Friday, August 31, 2012

fo friday!!!

time to show off the finished goodies today.
my slouchy beanie for mrs brown.  :o)  i love the charcoal grey, she is going to look so fabulous on her ireland trip!!!

the monkey hat for aikman, just feels so wrong to use a bratz doll for the model for a 3yr old's bday present.  ;)  you can find the pattern here.

go check out all the other fo's at tami's amis.  happy friday y'all!!!  :o)

366 days of photos week 34

day 229: 8/19 sun  no pic today

day 230: 8/20 mon
was getting the baby car inspected & hopp was so good & played with the little toy section the whole time.  it doesn't hurt that there was a play tea set, that's all a girl needs to keep her busy for about 15-20 minutes.  :o)

YUCK!!!  dont' put your mouth  on the toys!!!!  i was freaking out but hey, what are you going to do, they all do it.  :o)

day 231: 2/21 tues
this came in as a little trinket from one of the many companies that send stuff to the station.  i immediately went all dirty minded on it.  yes this is how it came in the mail with some shrink wrap on it!  :o)

q spent the night with nana & we let hopp sleep with us, we sent her to bed before we went & when we went to bed this is what we saw, a sweet sleeping little angel! 

day 232: 8/22 wed

watching a movie with my chicken nuggets & q fell asleep.

was suppose to be my fof for last week but i couldn't let sarah see, i had made this for her sweet lil aikman for his bday.  :o)  such a little slut, my little model, i need to find a way not to get her boobs in the pictures.  holy shit, this is a children's toy!  why does she need boobs & a slutty look.  i guess barbie has always had boobs but not a cropped shirt & a sassy, come get me look!  you can tell i'm a mom.  :o)

day 233: 8/23 thurs
meet the teacher night!  she was so excited!

  day 234: 8/24 fri

last day for hopp's day care lady, she retired.  hopp would always ask her, "nanny you are going to be 'tired?".  we got her a gift card to her favorite store & a card.  look how cute hopp's little signature is, she gets at the 2 p's & can't stop making them.  :o)  we sure are going to miss nanny!

day 235: 8/25 sat
this was a huge day for us, first up clean the garage OUT!!!
yes, this is what my garage looked like, i'm embarrassed & had enough of it! 

now look at it!!!!  it still needs a couple of touch ups & we need a garage sale to get rid of a bunch of it but holy cow, it looks so good!!!  i'm so proud of myself & still sore & tired!  :o)  it took almost 4 hrs to get it done!!!

it was aikman's part time & poor aikman, he got a tummy virus & they had to cancel the party.  i still went by & gave them his hat & sarah gave us the party favors.  it was avenger/superhero themed & they got masks.  q was tired & put her mask on & then fell asleep!  it was so cute.

she also made these super cute superhero capes with their initials in avengers fabric!  i have curly supergirls!!!

the supergirls in their masks.

sorry for the delay, it has been a craaaaaaazy week with work & by the time i get home i'm so exhausted!!!  i hope you all had a great week & i think i will have an fof up here in just a bit.  i have first day of school pics for next week.  see you guys soon again.  :o)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

366 days of photos week 33

on to another week! 

day 222: sun 8/12
this is what happens when you fake it & then you actually fall asleep!

day 223: mon 8/13
afternoon snack

day 224: tues 8/14
swim day always make you tired & SILLY!  she thought it was hilarious that she put her backpack on her head with the strap under her chin.  :o)

day 225: wed 8/15

it's the middle of august, guess i better change the calendar!!!

it's nana & diddy night again!  reading a book to the girls after dinner, that nana is really SPECIAL!!!  :o)

sorry, forgot to turn on the flash.  this was my late night snack last night.  some cheeseburger stax with a woodchuck granny smith hard cider.  i think that angry orchard is my fave hard cider so far.  they are naturally gf so i can have them.  :o)

day 226: thurs 8/16
finished this right after midnight.  it's a newborn beanie with ear flaps & braided ties.  underneath the hat is a lovey.  i made them both out of bamboo spun, that stuff is awesomely soft!!!  best stuff to make hats & blankets out of!

baby car is almost drivable now.  her got a new set of eyes!  :o)  next week is license week!!!  YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

homemade beenie weenies or as hopp calls them binna winnas.  :o)  we had them for dinner last night at my MIL's & then i had the stuff to make my own for lunch today.  i used bush's baked beans (vegetarian style) & nathan's hotdogs.  it was soooo good.  super easy meal & the kiddos (and the mommas) love it!!!  nathan's are THE BEST HOT DOGS!!!  if you have not bought them because they are a little pricey you are missing out!  they are well worth the price.  :o)

look how pretty this sweet face is!!!

day 227: fri 8/17

silly faces of hopp!  she is such a nut.  this is just a few of the pics i took while trying to get 1 or 2 good smiling faces.  what a ham!
omg!  this one cracked me up!

day 228: sat 8/18

we had a garage sale for q's jump rope team.  they are the neon twisters & an actual usa jump rope team.  we are trying to raise all the money to send everyone to long beach cali!  how fun will that be & since she is so young, guess what that means!!!  i get to go! i get to go! i get to go!!!!  :o)  this pic is just a few of the items we were selling.

i tried luring the ladies on my fb page saying these items were begging for pinterest projects...  it didn't work because we still had them at the end of the garage sale.  i would have taken the lamp table thing home but i would have been sleeping outside!  jason specifically said not to bring any crap in the house.  ;)
well that's it for the week.  i hope you all had a great week & i will see you maybe tomorrow with a wip.  :o)  oh & btw!  they ended up making over $700 for their trip!!!!  isn't that awesome!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

fo friday!!!

happy friday y'all!!!  time to show off those pretties made!  :o)

today i have a hat & a lovey for everyone today.  i made a baby gift for a former co-worker.  she asked me a couple of months ago for a hat & i made her a bonus gift.  :o)

i used bamboo spun, i swear this is the softest yarn!  it's a chunky 4 so it makes for faster blankets. 
i used easy makes me happy, monkey hat pattern for the hat.  this pattern is perfect for all hats & it's really cute if you make the actual monkey hat.  i made the lovey by using ambassador crochets pattern.  i hope you all have a great friday & check out all the other fos at tami's amis.

Monday, August 13, 2012

366 days of photos week 32

day 215: sun 8/5
was looking at the asian sauces & saw this one.  made me laugh, that's what the hubby calls me.  :o)

day 216: mon 8/6
all snuggled up with violet :)

day 217: tues 8/7
a different pic of the fo i showed last friday.  i wasn't for sure which one i wanted to use for the fo pic, this one didn't make the cut but i like the way it shows everything.

day 218: wed 8/8
my fun crochet item, once again.

look at that sweet face!  love her!!!
a proof of jess' real senior pics.  so grown up!!!  :o)

day 219: thurs 8/9
thought this was so cute, could probably recreate fairly easy.

day 220: fri 8/10
saw this the other day & it made me laugh.  i know some people that were much happier "shacked up" & were together longer that way.  they got married & then they got divorced.  not for sure what changed but i don't see anything wrong with shacking up.  just my personal opinion though. 

lil princess with her barbie hair.  :o)

day 221: sat 8/11
took this while all the girls were helping out with q's car wash fundraiser.  we even got hopp to participate.  she was a pretty good wheel/rim scrubber.  :)

after the fundraiser we went home & ate & got ready for q's first salon hair cut.  this is not her first hair cut but her first true salon cut.  she thought she was so big.  the lady did a great job & i think it's quite a bit shorter but what matters is that q is ok with it.  she says she can't tell a difference but i sure can.  we cut about 3-4" of dead hair off the bottom. :o)

well, i hope you all had a great week.  

Friday, August 10, 2012

fo friday :o)

ok, here they are!  i have 2 fos for you guys today.  a blanket i've put on hold way too many times is finally done & a super-dee-duper fun crochet request.  :)

here it is in all it's glory, well folded glory.  :]  it's a granny stripe blanket with the blue & grey colors for the detroit lions & i finished it off with a plain hdc border.  they love it!  it was a request from a friend of mine that is having her first grandbaby.  :)  it's going to be perfect when it gets cold. 

isn't this super cute?  what is it?...  my friend maria gets these for her kiddos & i mean they are giant!  her youngest couldn't finish it due to his hands freezing so i made him a popsicle holder.  see what i mean by a fun crochet?  :o)  this is one of my instagram photos.  if you would like to follow me my name is stephannis.  :o) 
i hope all of you have a fabulous friday & don't forget to check out tami's amis for other great finished objects.  :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

366 days of photos week 31

wow!  can you believe it's already August?!?  crazy!  well the summer is winding up for the girls & everyone is getting anxious to start school.  :o)  here's what last week was like, **shocker**, i have at least one pic for each day!!!

day 208: sun 7/29

we went swimming at one of our local pools & the girls had a blast!  they were hugging in the water in this pic.  they are so lovey-dovey, i love it!!!  :)

i love this pic of q in action jumping in the pool.  it looks like she is flying.  :o)

day 209: mon 7/30
a zombie family.  i love these car decals.  i think i may have jason interested in getting one.

day 210: tue 7/31
i received 2 free products in the mail to review with expo, i love free products.  this one is my hair dye.  i love, love, love, love the color!!!  if i can get a good pic i will change my profile.  if you want to join expo go here.  the only thing i really don't like is that i have to post a video & i'm so stiff!  anyone have any tips to loosen up on camera?

my lil pumpkin has been having breathing issues again due to stupid allergies.  luckily we haven't had to give many this week but last week we were doing 2 per day.  :o(  she is such a good girl though.  she even tells me she needs one.

day 210: wed 8/1

ready for the day!  look how cute they are all dressed up with their hair all purdy.  :o)

this is a house across the street from my MIL, it was needing a huge outside makeover & they finally did it.  they scraped off all the old paint & re-painted it white & the shutters got a hot pink do-over.  it's so cute!  i know, hot pink is usually not a house color but how can you not love this cuteness?!?  look how cute the house #s are.

almost done, worked on the border & it was my wip wednesday.  if i can't get my wip up on the blog you can usually catch it on my crochet fb page here.  come like my page & get all the updates, i'm trying hard to be more active on the page!

day 212: thurs 8/2
breakfast for dinner.  this was my hubby's pancake, gf pancakes with lil smokies!  he loves them in his pancakes, just need to figure out how to get it to not seem undone in the middle.  the juices from the sausages make it a little soggy.  maybe not so many at a time?

day 213: fri 8/3
this is my fo for friday.  it turned out so pretty.  it's a shell stitch blanket with a couple of rows of hdc border with a picot stitch to finish off the border.  i sent it off the other day, she is about to have her baby in a couple of days.  :o)

better pic of the border

my shells, color is a little dark...

that's right!  baby octopus "salad".  ummmm, no thanks!

day 214: sat 8/5
my lil chickens!  so beautiful!  we got to all hang out for a little bit on saturday morning.  i love my chicken time.  :o)

i hope you all have a great rest of the week & i hope i can get an fo up tomorrow.  i have a couple of fo's to share with you guys.  if not come check out my fb page.