Monday, February 28, 2011

i'm a drunk magnet!!!!

i swear, i don't know what the deal was this weekend but i think i have apparently became a drunk magnet!  so not cool!  it all started with me picking jess up from work on sat. evening.  i needed a drink myself so i had her (jess) run into united to get me some cran-grape juice, a cape cod with a twist.  :)  i look over & this white truck comes really fast in the parking space next to me with only about 1-3" between us.  i looked at him a little like, "are you crazy?!?!?" and then he looked at me with this really weird look, i instantly knew he was drunk, not just i've had a few this evening, it was a look of i have been drinking since 10a this morning.  his face was all red & looked super drunk.  i then look up in front of me & jess is just standing there with this look on her face, like "mom what do i do?".  thank goodness she was not trying to get in the car when he pulled up because he WOULD have hit her, no doubt about that!  :(  he backs up & then proceeds to park like a normal person so jess could get in the car, again he looks at me all crazy like, i think it was the beer or something.  he was looking at jess with the perv eyes, so disgusting! anywho, i notice he has children in the truck!  um, i don't think so, as i back up i see the passenger get out & he puts one of those coors tall boys in the bed of the truck of course he was drinking as well.  so as i'm driving off, i ask jess did you see kids too, not for sure if i was imagining the kids or not & she said yes.  i almost didn't make the call but i just couldn't not make the call.  i called 911.  look, if you want to drink & drive i can't stop you, it's not right, it's against the law but you have kiddos in the car, i will call 911!  so i make the call.  i have made about 3 calls to 911 in my entire life & everytime i get so nervous.  i'm calm until i start talking, so weird!  i talk to the operator & tell him about the car, i leave the parking lot & then he asks me to go back & watch to make sure he doesn't drive off.  luckily he didn't move & within about 2-3 minutes the cop shows up.  no headlights on & just parks directly behind him so he can't back out & leave.  then as we leave because the cop shows up another one drives into the parking lot.  i feel much better.  i didn't stay behind to watch the proceeding events, although jess wanted to watch the breathalyzer test.  :)  she is nosey, we did our job & now hopefully he will think twice before drinking & driving & hopefully will never drink & drive with kids in the car!

here is an even more interesting story where i tell off this jackass at the laundromat...

ok so we are washing our comforters, we have a washer/dryer at home but our king comforter will not fit in the washer so we (me & hopp & q) made a happy little trip to the laundromat.  i went & got the girls & me a drink so we could have a little refreshment while waiting on the stuff to finish.  i sit the girls on the table to keep them from running all over the place.  well, there were 2 little boys tearing up the place one of the side pieces on the machines had come off & they were knocking it on the floor making a loud crashing noise several times & running & screaming all over the place.  now let me just say my girls were being angels, it's rare but it does happen, must have been the drink.  :)  i did let them down one time while i was moving from the washer to the dryer & they were crazy so i made sure to put them back on the table, now mind you i only used the dryer for 16 minutes, during the last 5 minutes this dude comes in & rudely says, "i'm going to use the table".  fine, i scooted the girls over nicely & he had half the table to himself.  now, earlier a nice young man was using the table behind the girls, he had no problem.  i was making sure the girls didn't knock any of his stuff over & then he asked how old they were & then he was done, all was good.  well the rude ass then decides to spout off, "that's just disrespectful".  i had enough, as he walked by me he smelled of liquor, not beer but almost like a fruity liquor, i can't guarantee he was drinking but he had that same red face & the smell so i can almost guarantee he was drinking.  now i had no proof so i didn't say anything but i wanted to say, "hmm disrespectful? isn't drinking & driving & public intoxication isn't disrespectful" but since i wasn't 100% positive on the drinking i didn't say that.  instead i said, "oh so not letting my kids run around screaming & tearing up the play would be respectful, give me a break!" not word for word but pretty damn close.  he then said, "i wouldn't bother me", because of course he was sitting in his truck this whole time waiting on his clothes.  i then told him, "well it bothers me when kids don't behave".  i got my stuff & headed out, he didn't even use the table!  he used the basket the whole time.  well, during this time q was laughing & trying to be silly & get in the conversation because i think she thought i was joking, i was totally pissed.  if you don't know me that well, i'm non-confrontational & it really surprised me that i even said anything!  so i can only imagine how shocked she was when i told her to cut it out & that i wasn't joking.  :)  i didn't cuss him out or anything just was very rude & blunt about how i felt about his stupid ass comment.  lets see would you rather my kids tear up the place or have them on a portion of your table being good & not bothering you?  that's what i thought!  :) 

hope everyone has a great week and enjoyed my weird drunk weekend tales!  :)

trip before last, at the laundromat, see she is hard to photograph, always a blur.  ;P  hopp loves the triple load machines

Friday, February 25, 2011

help my friend bring her nephew home!

my blogger friend, betsy with the dainty daisy is having an auction to help bring her nephew home.  i have two items (headband & tam) you can bid on & there are over 40 items to bid on when the time comes, on march 6th through march 12th. 
super cute cicily

beautiful cristal

some of you may know my sister adopted from ethiopia last year & my nephew is gorgeous!  so glad he got a loving family to take care of him.  when he was taken from his grandmother he looked like all those ethiopian children you use to see in the 80s commercials. :(  it was so sad, both parents had passed & grandma couldn't provide what he needed so an orphanage took him awaiting a family to care for him & along came my sister & her family & now he is thriving & growing so much.  here is the blog of their family if you want to check it out.  she doesn't post often but you can see how well he is doing in just the couple of months they have had him.

the giveaway is over but you can still donate items & let everyone know about the auction coming up.  :)
also betsy is having a super cute hat with detachable flowers giveaway just for helping spread the word about the auction.  so get out there & start telling everyone & submit yourself into the contest. :)  it's not too late to donate something you have made if you want to, just contact betsy.

my super-dee-duper cutie nephew mason  :o) 

Thursday, February 24, 2011


i found this super cute pattern on ravelry the other day & couldn't wait to make it, it's a stuffed mustache!  mustache items are very popular right now according to my etsy newsletters so i was super excited when i found this pattern, it was doubly awesome that it was FREE!!!  :)  so i made some from this sparkly green yarn i have, it turned out super cute.  i think i'm going to make some & make them key chains & put them on my etsy page.  :)

you know you can't resist a great 'stache!

btw, i still haven't attempted the magic circle but it's on my to-do list real soon.  :o)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

i have decided to post some of my new years resolutions, a little late but thought out...

i want to lose weight and all the usual stuff but these are some things i know i can really work at & get an immediate result from and stick with them.  =) i will post several in the next couple of days. 

#1  i really, really want to learn how to make a magic circle so over the next day or two i'm going to really work hard at it & give it another try.  i found this page that Planet June has on a tutorial, love her stuff.  she does really cute amigurumi stuff.  i know i can do it but on paper it's harder for me than an actual video (i'm hands-on when it comes to learning).

here is a picture of what a magic circle does:
magic ring vs traditional method
it closes up the hole as you see on the right.

well, that's it for today, i will update on how i'm doing & what my next couple of resolutions are.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ice Hooks

ok, this is another posting about the ice storm that came through 2 wks ago, i just haven't had the time to post lately.  my 5yr old q has quite the vocabulary of her own words & sayings (she gave me the idea for the name of the blog if you remember).  this is another she has came up with, ice hooks.  ice hooks, what is that?  well my friends, it is what we call icicles. ;P  she kept telling me to look at the ice hooks, the first time i had no idea what she was talking about but then she pointed them out.  so now every time we see them we ask q if she saw all the pretty ice hooks?  :)  thought i would capture the ones we got at our house, it was like an ice hook garden & then i took one of the neighbors house across the street.

ice hooks off our patio in the back yard they are all so pretty in the sunlight, i like the way they sparkle :)

this is our neighbor dub's house, he had lots of them too.  you will notice that i have their house in a lot of our pics, i have even been known to take pictures in front of his nice trees, on his lawn, for special occasions.  :o)  yes i'm that type of neighbor, we never disturb anything. it's all his fault because his yard is always so purdy! :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

friday funnies

so last weekend hopp decided to get on the potty while she was watching her most beloved movie, Coraline, you can hear it in the background :).  well, we ended up getting out of the house because a-town decided it was time to thaw out so we headed to the mall playground to let the girls run off some steam & have a little fun so that in turn made it where we didn't have a nap.  she does pretty good until it is bedtime & all hell breaks loose but it usually doesn't last long because all that screaming & crying knocks a girl out fast.  :)  so this was about 5pm & she was sitting on the potty and i was doing some yarnin' stuffs & i look over & she is nodding, hard.  it was too cute so i decided i would take a quick vid to let everyone have a little chuckle.  i know it's gross that i have a potty chair in the living room but believe me when you are potty training a little girl that refuses to go potty you will let her potty where ever she wants when she decides she wants to go.  :)

then on superbowl day jasmine, jess' bff came over to watch the game with us so they decided before the game started they were going to play on the wii.  so during the tennis hopp decided to play along, using both the nunchuks.  she does this little seizure, jerk thing everytime one of the girls would swing to hit the ball she would instantly do her little herky-jerky movements.  so silly!

both videos are super short so make sure to watch both.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

some more yarnin'

one more post before i get off the 'pooter.  i have just recently finished some items i have been needing to get done.  i got a lovely little family's set of hats done, i still have them & need to finally meet up with tia so she can start wearing them before the winter season stops.  :)  if you follow blogs, you definitely need to follow ms tia's.  she has a way with pictures & words that just melt my heart.  she is going to be my next photographer for my hats & things.  i can't wait, her stuff is great!  she has a photography blog too you can check out. 

tia & girl's hats

christopher & charlie's boise state hats

then i was requested for a amigurumi piece, i'm not a big fan of making them but i love who requested it so i decided to give it a stab.  thanks to a suggestion, i got a hook that doesn't make my fingers hurt & made it easier on me.  i had to piece different patterns together to get what i wanted.  it was definitely a pain in the ass!  i hate it!  all the sewing pieces on but the end result is usually really cute.  i'm torn on this one though.  let me know what you think of the miss mouse.  jason said it's looks like an elephant/rat & q said it looks like a rabbit.  she really is growing on me.  at first i was really disappointed in how she looks but she gets cuter everytime i look at her.  :)  if you would like the pattern to try for yourself let me know i will get it to you.  i may just post it at another time.  :)

oddly cute miss mouse

snow days.... sort of funny & warning dirty words ;)

today is the second "snow day" for a-town, it should really be labeled ice day because the roads are covered in ice & so now the whole town is almost shut down.  :)  i had planned on working today, sure i got caught up on my emails from when i left yesterday but i really, really planned on entering forms for our upcoming nrs program.  but it seems that mm doesn't like to be worked remotely.  we will see what brian comes up with but this is his guess as well. 

i thought i would tell you a little story about my day yesterday, there will be expletives because i'm not too happy about what happened at one point so be aware.  ;)