Tuesday, January 25, 2011

caught hopp in the act...

of talking.  :)  she has these moments of just pure blabbing, we have no idea what the hell she is saying but it's hilarious to watch.  i happen to catch this & it is nothing compared to the rants she sometimes has.  the most hilarious part is, if you listen, she says "Keedee" [this is how she says Q's name] and smacks her hands together.  we know who's boss of the sisters in our house.  ;)  you will have to excuse the lighting, not for sure why it was so dark.

enjoy the show

did you see how she walks off?  like she is about to tear someone up!  oh she makes me laugh!

Monday, January 24, 2011

first post about some actual yarnin'

every since i started selling my hats, my friend neely [i will miss you every nrs program & they will never be the same without you!] has been my most loyal customer.  it started with just cute little hats for her sweet little baby emerson [she has been my facebook/etsy avatar, so you may recognize her] & then all her friends started having babies & they have been jealous so she calls on me for baby shower gifts.  :)  enjoy the hat pics, the first 2 are of emerson but i have one, of the cutest little girl, she is 1 & her name is rowan.  she is a recipient of one of the hats that neely ordered.  she got it for her 1st birthday.  they are both [emerson & rowan] so stinkin' cute!!! 

sweet lil miss emerson

miss e. is the cutest little owl ever!

miss rowan & her bear hat.  so super cute!  i just want to squeeze her!

Friday, January 14, 2011

10 yr anniversary coming soon

well, maybe not really soon but this year will be mine & jason's 10 yr anniversary.  wow!  that really puts everything into perspective. so i was talking to him last night about our anniversary this yr, we never had a honeymoon so i really want to do something special this anniversary.  we use to go to the marriot & get the jacuzzi room every year & it stopped the year before we had q.  i don't know why, maybe because we started having babies & just didn't either have time or money to do it.  so i don't know what i want to do but maybe vegas or the smaller version of shreveport or something like that.  maybe a cruise, they look like fun but i want a super casual one where i can do what i want, eat when i want & not have to go by an agenda, is that so crazy to want or ask for?  we haven't made definite plans but at least i'm thinking of them.  anyone have suggestions?

anywho, here is a picture of our wedding day, so in love!  still can't believe it's almost been 10 years!!!  who says you can't get married 3 months after you start dating?!?!?  :]

i always have devil eyes in pictures. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a visit from grandad & new pajamas :D

drinking a sprite
being silly with a french fry, yes she had chicken nuggets & french fries at a fine mexican restaurant, that's gigi in the yellow hoodie & emily in the grey one
looks like dad is trying to take charge of the photo shoot, see eric in the back?
i love this shot!  my camera on my phone is great!  did i mention i love this pic???  ;)
finally a picture with everyone looking & smiling.  :)

on new year's day we got a visit from grandad, gigi & the kiddos.  we did our usual lunch/dinner at abuelo's, yummy! and even my brother eric showed up, and they brought the girls' christmas presents. 

the last year or 2 we have gotten pj's from them which is super because you can't have enough pj's if you ask me!  they are so cute!  q's are purple with a moose on it that says, "i moose have a hug" & hopp's are pink with a bear on the front which is hugging her & his arms are around the back & they say "bear hug".  (hopp's are blurry because she just can't sit still hardly at all, the one where you can see what they look like is hilarious look at her face)  they get them from this shop in ruidoso where they live.

i think hopp may be thinking of hitting, not for sure though

i think she wants q to stop touching her

sister love, so sweet!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

side ponytail day!!!!

she is going to kill me for this but i love this pic!
i have this amazing, funny, wonderful, oh did i mention, HOT friend named becky colman.  we used to work together but now i don't see her much because she is always off jet-setting across america.  :)  we use to have this joke about side ponytail day, i'm not for sure how it came about but i think it was during office lock down during one of our nrs weeks, she actually put her hair in a side ponytail while at work.  it was so cute!  so every once in a while i put q's hair in a side ponytail & always think of her & sometimes, i will just post on fb "side ponytail day".  well today was one of those days so i made sure to take pics of her, this is in honor of becky.  :)  miss & love ya girl!

so stinkin'  cute, look at that smile!

just a pic from the back, it's more side ponytailish from the back