Monday, February 27, 2012

another, oh no you didn't! moment...

sometimes i get really irritated & feel defensive while i'm online.  this only really happens when i do something & it's directed at a friend & then someone i don't even know comments.  now if you don't know me but you comment & say something nice i don't mind but if you give me your opinion & you make me feel like i'm stupid i HATE it!  stay out of my business.  do you think i'm taking this the wrong way?

here's where i don't get it....

i pinned a pic of a monster high doll that reminded me of lalaloopsy dolls.  they are the cute plastic dolls that have the buttons for eyes.  i tagged a friend with my note on there... (see above)
then this tiffany person, i erased her face & last name because i STRESS, i have NO IDEA WHO SHE IS!!!  she then tells me i'm wrong, they aren't lalaloopsys.  duh!  i mentioned they were monster high dolls!  wtf!  if you were my friend fine, she isn't, did she want me to feel stupid, is she trying to point out someone's non-mistake to make herself feel better?  just don't get it so i thought i would comment back because she should get a notification that i replied.  i will delete her comment later. 

maybe i'm more annoyed at this than defensive.  i had another lady comment on this exact same pin, i deleted it!  she wrote "vanpires yuck!!!"  bitch please, you didn't have to like my pin or comment on it, i HAVE NO IDEA WHO YOU ARE EITHER!!!  plus she needs to learn to read what she writes before commenting & then misspelling something!  >)

am i wrong for thinking that if you have nothing good to say & i HAVE NO IDEA WHO YOU ARE to just skip my pin & not say anything.....

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

366 days of photos week 7

so it was a week of snow, valentine's & some crazy old lady yarn shenanigans!!!!
i did miss a day or two but i have lots of valentine pics to make up for it...

day 43: sun 2/12/12
we got snow!  it didn't last but maybe until about 10ish the next morning.  but i truly love snow, just don't like the ice that occasionally comes with it.  most texans have NO idea how to drive in it!  i'm not too bad, i know when you should & should accelerate.  it's crazy that some people drive normal speed when it's like this...

boy staches, the girls modeled all the favors to make sure i had the holes in the right spot.  the first one, modeled by hopp was too high, to make them look more realistic & in better placement they needed to have the hole at the bottom.

crazy q made a funny face with this one....

see how cute hopp's showed up.  all the lips & staches were glittery.  it was so much fun!  i cut ALL of them out by hand!!!  the lips weren't bad but the mustaches were the worse.  all in all, this was pretty easy to do.  :)

day 44:  mon 2/13/12
getting the finishing touches on the valentine suckers.  i had to print some sticky labels to put on the bottom who they were from so the suckers wouldn't slip out of the lip/stache.  they were made from glitter foam sticker sheets so after they were done with the suckers they could use them as stickers. :o)

here are the silver staches.  :)

day 45: tues 2/14/12
this was my valentine box for work.  isn't it so cute?!?  i love zombies & found this super cute zombie love art. 
my co-workers are so lucky to have me!  i made these for EVERYONE at work.  i made a total of about 62 of them.  i cut slits on each side of the hamsters little hand & put the exact sucker (luckily found them at the dollar tree) so it looked like he was holding the real sucker.  :)  it was so cute, forgot to take a pic of the finished product.

day 46: wed 2/15/12 no pic today...

day 47: thurs 2/16/12

ok, so i'm all for self expression... jess & i went to hobb lobb after picking her up from work & she whispers, "mom, go to the next aisle!"  so i look over & there is this super cute-but-very-crazy lady in the next aisle.  she was picking her yarn out for a project.  she was talking to herself the ENTIRE time!  that's where the crazy came in.  the picture doesn't show the detail i wish it did, jess took the pic, she is better at making it look like she is texting instead of taking a pic.  ;)  her coat was completely handmade either crochet or knit but the craziest part was it was fuzzy at the joined color patches.  i'm talking fun fur yarn fuzzy.  it had really long fuzziness & then the hat was patchwork as well with the fuzzy joined color changes & then she had this lovely (& i really mean hideous) looking daisy on the hat.  omg, it was the highlight of our trip.  i hope i can be the crazy yarn lady one day!!!!  :o)  jess threatened me if i ever acted like her she would disown me.  i highly doubt that!  she loves me toooooo much!!! 

this is a cluster shot of all the box tops we turned in the next day.  we sent in a total of 95 box tops!!!!!  we sent in 75 the first semester so q has turned in 170 for the year so far!!!  :o)  i'm thinking there will be other kids that sent in more but i was shocked how many we had!

days 48 & 49: fri 2/17 & sat 2/18 no pics these days either, not for sure why!  i always take pics on the weekends!  i will have more for you next week.  got lots of pics of me & q's day together.  :) 

Friday, February 17, 2012

366 days of photos week 6!

wow!  already over 6 wks have gone by already!  i can't believe it.  so here is week 6, hopefully i will have week 7 for you on tuesday, monday is a holiday & unless i do it in the evening you will see it on tuesday.  :o)

day 36: sunday 2/5/12

it was super bowl sunday & we went to nana's to celebrate.  hopp is playing hostess with her beauty & the beast tea cup set complete with "chip" tea cups.  :)

day 37: monday 2/6/12 apparently i slacked in the picture taking department this week.  i have several days this week that i failed to take pics.  :(

day 38: tuesday 2/7/12
family fun night at q's school.  we had bingo night.  we didn't win anything but she learned her #s that night.  i had to teach what all the #s above 20 looked like & how they sound.  :o)  such a smart, sweet girl!

ummm, she was singing in this pic!  she is such a dork!  now when i say sing, i mean in operatic tones!!!  :o)

day 39: wednesday 2/8/12 another missed day...

day 40: thursday 2/9/12

so ummm, as i was heading to the child support (general attorneys) office for some paperwork, this box of lifestyles was on the ground next to my car.  looks like someone might be getting another baby momma!  ;)

day 41: friday 2/10/12
we did secret valentine at work & this is what my sv gave me with some candy & pencils!  a super cute journal with heart keys!!!  you can see the heart keys by the pen.  how awesome is that?!?  i WILL be using this in our weekly meetings for notes & such.  :o)

day 42: saturday 2/11/12
sorry so dark.  but this is q on skates & hopp (with her tennis shoes on) holding hands skating.  :o)  we went to a birthday party for one of q's classmates.  they had a blast & the mom was so sweet!  she had a gf cake made especially for q!  she was in heaven.  :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

366 days of photos week 5

this was a busy week, we pulled out the rapunzel wig, went to nana's, camo day, wear red day...

day 29: sunday 1/29/12
not much happened on sunday, we did sit down & count q's money from her cans for q stash.  she now has a grand total of $52!!!!  it's not much considering we have been doing this for about 8 mths or so but hey it's $52 more than what she started with.  we didn't count the pennies, nickels or dimes because that's just money she has gotten from helping out with stuff & not actual can money.  :)

day 30: monday 1/30/12
look at that sweet face!  it's a hair post.  :o)  it's the mini pony with one of her new bows she got from her bday.  i love how she is posing with her backpack! 

day 31: tuesday 1/31/12 last day of january
let me just say i'm not a huge starbucks fan because they are sooooo over priced but i went with claudia to have coffee there on saturday evening to sit & chat.  i really enjoyed it.  it was nice getting out since we haven't been having our usual craft 'n chat nights.  i digress... anywho, she brought me this super delish drink on tuesday morning.  i fell in love with the salted caramel mocha!!!  this will only be an occasional treat, i'm hoping maybe i can find the recipe on pinterest soon.  :o)  that little coffee is my regular coffee & i sadly couldn't enjoy it because starbucks ruined it for me.  :o)  thanks claudia!  i love you & not just because you brought me a delish drink!

later that evening we pulled out the rapunzel wig that me & daddy got q for her bday.  she was so excited & loved it!!!  she was so funny in it.  let me say it was worth the $13 i paid for it!  it does get tangled, no pun intended, but it's not too bad if you stay on top of it & they don't get too rowdy in it.  :o)

i put it on hopp & it reminded me of ET from behind!  not so much in the pic but you know what i'm talking about right?!?

omg!!!  look at that sweet cheeked baby!!!  she was more than thrilled to wear it!  she looks different with blonde hair but still oh-so-stinkin-cute!!!  :o)

day 32: wednesday 2/1/12
q learned about koalas & she was telling nana about the babies that live in their mommy's pouches.  she was talking about how little they are & they are pink, i think she said they are as big as jelly beans.  :)  they are learning the letter k this week. 

day 33: thursday 2/2/12
this is my boss on camo day.  she went all out!  she was cracking me up.  this is her serious-hunting face...

this is the puppy her boys left the note on him says, "I am a barve army dog"!  omg how cute is that, he meant to spell brave.  are you barve enough to be an army dog?!?  :)

this was the rest of her setup with guns & even a grenade! 

day 34: friday 2/3/12
super bowl squares i put together last minute.  my gm one the first two quarters & then my friend candi won 3rd qtr & then my friend maria's parents won the 4th qtr.  :)

day 35: saturday 2/4/12
we went to the kids sports expo & the girls had a blast!  here is hopp trying the soccer demo out.

q trying out the soccer demo out...

they did the bungee run & it was so funny!  they got shot back really fast when they couldn't pull the bungees any farther.  this was with a dental office here in town that i absolutely love & they ended up with t-shirts & about 6 toothbrushes & 3 toothpastes!

after we were done with the expo we decided to check out our local pet store.  we stopped & watched the guinea pigs.  i love guinea pigs but i don't think enough to clean up after them.  :)

well that was week 5.  sorry i'm so behind.  it's been super busy at work.  i will have last week's (week 6) up soon.  i hope you guys have a great rest of the week & HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE!!!