Thursday, June 30, 2011

a surprise at michaels & the gentleman car

so i went to michaels very briefly while at lunch, i was told they had a bunch of clearance crochet/knit stuff & some yarn so i wanted to check it out.  i looked through the bin of yarn & found this one little skein of yarn i had been looking at for a while & it was marked 1.99, ok it was 4.49 or something like that so that's a bargain & then i saw the mother of all hooks!  a Q hook, i don't know of a hook bigger but i'm sure there's one bigger out there, well it was .99 so i snatched that up too.  i looked a little more but didn't see anything else i just had to have & so i checked out.  i didn't have a ton of time so that was ok.  :)  so i got to the register & was about to hand her some money & she said, 'that's $1.60', wait... what?  so i looked up & saw that the yarn was only .49!!!!  holy shit!!!  YES!!!  so i was happy as could be & went back to work.  made my day so much better.  only way it would have been any better was if there were more skeins of the stuff.  ;)

my new yarn & hook jackpot!  :)  that hook is huge!

so as i was about to leave the parking lot i noticed this little white car, it had something funny on the hood but i wasn't for sure if it was what i thought it was.  yep!  it was, they had a vinyl decal of a mustache on it!  omg, it was so funny.  well i had to get a pic & there was a car that was taking it's sweet time getting out of the parking spot behind me & then a truck trying to take it's spot so i lost the car.  :(  dammit, i wanted that pic!  so i stalked the parking lot, i found it by old navy.  so i parked right in front of it & snapped that pic.  my day just got even better.  see it doesn't take much to make my day!  seriously, i love the novelty of mustaches, i made one you can see it in my older post here, it's sparkly & green too.  :)  i didn't expect to see a mom with a 2yr old getting out.  i thought it would have been a teen.  :)

introducing, the gentleman car!  doesn't this just make you smile? 
if you know this person tell them i think they are AWESOME!!!!  :) 

new roof day! finally, after at least a month of talking to 3 different roofers, it's time to get a new look

apparently the bad hail storm we received on easter was enough to total my roof.  we have no leaks yet so it wasn't pertinent to get it done ASAP.  as a matter of fact, i didn't even have anyone come look at the roof until about 2-3 wks later.  a guy just came up & asked if i wanted a free estimate, sure why not!  :)  i was shocked it was totaled!  so i know it's corny to blog about this but i always think, 'why didn't i take pics so i could see before & after stuff', it's too late by that time so i remembered to take pics last night as soon as i got home.  as of this am we did have a light grey/whitish roof but this time we are going with a dark grey roof, it's going to be so pretty!  our house is white vinyl siding with ugly hunter green shutters, i may see if we can have them paint them while they are working on the house.  the hunter green is just not appealing to me, hey, maybe i will get wild & make them red!  so anywho, we are getting new gutters, a new way to have air flow in the roof without those ugly turbines, again it's all MAGIG to me!  i just can't wait to see the finished product.  we are also going to get the rails painted as they are 'vintage' looking with all that rust.  :)  the gutters, i believe will be seamless so you will only notice they are gone & we will have new downspouts.

so without further ado, here is the house before...
just the front total, all that bush going on is going to get trimmed, you can't see our mickey mouse ears in the pic but we have 2 dish satellites on each corner of the house & it's such an eye sore!  the guy that originally put them up had no idea how to do it right & make it look good.  he even used the light clips to hold up the cable!  really?!?  so that's coming down too.

see all the chipped paint on the railing?  so vintage!  ;)

you can see the downspout doesn't even connect & all the dirt is getting power washed!

so this is what it looked like when i left for work this am, precisely 7:38am, i only know because it labeled it with the time.  :)  they got to the house before 6:30am & started making a ruckus.  i was already up, due to my stupid living room light, which is a totally other story!  it did wake up jason though so his sleepy head came down the hall & sat down with me in the living room while i finished some more of the callie blanket, almost done, should have it all finished tonight!  :)

look at that pile of shingles, i went to the back to check on the pool filter & it didn't even look like a lot had been done but boy, that's A LOT of noise! 
i feel like i need to take the roofers a snack or cool drink but i know they probably like to stay away from sugary drinks & drink mainly water.  i complain about the hot-ass heat all the time but i can't even imagine what it's like on a hot-stinkin'-ass roof all DAMN day long!  geez these guys do not get paid enough!!!  should i bring them a snack when i go for lunch or come home tonight?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

dark kiss from bath & body, the jesus & braids

one of my great purchases the other day from b&bw was dark kiss shower gel, i think it was $1, it was the smaller travel sized bottle, it smelled good in the bottle so i got it.  i used it this morning & i can still smell it!  it would be nice but i don't like musk scents.  :(  this is kind of like the twilight woods scent but tw smells 1000x worse.  omg that shit STANKS!!!  so i think i will not use it again & let jess have it.  so loves all that stuff & she loves the tw scent too.  :(  one day she showered with it & then had body spray & i could smell that crap for HOURS!!!  it probably is not helpful to me that i'm super sensitive to perfumes & stuff like that.  every since i quit smoking 9½ yrs ago my sense of smell is crazy! 
dark kiss from b&bw

speaking of smelly stuffs, last night it was mez night with my crochet/knit group & cristal got a glass of wine that smelled so alcohol-y it was ridiculous!  then claudia got this brownie ala mode thing & the chocolate smell was HORRIFIC!  it made me sick to my stomach!  WTF!  chocolate as a smell, is not a BAD thing at all!  i'm so hoping it's the predinose pack i'm taking for my foot & not the dreadful pregnancy sensitivity!  i have the implanon so i'm thinking it's the steroids!  :)

oh & i want to introduce everyone to jesus.  yes that's right, like jc not the spanish version.  i call him jesus because he reminds me of 'the jesus' from the big lebowski.  he scares me all the time because it looks like a man standing behind me & in the dark it's even freakier!  i like it though.  whoever did it, guessing it's syd, from the name next to him, did a good job.  i guess it could be angelina jolie or steven tyler in a purple jumpsuit too with those big ass lips.  :)

this is 'the jesus' from big lebowski, i meant to post with the other pics yesterday :o)

then this morning my princesses looked so pretty, they had pink tanks on & i did their hair all pretty so i snapped a pic.  i love q's hair this am, i did a small braid in the front & then just gathered it into a pony tail.  my french braiding is getting so much better, jess will be super excited as she is always asking me to braid her hair.  :)  oh i miss jess so much!  i get to see her in a week.  :o]

hopp & q, such cuties!!!!

braid from the top side view, so proud of myself! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

new yarnin store! bath & body jackpot and some flowers in my flower bed

so i went with one of my best friends & crochet mentor to the new lys this saturday...  i love it but the prices are such a turnoff!  i understand the need to have pricier yarns & stuff not available in our local stores but i would be much more willing to pay for yarn that is around the hobby lobby price & i usually have a coupon as well.  i barely want to pay the price i do with the coupon.  i'm just super cheap i guess.  i love the stuff though, it's absolutely beautiful in the store & they have a section for your kids to play while you shop & or knit/crochet.  i will probably buy some supplies there but i will always buy the cheapest i can get my hands on.  :o)  so i took some pics of the girls on the little sheep rocker, hopp loved it & almost wouldn't let anyone else on to rock on it. 

hopp hoggin' the rocker

q cheesin'

so before we headed over to the lys, we stopped to get the baby car's oil changed.  i'm so pissed at my local dealer!  i had a coupon for an oil change, tire rotation & 23pt inspection for $21.95, not bad, but they totally didn't say there were 'hidden' charges.  so my $21.95 oil change ended up being $31.71!  i double checked with the lady before i paid & she verified it was correct.  wow, i like how they can just do that.  midas charges $24.95 & with tax it was less than $28-29!  i will make an appt with midas from now on until they stop the promotion.  i REFUSE to go back to the dealer house!!!!

on a silly note, we started walking around looking at cars on the lot & we came across the jeep wranglers, q fell in LOVE with it.  they had all types of colors to choose from; burgundy, fire engine red, dark blue, cream, black & i think white.  she said that the cream one was her fave color in the jeep.  :)  so i told her to stand by her fave color & i would take a pic of her with it.  this happened to be the 4door version so it's not the real wrangler she loved but they look the same from the front right?!?  :o)  look at her gettin' her vanna on! 

her fave car on the lot!

so after nap, we send q on her way to nana's, this time hopp didn't get to go because nana got a tendon cut on one of her toes & hopp still needs help on the potty & her being the same size almost as q, she couldn't help her do it.  nana was so sad too, she felt lost without little hopp there too.  :(  but there will be this coming weekend.  :)  so hopp & i decided we wanted to go check out this tipee that jason saw at a friend's house that they got at kirkland's for $5, it was gone so we headed towards bath & body because i remembered they were having a 75% off sale on the old scents & bringing in new scents.  i hit the jackpot!  they had antibacterial hand soaps, foaming & deep cleaning, for $1.25 per bottle!!!!  they had apple pie & lime basil so i got 2 lime basil & 2 each of the deep cleaning & foaming apple pie.  :)  the apple pie smells so DELISH!!!  i got two regular bottles of shower gel, one cherry vanilla, i think, & coconut vanilla.

bath & body stash!
 my fave pick out of all the stuff i got, is the coconut beach hand gel sanitizer!  it smells so gooooooood!!!  i really love that coconut suntan lotion smell & it smells just like it!  i have been looking for this stuff forever & they are getting rid of it!  aaaaaaaugh!  :(  so i snatched up the last two tiny bottles & ran to the register so no one could take my 'precious'.  :)

yummy coconut beach!  if you find this stuff get some for me & i will refund you.  :)

so the other day i had my pool filter out & was spraying it down to reuse it later & i happen to go ahead & spray my sad little flower bed.  we have amaryllis growing but it hadn't bloomed yet, shocking because usually in the early spring it will blossom like crazy, i've had 15 buds on one stock before!  but i never remember to water that stuff so it never bloomed.  well with this little watering i did it went crazy!!!!  i even have some calla lily stalks growing, planted last year & hasn't bloomed once yet.  it will though, i'm gonna get better at that too.  i also have some peonies planted but they did the same thing just green plants & no flowers.  so here is the pic of my pretty amaryllis flowers & don't pay attention to the dead leaves on the plant, i haven't pruned it yet.  :(  just goes to show you how hardy lilies are.  just plant & forget, well just a little bit.  i have amaryllis & irises that bloom in the back, see previous, & i NEVER water them but they come back every year!  so i highly suggest irises & lilies if you want a VERY low maintenance flower garden.  :)

love it! what are these day lillies or amaryllis?  i think the amaryllis are in the back. :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

another blanket & some gf goodies

so i got a request to make a blanket for a sweet little 22mth old girl. she had a peach sized tumor in the back of her brain!  they were able to get it out & i'm sure they are waiting on results from the tumor on if it's benign or malignant.  let's hope it's not malignant!  from what i have heard, she is doing great!  so that's good news!  so anywho, i'm making the same style as the last one, it's so pretty!  jessica chose pink, purple, turquoise & lime green for me to use.  it's going to be so pretty when finished!  i love bright, rainbow stuff!  it just makes me happy.  :)

my camera on my phone doesn't have a flash so i can't figure out which is the better representation of the colors in the blanket.

it's so pretty & i can't wait to get it finished  & ms callie can snuggle up with it :)
 ok, so those of you that can crochet, you can find the pattern here it's a kathy north pattern.  i find all my patterns on ravelry, i find it much easier to sort & see what the actual outcome will be on the patterns.  plus they have a huge free pattern database for knitting & crocheting.  can't beat free huh?  :)  oh & btw my user name on ravelry is stephanni. 

ok, on to gf goodies.  i have had a really hard time finding recipes to make our fave foods gf friendly.  i just don't know what i'm suppose to use to substitute.  it's going to be a long learning experience but there are lots of good websites with gf recipes.  it's just a matter of going through & finding what's good to our little taste buds.  i bought the betty crocker gf brownies right after i found out i had celiac's & just now, got around to making them.  i just don't like baking, too many dishes & always a mess to clean!  so i pulled out the stuff & started making them.  of course i want to get q involved because she has celiac's too, we just found out.  i feel if she is more involved, she will be more willing to eat & like what we have.  i will have to get jess involved as well as i think she is affected too.  it's a hereditary disease so i wouldn't be surprised if hopp gets symptoms somewhere down the line as well.  i snapped this blurry pic when she was "stirring" the brownies.  they are really thick but overall, they are pretty delish.  so i give the betty crocker gf brownies an excellent 'around the world & back snap' (in my most wonderful in living color impression)! q & hopp both liked them very much!  so it's a win-win in our house.  :)

makin' brownies... gf brownies that is :)  she is so sweet & always willing to help out.  look at that teethy grin!  love it!!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

father's day gifts 2011

i couldn't decide what i was going to get all the dad's for father's day.  mike, the FIL, is super easy!  anything comic book characters or spurs hats are automatic pleasers when it comes to him.  so i went to hat world & got him this hat.
mike's new hat

so then the hard part was what do i get my dad?  he use to be easy as well, we always got him fire fighter paraphernalia but he's not a fire fighter anymore so i try to stay away from that.  i know the LOVES his margaritas so i wanted to find him something margarita related.  um, have any of you tried to find "manly" margarita stuff?  it's almost impossible to find!  but i came across this jewel & knew it was perfect!  i hope he thinks of me every afternoon when he pours that margarita & dusts the rim.  :)

how cool is this?!?

so then came the worst part!  what do i get the man that has given me 2 beautiful girls?  seriously he's hard to buy for.  he never wants to hint at what he wants because that's like ruining a surprise so i have to get all creative with him.  i saw a post on a website i go to often & she was talking about a mouse pad with her kids on it from vistaprint, so i headed over there & was just about to order the mouse pad with the below pic & then remembered, we don't have a mouse pad, we have a wireless mouse & you don't really need one for them.  so i looked at some other stuff & then came across the pens.  i knew that's what i would get him.  he uses pens all the time to jot stuff down about customers problems so he can refer to them later.  it showed up yesterday, my fault on timing but they are so cute & i got to pick the little wording on the pens.  i love this pic of hopp cheesin' & q huggin' her tight.

i hope everyone enjoyed their father's day!

so... what should i do next?

i have an order for a blanket for a very sick little girl but until i get the yarn they want to use i have to wait. so i'm wondering what i should do next. i just finished a blanket & i get antsy when i don't have anything to do when i watch tv. i tend to look at my yarn sitting next to me hoping it isn't upset with me for not playing it with it. ;)

i like these colors maybe i will do one in these colors if i can find them this bright. :)
this is what i just finished. the colors are different but it's a surprise so i can't show you the finished project just yet. as soon as i get it to the special person i will make sure to post the real thing. :)

oh & claudia, i know what i'm going to make you, maybe i will do that as my next project, i will use that red/white/blue yarn :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a small update from the pillcam thing

just a quick note, i will know more on the 2nd of august when i go for a full follow-up.  i have no signs of crohn's!!!!  this is a good thing!  it just means i am a carrier of crohn's since it showed up in my blood work.  so that means that all my stomach issues over the past 16 years has been from celiac's disease!  however, "due to age", i have pinpoint areas in my intestine that could possibly bleed.  they aren't now but nice to know at 35 my body is aging.  also to add to my medical history resume, i have IBS!  yea!  i'm guessing it's because of the wheat intolerance.

so now it's on!  i'm really going to be good to myself on this whole no-wheat thing.  i'm going to try so hard!  i know i will have my moments of weakness but i know i will conquer this!  i have to, i have q to worry about now with her celiac's too.  i'm going to start going to the support group to learn more. 

some of you also know i thought i broke my foot.  it has been hurting for over a month now & i finally caved about 3 wks ago & went to see the dr.  it was initially diagnosed as a broke foot but the radiologist called back & said it was a bone spur & plantar facitis.  so after 2wks of people coming up to me telling me i have two different shoes on, yes i know i have a flip flop & a tennis shoe looking thing on!, i'm going to see a podiatrist.  so my appt is at 10:45 this am & i will let you know how it goes.  :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

pillcam day!

ok, so i went to the dr office & rosie took all my vitals & we discussed possible problems like bowel obstruction, yikes!  i'm not too worried though she said they have done over 650 of these so far & no problems, i always wonder about the what-ifs. 

my instructions are pretty simple
1] no bending over or strenuous physical activity that includes sweating (no problem there)
2] nothing to drink til 10 (one more hour to go)
3] light snack between 11-1 (my options, very lame, a sandwich or chicken noodle soup)
4] check lights on box evey 45min to make sure all is still working
5] only can drink after snack until pillcam has been eliminated & no i don't have to return it (ewwwwww) :) 
my drink options are anything clear liquid except for no red, purple or sodas so sweet tea is my choice.

oh yeah, i have this sexy bag/belt number i have to wear until i go back to the dr office.  the strap at my neck is really annoying & rubbing my neck.  i will update how it went when it's all over, hopefully it will be soon because i am wanting some REAL food!  living on liquids is not my thing!

looks like i'm going to get some crochet stuffs done today.  :)

in case you don't know what the pill cam is for, here is some info on what it does & why i'm having it done.

What is small bowel capsule endoscopy (PillCam SB)?

Small bowel capsule endoscopy enables your doctor to examine the three portions (duodenum, jejunum, and ileum) of your small intestine.  Your doctor will use a vitamin-sized pill video capsule as an endoscope, which has its own camera and light source.  While the video capsule travels through your body, images are sent to a data recorder you will wear on a waist belt.  Most patients consider the test comfortable.  Afterwards, your doctor will view the images on a video monitor.
PillCam Endoscopy helps your doctor determine the cause for recurrent or persistent symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, bleeding or anemia, in most cases where other diagnostic procedures failed to determine the reason for your symptoms.  In certain chronic gastrointestinal diseases, the method can help to evaluate the extent to which your small intestine is involved or to monitor the effect of therapeutics.

What should I expect during PillCam SB endoscopy?

The staff will prepare you for the examination by applying a sensor array to your abdomen with adhesive sleeves.  The PillCam endoscope is ingested and passes naturally through your digestive tract while transmitting video images to a data recorder worn on a belt for approximately eight hours.
You will be able to eat four hours after swallowing the capsule ingestion unless your doctor instructs you otherwise. The capsule is disposable and passes naturally with your bowel movement.  You should not feel any pain or discomfort during capsule excretion.

What should I expect after PillCam SB endoscopy?

At the end of the procedure, you will need to return to the office to return the equipment (waist belt, data recorder, battery pack & sensor array). The images acquired during your exam will be downloaded to a workstation for physician review.  After the doctor has looked at this video, you will be contacted with the results.  After ingesting the capsule and until it is excreted, you should not have a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) examination or be near a MRI device.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

garage sale oopsie!

before jess left for dallas we went garage saleing or as we call it 'going crazy'.  long story short, when q was about 3 we went A LOT & she asked me where we were going, not knowing where we were at in town.  i gave her the ol' 'we're going crazy' line our moms always used to tell us when we asked where we were going at that age.  well i didn't think anything of it & we passed a small garage sale & q said, 'mom, there's a "crazy"'.  jess & i looked at each other & died laughing!  it was the cutest thing ever!  so every since then we call it going crazy.  :o)

well on this particular trip, it was just hopp & jess & i, as we were looking around at this church rummage sale, jess found a puzzle she wanted & i told hopp she could have a book so after deciding on a book i just grabbed it & i paid & we went about our business.  this is what i saw, cute little chicks...

cute little chicks!

well, because i didn't pay attention to what the book actually said, i didn't realize what the book was actually about.  so when hopp was looking at the pics in the back she dropped the book & asked for one of us to get it so jess reached down to get it & started looking at the book.  she said, um mom did you see this?  i was driving & of course couldn't look at it so i told her to tell me what the problem was.  she started laughing & said mom this book is about pregnancy.  i said WHAT???  not that it's a big deal but i thought it was a stupid cute little chick book!  oh geez, i'm so unobservant!  what an oopsie i did!  so we laughed about it & when we stopped at sonic for a drink & a snack before coming home i looked at it a little bit.  it's really cute & funny & the pics are adorable!  one of the lines says "Good Night Moon, Hello Martini", with the mom chick leaving the baby to sleep in the crib.

this is what's on the cover

so i'm not for sure what to do with the book.  i will probably give it to one of my pregger friends.  :o)

oh & btw, when we got home i noticed the puzzle was a beer puzzle, it has all kinds of different beer brands on it, it was brand new with the plastic on it.  i'm wondering what else non-traditional church stuff was there too.  ;)  crazy finds at a church rummage sale, beer puzzle & a chicken pregnancy book, do you see the baby chicken between the mom chick's legs?  how did i miss that?!?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a giveaway from gleeful things

i looove julie's stuff so if you are a crocheter, you definitely want to sign up for her giveaway!  check her out here.  oh & she has a great tutorial roundup that's definitely worth checking out even if you don't crochet.

btw, this is the same person i did the super cute slouchy, it was my first pattern to test.  :)

now that i think about it, i don't think i ever posted the final product.  thanks to cristal for posing for me.  :)

an anniversary of sorts & a new hair color

first of all, today is my 10th anniversary of dating or shall i say the start of 'shacking up' with my lovely husband.  :)  we had met sometime in february of 2001 & as our meetings at the club were more & more, we began to start really liking each other & it all started with me seeing him in the same apt complex that i lived in.  we were only 2-3 bldgs away from each other.  :)  so we started dating on 6/14/2001, um also as you can see we started shacking up the very next day so it was a whirl-wind love affair.  he is my rock, i have lots of friends i can count on for support but he has been there long before most of the ones i count on the most.  i can trust he will tell me the truth, in a loving way, if i'm wearing something crazy.  :)  if i need that super honest opinion of choices only i can make, he has always guided me in the way i've needed to go.  he is my soul mate & one true love.  mtl you baby, you make me so happy!  ok, on to not so sappy items, i thought i would share an engagement pic with you. 

aren't we just adorable?  look at that shiny head!  i miss the earring.  :)

about a week ago, i bleached my hair.  i didn't leave it on long enough & it made my hair orangey-yellow!  ewww, talk about cheap hooker!  i hated it!  it really all started with my pedi, the guy didn't want to work that day so he hurriedly did my pedi.  i was looking at my big toe on the right foot & one side is higher than the other!!!  he didn't ask if i wanted a design or anything, i will never have him do my toes again!  i love the talkative little girl in there.  i will definitely ask for her next time before i go in again.  i do love the polish color though.  :) after that, & it should have been my sign not to do anything else, i went to get my hair cut.  i went to the little salon in walmart, never had an issue with them, they do a decent job so i go in & have this really nice older lady cut my hair.  she was not the right person for me even though she was super sweet & we talked alot.  i had a pic of what i wanted, she was distracted by the eye art on the models face! oh geez, the second sign to walk out.  i like the hair cut don't get me wrong but it's nothing like the pic i brought along & i don't really care for my bangs to be so short.  so next time i will get it done at ulta or something with a girl fresh out of school that knows how to do the newer styles.  as i'm actually doing my hair these days instead of hastily putting it in a ponytail, i noticed my hair, other than the bangs, is just like the style in my engagement pics.  :)  it's a little longer which is what i wanted but she got snip happy, i keep telling myself it's only hair, it will grow.  so after i did all that, i bleached it!  so the whole day was a, 'stop-don't-do-it-but-i-can't-help-myself, i'm-going-to-do-it-anyway' kind of day. 

well i toned it last night & i soooo love my hair!!!  so here is my new color.  i think i want it a little lighter but right now i'm really satisfied, finally.  i went to sally's & the girl picked it out for me when i told her what i wanted.  i had the girls with me that time & they were in their princess dresses for the morning (see last pic) & my color just so happened to be...  princess blonde!  how funny is that? 

what girl doesn't want to be a princess, does this make me an official princess now?

so here it is in all it's glory, my new hair color
to many of you the blonde is new, well for most of my life i have been a blonde.  i missed it.  i like the reds & the dark browns/blacks but blonde is more my thing.  :)  after we got married (you can see in the engagement pic that i'm blonde & have the highlights) in september of '01 i started going darker & liked it so i didn't think i would go back to blonde but i really like the blonde so i'm going to keep it this princess blonde or lighter till i miss the darker side.  :)

princess hopp & princess q during errands on saturday morning :o)
oh & yes, i let them dress like princesses & go out in public.  i never had the dresses as a kid & i use to see little girls out with them on occasion & have always thought when they get old enough i would let them do the same.  i just draw the line on the little plastic heels, oh that sound is annoying! ;P  so q put on her sparkly converse knock offs & hopp put on her cute sandals & away we went in the pimpmobile aka royal carriage.  we went to the auto inspection place, the owner asked if we had a show.  we went to walmart & got all kinds of comments about them being cute & let me tell you, if you don't want attention don't let them dress up & go out in public.  :)  we then ventured to sallys for hair supplies.  then it was off to the house for lunch & a nap.

Friday, June 10, 2011

i need your help with choosing a pattern

i'm making a blanket for the girls & need to know what your favorite pattern is.  i think i have already chosen which one but want to see what pattern(s) you like.

#1 Granny Stripe?

#2 Summer Lace?

#3 Block Stitch?

#4 Taffy Pull? (i know it's a scarf but can easily be made into a blanket)

#5 All Season?
  so let me know what you think, all blankets were found on ravelry, my fave place for patterns!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

what do you see?

when you see this picture, what do you see? 

what do you see?

crazy jess ;o)
 this is my sweet jess, she is 16 & very silly!  you know how you lose brain cells while pregnant, i think it happens we when are teens as well.  sometimes i'm just like, "what are you thinking, child?".  i know my parents were asking this themselves when i was a teen.  now don't get me wrong, she is much more innocent than i was so it's not in a different tone my parents would probably asked themselves about me.  ;)

well this sweet, beautiful teen of mine said she thought it was a "pregnant fire-haired lady".  OMG for real?!?  if you don't know what it is, it's a silhouette of a deer.  we see them on at least 25% of cars in the area.  us texans love to hunt deer, it's just a way of life around here.  most don't hunt for sport, it's to eat.  if you are upset about this, please don't be, well at least for the ones that hunt to eat anyways.  if we didn't have deer hunters our deer population would be OUT OF CONTROL!!!  i'm not condoning hunting but i'm not against it either. 

ok, back to the pregnant lady.  while i was completely shocked at first, i now see what she is talking about.  it looks as if a lady is hugely pregnant with her hand on her back hip & her hair is flowing up as if her hair was fire.

so do you only see the deer silhouette or do you see the pregnant lady as well?  every since she told me this i only see the pregnant lady, i have to focus to see the deer.  it's like the rabbit chicken optical illusion thing.  :)