i let them have it instead.

day 60: wed 2/29/12 HAPPY LEAP DAY!!!  :o)

they've gotten a little bigger...  this week they are even bigger, it actually has started showing it's green leaves, i will take another pic for this week so you guys can see the actual growth.

my fishies.  we got 2 new plecos this last week.  i got a regular one that's brown with dark spots & then i got a rubber lipped one.  i like him the most, he has a bigger, wider mouth, i may start calling him jagger.  :o)  he isn't shown but they are both really little & they are so fast!  they remind me of cats at play.  it cracks me up!  you can see the big blue one swimming at the top, he's blurry, & then our rainbow shark, & then one of my hot pink tetras.  some days it's hot pink & other days it's really pale & yes we have neon gravel & a neon rock.  it's my MIL's fault, she thought the girls needed a brightly colored fish tank, it's grown on me.  at first i was not liking it.

day 61: thurs 3/1/12
i picked up q from school this day & brought her to work with me.  she had practice at 5:30 that day.  she had the letter u for the week & asked me to print out a unicorn so she could take it on friday after she colored it.  this is her final picture.  thank you lisa frank for making excellent art for kiddos to color & enjoy.  i love all her stuff!  :o)

day 62: fri 3/2/12
my boss was asked by one of our local universities to provide a 100 word essay of what it means to her to be a woman & they provided her with a 6x6 canvas to do whatever art on it she wanted to go with her essay.  she is from germany but of turkish decent.  not for sure what her essay said but the meaning of the painting is a color from each of the flags that now represent her.  she decided to put a glob of all the colors in the middle so she could swirl them together. :o)

after school is so hard on q, she will nap without wanting too.  they don't take naps at school in her class anymore, i suspect because they were all pretty defiant on taking naps this year.  :o)  well on the way to pick me up from work on friday she fell asleep.  it was dr suess' bday that day & so they made cat in the hat, hats & then got their faces painted with a black nose & whiskers.  she looked so cute all asleep & the hat over her eyes!  they also had a red "bow tie", you can see it under the seat belt.  happy bday dr suess!!!  it was also texas independence day, not for sure if they did anything for that yet.  she does draw the texas flag pretty good.  i think they have been leading up to that in the previous weeks.  :o)

day 63: sat 3/3/12

hopp checking out the monkey perched on the ledge

hopp feeding the giraffe

q & hopp always have to pose on the caterpillar

they love rolling down the hill, the bottom one is when hopp lost control & was rolling so fast.  it cracked me up, she couldn't stop herself until almost the bottom.  :o)

look how they have grown! the first pic was taken back in aug of last year, q is now to the top of the booty of the giraffe.  hopp had to have grown but i can't tell how much other than she is basically the same height to q as the last one.  so maybe an inch or two for both of them.  next time i need them to stand tall so we can tell for sure.  :o)
  ok, so i'm caught up till next week, taking a couple days off work to spend with my man.  :o)  the littles are staying with nana for a couple of days & jess is heading to dallas to spend time with her dad & siblings there.  i hope all of you have a great & safe spring break!

Monday, March 5, 2012

366 days of photos week 8

hope everyone had a great week.  i enjoyed my short work week with pres day off.  gotta love holidays, especially when i get paid to be off.  :o)  {sorry for the delay, i took some pics with my lovely new asus tablet & couldn't get them to work when i tried to edit/add pics on the tablet, if you use the android system for your blogging please tell me how you do it.  it's so frustrating!!!  oh but i love my new toy!  thanks to the hubby :o)}

day 50: sun 2/19

i caught her reading green eggs & ham.  she is really getting good at this whole reading thing.  we can't go to the store or anywhere else where she is asking me what something is that she read on a package.  she will even spell something & ask me what it says & instead of me telling her i ask her to sound it out & almost every time she gets it exactly!  :o)  SUPER PROUD MOMMA MOMENT!!!

it's hard being a kiddo these days so it's always a good time for a nap!  these two are inseparable!  even in nap time they are always snuggled up!

day 51: mon 2/20
it was president's day & i had the day off.  to help keep the littlest one quiet, she went to daycare.  well i also had errands to run & so it was just me & q.  she enjoyed this day sooooo much!  we didn't do much.  we did mostly window shopping in the mall but she was so good that we stopped at claire's & got some earrings.  now i just need to find a good pinterest project for a jewelry holder with an earring tree type holder attached, something that can be mounted on the wall would be ideal.  if you have any ideas, let me know.  :o)

even though her face was blurry in this pic, it's my fave!  she is like this all the time!  she is my funny, happy, sensitive child.  i love her so much!  i will definitely be spending more one on one time with her...

day 52: tues 2/21
this is what they look like every time i go to bed.  either hopper is hogging the bed or they are spooning or even hopper on top of q.  it really struck me funny how q is crossing her arms.  i think she was channeling run dmc!  hopp looks like she is fencing or doing ballet.  :o)

close up of the arms crossed, face not so angry.  :o)
day 53: wed 2/22
we planted peonies two years ago, i think, & they are finally sprouting!  they are so weird looking, that burgundy color i didn't know what they were.  we planted peonies & bleeding hearts at the same time so i googled it & that's what peonies look like when they sprout.  :o)  i have updated pics for you, coming soon, they grow fast!  the girls were so excited & talk about them every time we walk up our front steps.

day 54: thur 2/23
it's that time of year again!!!  dittos came & went already, thank goodness!  this was all i had to sell this year & i think i sold everything!  i did get a few things back, still not for sure why but i gave them to my daycare lady so she can use them for accidents.  :o)  i didn't have clothes markers & this is so helpful when you are sorting & hanging them so you don't have to do it when you get there.  so i made my own.  :o)  all i did was use my index cards, we don't use them anymore, i cut a slit about 2/3 of the way up & then cut a square in the middle & then that's it!  it's so easy-peasy, not for sure i didn't come up with it earlier!  i have been doing this for over 5 or 6 years & i finally got it figured out!  i will be posting tips on how to price & sell your consignment items in case you want to do dittos later.  :o)

day 55: fri 2/24
q is now a neon twister!  she is on the local jump rope team.  she will not be eligible for the regionals team coming up in april but she will get plenty of practice in for next year.  i'm super stoked for her.  she can DOUBLE DUTCH!!!  she can't run in yet but if she gets her jump right on the first one she can dd for quite some time.  :o)

day 56: sat 2/25 no pics this day...  i have plenty for last week though. :o)