Friday, December 30, 2011

no fo today but i have a hair update!

i finally have a hair update.  there is only one but there are several pics of it because hopp would NOT be still!  but she is so damn cute, i know you guys don't mind all the silly pics.  still haven't finished the blanket, wasn't satisfied with how few rows were going to be on it so i had to add some rows, hopefully soon i can share with everyone.  :o)

"hopp be still" faces is blurry just a tad because she was moving it from side to side

"hopp look at mommy" notice her new dora shoes, they are super cute!  the pink part is glitter, and they covered it with a plastic thing so that the glitter doesn't rub off, that's finally something smart!

got this one just in time but wasn't too satisfied so i wanted a couple more of the little ponies

"hopp freeze!"  she throws her hands in the air & waves them all around saying, "i freezing mommy".  i tell her to not move, she's still waving her hands in the air as i tell her not to move.

finally a good shot of the little ponies. thanks to claudia's girls we got some super cute hello "qeylee" stuff aka hello kitty, hopp calls it hello qeylee.  :)

now for something a little gross & i hope i don't upset some of you but i just had my ingrown toenails cut out.  they weren't bothering me at the moment but they usually do & i'm tired of having them so my foot dr suggested taking them out back when i was doing the night splint thing.  i finally called to get an appt so that i could have it done before my deductible started over.  first of all i want to say this pic is not that bad but i hate when people put pics of their feet online because most of the time their toes are super jacked up!  gross your ugly toes just burned in my mind!  i don't have problem with feet just jacked up feet!  :)  so i cropped the photo so you didn't see all my toes.  i wanted to just show you guys how the shot bruised my toes pretty bad.  i usually don't bruise but this time i got a good bruising.  see under the bandages next to the other toes is a big bruise on each big or 'great' toe (that's what a podiatrist calls the big toe, see you are learning something new!)  :o)  they hurt like a sum' bitch today!  i'm staying home when i go for lunch!
i hope you all have a great new year's celebration!  i'm going to take it easy at home & enjoy some delish lambrusco and some movies/dvr action.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

wip wednesday

i'm working on the co-workers baby blanket.  i found a v-stitch pattern that's really cute.  it's a lion brand pattern, gotta love those free patterns.  :o)

here is where i stopped last night.  it's going to be a smaller blanket so it should be done by friday.  i'm also going to try my hand at some booties, wish me luck, i've not had much luck when making those.  any secrets to making them work?
 i'm using loops & threads impeccable solids in true grey, not pictured & cadet, the darker blue.  the light blue is vanna's choice in silver blue.

remember those shoes i told you about yesterday?  well i went again yesterday to see if i could find a pair i liked at a different payless & i let her try them on.  she almost broke a bone they were so tall.  there were several times, while trying to get this pic, she would stumble & fall against that wall.  she was loving every minute of it.  by the time i got the pic she was wanting to walk around the store in them!  i told her no way!  i actually looked at the brand name & they are made by the same company that is my new nail polish, brash.
 well, i hope you all have a fabulous wip/hump day!  don't forget to go to tami's amis & check out the other wips.  :o)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

it's finally over!

the crazy crowds & shitty drivers have hopefully gone with christmas as well.  i don't get why people have to act so crazy this time of year.  the store will still be there & most of the merchandise will still be there too!  it all went well & i think everyone got what they wanted.  :)

one of my fave gifts i gave this year was hopp's black apple doll that i saw at a craft show.  we just need to put a face on her.  she calls her baby coraline so i'm debating putting on buttons or drawing real eyes on it.  she keeps asking when she is getting a face, i actually think it's super cute without a face.

baby coraline, hopp's new doll

i got some gift cards & so we went shopping yesterday, we started at target & i got some wrapping paper & christmas melamine bowls which i'm calling them winter bowls but we will use all year round due to them being so cute!  :)

then we headed to the mall to exchange hopp's clothes to ones that fit.  while at the mall we got some other stuff like nail polishes.  i love nail polish!!!  i got the mini pack of the pirates of the carribbean collection of the opi brand & then at payless i got their brash line in midnight spark.
weird they put two very similar colors in the mini pack but i don't care i really like them

my midnight spark polish.  i have it on today & it doesn't sparkle like it does in the bottle but i absolutely love it!  it's gorgeous on!!!

well, before i got the polish at payless we looked at shoes because i have a gc for some shoes there, i need new shoes bad!  i had the littles with me & i saw something i knew q would like.  she has the shoe fetish of all the girls & if the heel is high she wants it & will try them on usually but this time i just held them up to show her.  this is the funniest shit! omg, i laugh every time i think about it.  this is how the conversation went....
me: "hey qeylee look at these" ::holding up the shoes::
q: "oh my god, i'm going to throw up!"
me: i pause, think about why, "why are you going to throw up?!?"
q: "because they are so beautiful!!!"

omg!  we have a shoe problem!!!  :o)  i love this kid!!!
the shoes that almost made q throw up, not for sure if they are the exact pair but they look just like these.  :)  i'm super shocked she didn't want to try them on!  :o)
i hope you all had a great christmas, holiday season! 


Friday, December 23, 2011

to all my friends!

just wanted to tell all my friends....

i hope each of you enjoy this time with all your friends & family!  be safe while out there if you are traveling.  :o)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

oh i forgot to tell you guys how proud i am of my jess

jess is in the criminal justice program/courses in high school as this is the choice of field she wants to go in when she goes to college.  her aspirations are to be in the FBI.  :o)  anywho, she went to competition back a couple of weeks ago & she gets to go to state to compete against all of the texas kids that made it through regionals.  here is what the school put on their website...

Criminal Justice

1st Place Criminal Foot Pursuit:  Dylan
2nd Place SWAT Extraction:  Brad, Evan, Jasmine, Levi, Zachary, Allce
2nd Place Forensic Investigation:  Ashley, Charrany, Cynthia
3rd Place Traffic Stop:  Deerrisha
3rd Place Obstacle Course-Females: Ashley
3rd Place Criminal Analysis:  Evan  Anthony
3rd Place Building Search:  Jessika, Dylan
i decided to take last names off because they are all minors & i don't know most of them. 

so proud of her!
she sent me a pic of her in her uniform, she thinks it's dorky.  :o)
so professional!  it reminds me of rotc.  :)

wip wednesday, birthday gift & a kitcher sighting

i've been making headbands for a while now & i like them but i was looking for a wider version & i found one i really really like but it's front & back post stitches & it will take forever for me as i'm not so good with those stitches.  i'm thinking of converting it to regular stitches it just won't have ribbing.  anywho, i was looking at my "i'm a HOOKER!!!" board & saw i had pinned this headband a while back & thought i would make it.  it's not as wide as the first one but it's wide enough. i really like it & it's turning out really pretty. 

sorry bad lighting again, the headband i originally wanted to make is the one in the picture on the paper.  :o)  didn't realize i had gotten a pic of it as well.
this is the pattern i'm working on right now, it's nice for dreads or long curls as she describes.
i love this headband!  so neat!
i'm finished with the top portion all i have left is the sides & the button.  the only thing i don't care about on this pattern is that it uses a 3.5 hook & i hate the tiny hooks.  give me a pattern with an I or bigger hook & i'm good to-go.  i actually tried to make the pattern with an I hook but the holes were way too big so i'm going by the pattern. 

yesterday was my birthday, yep, i'm the big 3-6!  it doesn't bother me like some people, it's more of, just another day thing to me.  i don't feel older either.  :o)
chicharrones cake!  hahahahahaha

i walked into work yesterday after q's christmas party, forgot my phone so no damn pics! :(
brittany had got me 2 bags of pork rinds, one hot, one regular (i love pork rinds!), and tied a balloon around the bags.  so that's what i got instead of a cake, i specified i didn't want cake so this is what she came up with.  i freaking love it!!!  :o)

oh & a kitcher sighting.  our elf on the shelf is not mischievous, i don't get why people want their sweet, cute elf to be bad!  don't get me wrong, it's funny but i hate cleaning up messes & those bad elves are making too many messes for my likings.  so our elf does non-messy, non-bad things.  this is what we woke up to a couple of days ago...

kitcher in daddy's stocking with our favorite xmas card from the murillo family.  :)
almost forgot to remind everyone to head over to tami's amis to check out all the other wips.  :)  have a great hump/wip day!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

rub your hands together, doesn't that sound cute?!?

this is what q said to me yesterday!  this is how the conversation went...

q: "hey mom, you hear that" rubbing hands (palms together) really fast
me: "yes, i hear that"
q: "doesn't that sound cute?"
me: "what?"
q: "doesn't that sound cute?"
me: i'm thoroughly confused at this point, "what sounds cute?"
q: "that noise, doesn't it sound cute like a bunch of chipmunks?"  she repeats that to me 2 more times!
me: i'm dying laughing at this point! 

so now that you are rubbing your hands together, you know you want to, even if you haven't started doing it yet.  go ahead, i won't laugh...

so does it sound like a bunch of chipmunks to you???


i didn't think so!  she is crazy as hell, i love that little girl!

doing the booty tooch!  q showing off one of my hats, do you think this one will sell immediately on etsy if i post this pic?  she is such a ham!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

ABCs of me!

i saw a post from betsy from the dainty daisy, love her crochet pattern and most are free!!!  :o)  i thought i would do this so some of you could learn a little about me.

A: amanda is my sister, she is 3yrs younger than me & we HATED each other growing up but now we love each other so much more than we ever even hated each other!  :)

B: birthday, it's my birthday this coming tuesday, i will be 36!  i'm proud of my age & never ashamed of it, i done a lot of living in my almost 36 years, some i wish i could have done differently but mostly wouldn't change a thing!

C: crochet, what else would it be?!?  i love it, been doing it for 2yrs now & hardly go a day or 2 without doing it.

D: data entry, this is one of my favorite things to do on the job!  i love sitting behind my computer just inputting info

E: etsy, another favorite place, just need to get up to speed on my page so maybe i can make some money

F: friends, i have 3 friends that i don't know how i lived so long without them!  love you maria, cristal & claudia!  not that my other friends aren't as special but i know that these three are the ones that will always drop ANYTHING for me when i need them the most.  i hope i can just return the favor!

G: glitter, you know what they say about glitter, "its the herpes of the craft world!"  but i seriously have a love affair with glitter

H: hopper, my sweet, sassy, silly youngest child.  she is such a handful but is always so funny.  she keeps me & the hubby in stitches.  oh & she has been calling our electric sex lights on the tree "the girls"  she gets so excited when we turn "the girls" on.  see what i mean?  she is hilarious!

I:  icicles, they are so pretty in the winter time!  i love how they sparkle in the sun.

J: jessika, my kind-hearted teen.  she is 17 & is a junior in high school.  she is your typical teen with interests in boys, music & school.  she is a hard worker & super sweet.

K: knitting, i really want to learn how, just need to make the time to learn.  this is definitely going to be a 2012 resolution i swear i will do!

L: love, i'm a lover not a fighter.  i have so much love to give & get so much of it in return from my family & friends.

M: married, just celebrated our 10th anniversary with my hubby.  i can't believe it's been 10 years!  it doesn't seem like it's been that long!

N: nails, i love super cute nails, manis & pedis are the best! 

O: octopus, random i know but i'm loving all the artsy octopus stuff people are coming out with.  oh & don't forget about all those cute little owls that have become so wildly popular.  they are super cute too!

P: pinterest of course!  thanks to pinterest i have done things i would have never thought possible AND so many things on my to-do list, not for sure if i will finish or get to everything!  it's so much fun learning all the new things though.  i can't leave out pink either, it's my favorite color, doesn't matter the shade, i love all colors of pink.

Q: qeylee, this is my middle child. (pronounced keely)  she is the sensitive, outgoing, girly one.  they are all girly but she is my girly girl, hopp is giving her a run for the money though.  :)  she is very fair-skinned with the most beautiful freckles & ringlets! 

R: reality shows, yes, i love them!  i can't help it, the trashier the better!  ;)

S: stephanni, yep that's my name.  they wanted to spell my mom's middle name in my first name.  ann is her middle name.  i always tell people when they are spelling it, "2 n's, an i and no e"

T: tired, i'm always tired.  i never have energy, even when i use to frequent the gym & was smaller & went to bed at a decent hour, i always had low energy.  i guess it's a chemical thing.  maybe when i'm 80 the energy will kick in & i'll be a kick-ass old lady.  :)

U: urban dictionary, this is my go-to for all the naughty stuff i want to know about, i know a lot of naughty stuff but i'm still learning.  ;)

V: vegetables, i'm so picky that i don't eat a lot of these.  i'm getting better about trying stuff but i still can't do too many veggies.  i do like green beans, carrots, potatoes (i know it's more of a starch than a nutrient rich food), chopped spinach (in the can), peas on occasion, & corn on the cob but that's about it.  i've tried asparagus but i just can't do it!

W: wheat, something i can't eat anymore.  it's still an struggle staying away from this stuff but as each day passes it gets less & less of an issue.

X: x-men, not a huge fan but wouldn't it be awesome to have a super power?

Y: yarn, it's my current obsession!  have you seen the lion brand catalogs?  they are beautiful, i love the shelves full of beautifully arranged rainbows made of yarn, so yummy!

Z: zennias, they remind me of my nana.  we use to plant them in her big cast iron planter in the summer, along with some type of flowering mossy flower thing. her cast iron planter looks like a witches brew thingy, it's HUGE!  sometimes when i go out there i just look to see if anything is growing in it.  :o)

i hope i can inspire some of you to do the same & learn maybe a couple of new things about you too.  :)


no week in hair this week, it's been all headbands lately.  :o)

ok, i finally got a pic of the cowl/infinity scarf i finished for q's teacher, ms williams. 
you can wear it two ways, doubled up around the neck or down with the twist.  i sewed the ends together so that there is a twist in the scarf.  i do have to say the green is really pretty with the finished product.  i hope she enjoys it.  :)

don't forget to head to tami's amis & check out other finished objects.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

festive decorations

i finally decorated the tree with the girls on Sunday & now today, thanks to britt's help, i have my office decorated.

the window in front of my desk, that's my boss's office behind the blinds.  i made the granny tree garland, you may have seen it on the booth pics from the craft fair.  do you see my cute little mini giraffe i got last year?  i love him so much he is out all year round!  also the pic on the right before the yarn dandelions i made too, is my engagement pic from 10½ years ago.  :o)  i also love my santa with the long legs, isn't he just the cutest?!?

just a close up of the garland. :o)
how is everyone's decorating going?  i'm sure most of you are already done or are there some of you that wait forever to do anything? 

i'm really excited for this season!  last night was my christmas party it was nice but someone was not-so-nice & participated in the gift exchange & we were short one gift.  why do people do that?  and if i'm right it's that one person that's ALWAYS first in line to eat but NEVER contributes and takes a HUGE LOAD of food home!!!  did i mention they never contribute?!?  oh & they troll the offices for food...  WTF is wrong with you?!?  not you... the person that did that.  :)  anywho, i would try to say that whoever it was needed it more than anyone else but the problem is he/she doesn't need it more than anyone else, they have NO MANNERS!!!  sorry for my rant.  :)

anywho, tonight is our crafty lady gathering gift exchange & i made my gift so i hope whomever gets it can use & enjoy it!  i will show it on fo friday for all to see.  :o)  also, did i mention next tuesday is my bday & we are going to have the annual bday bash this saturday!!!  :)  not for sure of the place either a local dive or a local dive are the choices, if you want to come join us let me know so i can tell you when & where. 
here's the post about last year's bash...

Friday, December 9, 2011

fof with kitcher & some catch up

i finished the cowl for her teacher but i forgot to have q model it but here it is
kitcher was caught crocheting next to the cowl.  :o)  he was working on his chain skills.  hopp thought it was the funniest thing that he was yarnin'!  sorry it's so dark, i will have q put it on & get a better pic later.  :) 

sorry so bad with my fof pics.  this was a hat i made a couple weeks back that i hadn't shared yet.  it's for carissa, i'm waiting on a pretty pic from her.  she wanted a zebra-ish hat, i found this pretty pattern so i bought it just for her.  it was pretty easy, i may make some more.  :)

now on to some christmas decorations...
here they are, electric sex in all it's glory on the tree!  :)  every time i look at them they make me smile.  this is all i have on the tree right now.  tonight we should have most of the ornaments up & maybe even the train.

now to catch up on the hair updates.  i had too many weeks to show so i didn't post any of the only headband days so i don't have many to show...

11.29.11 i did the twisted bangs on me & i liked it so much i did it with q's hair.  she doesn't have bangs but you can do it with any length of hair.  i found the video on pinterest & it's really easy but i have yet to conquer the bobby pin.  i just can't get them right & then get the other hair to cover it up.  it looked so cute on q with her side ponies.  :o)

12.01.11 i told her she had to do something different than just the headband so she said one pony to the side

12.02.11 i still love putting bows in her hair.

12.05.11 this is her christmas school shirt.  she is such a skinny mini and the shirt was long enough she had on leggings & black boots, i should have turned my camera so you could have seen the whole outfit.  i did a little ringlet on the opposite side of the pony & then topped the pony with a red bow with white polka dots.  :)

12.09.11 daddy did hair today & she actually asked for this!  i was in shock.  she looked like a little sumo wrestler.  :o) she also pulled out her necklace & bracelet she got from maria on her birthday.  my girls are so girly!  i LOVE it!  i'm not girly girly but i like it & so i'm glad that my girls are.  :o)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

O-M-G!!! guess what came in?!?!?

i ordered something, more for the hubby than myself, for the christmas holidays to decorate with...

how awesome are these?  this is one of his favorite christmas movies of all time, a christmas story & then he loves national lampoons christmas vacation.  :o)

my all time fave christmas movie is elf!  "hi, this is buddy elf, what's your favorite color?"  hahahahaha, we have this movie already, i'm ready to pull it out & watch it with the girls!  :o)

what's your fave christmas movie?

wip wednesday

i'm baaaaack!  :o)  i have one wip today, i'm working on q's teacher gift.  i gave her a questionnaire to send back to me so i know what to give her for holidays & her birthday.  she is really easy, she likes:

dr pepper
the color green
she collects crosses

super easy, huh?!?  :o)

so she will be getting a little of everything above for her xmas present from q.  as far as the green goes, i was shocked q actually knew she liked green, i asked her which green was her favorite & she insisted on kelly green, you know st patrick's day green.  :)  i was asking if she was for sure because there was a gorgeous light lime green & she said NO!  it's this color & pointed to the green.  so it's q's fault if she doesn't really like the shade of green i'm working with.  ;)

the one on the top left is fern & top right grass, i prefer the grass but the fern is pretty too but nope, the bottom one is the kelly green i'm working with.  :o)  i like it though just not as much as the other two choices.

so here it is, the wip for the week, ms. williams infinity scarf/cowl.  i figured since she is a kindergarten teacher it would be more appreciated if it didn't slip off her neck.  plus it's going to look gorgeous with a black or white dress/blouse.  crossing my fingers she loves it!
i'm about 3 rows in & should be finished tonight so i can get it ready to give to her, i would rather be way early for stuff like this than to be really behind & do it the night before.  plus i'm hoping to get some pics of it on a model before i give it to her.  it's my own pattern.  :o)  that big white thing is my hook i'm using!  it's a size P!  it reminds me of a tampon, hehehehehe.  i guess they should have made it in a better color.  ;o)

have a great hump/wip day & see you soon.  head over to tami's amis & check out all the other goodies in progress.  :o)

Monday, December 5, 2011

craft fair

so as you know, i've been super busy with all the budget stuff at work & then on my off time working overtime for the craft fair from last saturday.  i feel a bit of a relief from all of it as both are done & over with!  now to show you what we did.
this was the booth all together, thanks to pinterest & christine's beautiful decorating this is what we ended up with!  it was gorgeous & no one did anything like us!

my face scrubbies, apple cozies, mug cozies, crocheted necklaces & yarn dandelions

christine's stuff, she crochets with wire & has the most beautiful bird nest pendants, check her out here and here her hubby is a real jeweler that does EVERYTHING from casting to setting stones & everything in between.  those things sitting on the table are absolutely too cute.  you can see some of them standing up with the flowers in the tin can.  you can use them for anything, art supplies, to office supplies, to makeup brushes, to holiday decor, she uses cranberries & acorns with some water & floating candles.  absolutely gorgeous & what some might say shabby chic.  :o)

my cousin makes lunch/snack baggies they are genius & reusable & you can dish & machine wash them!  along side them are my hats, scarves, & little purse again with the yarn dandelions.

if you see anything in these photos you like let me know.  we have lots of inventory left.  i didn't sell much but for my first craft fair i did ok, i didn't expect much so i'm ok with it.  i had lots of fun.

saw this on pinterest from scotti & i fell in love with it!  i do want to learn to knit so one day i will not be too legit to knit if i can pick it up.  :o)

Monday, November 28, 2011

this weekend

sorry, no turkey day pics.  i always forget to get pics, i get wrapped up in the family & festivities that i forget. 

we did have lots of fun the last few days so here are some pics that i took starting on wednesday..
it was just me & q until it was time to pick up hopp so we decided to go have some froyo.  i always get the peanut butter with the chocolate mixed.  i tryed the salted caramel but didn't really care for it plus, i didn't realize it until after i tried it, it is NOT gf so i couldn't eat it even if i liked it.  i also let q have the italian wedding cake flavor & then realized it wasn't gf either but it didn't bother her this time, thank goodness.  this was her enjoying her non-gf froyo.  :)

we then when & checked out our new big lots store.  they moved & it's so nice!  however there was this lady, pictured above & she had humongo hair!  it was so teased & huge that you could actually see through her hair.  she was probably in her 60s or 70s so i'm sure she has had this style for quite some time & possibly more hair at one point so it wasn't so see through at a younger age.  she was tiny too so her head was about the size of a small child.  it was so strange & i couldn't really take one from the front, wish i could have gotten one from the side.  i also saw that big lots had those funny someecards calendars with all those great super funny pics from pinterest.  totally thought of my friendscrystal & sarah.  :)  totally not work appropriate or i would have so bought one.  :)

so i lied, i did have pics from turkey day.  just not of the food or other family.  diddy, my fil, put q in the tree, she was feverishly trying to climb it but with a dress it was impossible to get knee traction without tearing up your knees.  so here she is, q in the tree.  sorry for the bad shadows but can you say super cheesin'?

of course hopp had to get in on the tree action.  :)

we watched captin america on friday, pretty good movie.  on another thought.  we have seen thor, that's pretty good too.  xmen was good as well.  i think the new avenger movie is going to be good too.  anyone know who all the avengers are besides, CA & thor?  i saw a lady but wasn't for sure who she was.  we have also seen bridesmaids & horrible bosses, both super funny, definitely not kid appropriate but i'm sure you already know this. 

then had a successful trip to the laundromat, for the comforter, yesterday.  thankfully no shenanigans happened.  i've always wondered what the soap dispenser looked like so i took a pic.  only got the soap dispenser so i'm not for sure what the bleach or fabric dispenser looks like, this is on the triple/quad load washers.  so now you guys know too.  :o)

last night after hitting up the grocery store it was time to warm up with a nice cup of hot cocoa.  got a huge box with marshmallows for $3 at big lots.  now i normally wouldn't show you a pic like this but this one is a first & she looked so damn cute holding that mug.  she is FOR THE FIRST TIME, drinking out of a real ceramic mug, as a matter of fact this might be her very first hot cocoa ever!  isn't she just the cutest!!!  :o)
i can't believe it but it's only 5 days till my craft show!  yikes!!! got lots to do, hope i can get some sneak peeks to you soon.  i've finished a HUGE amt of wips so not for sure i will have everything to show.  happy monday, just think, it's almost over.  :o)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

wip wednesday

i started making some headbands & i don't have the buttons on them or the embellishments either.  any suggestions besides flowers?  i thought about doing the suggestion from a friend of a heart & then putting a felt banner on it & hand-stitching something on there, kinda like a tattoo heart.  :o)

Add caption
i got the pattern from melanie matos, found on ravelry, it's a free pattern & super easy!  you should try it.
i made one that i posted on here before but not for sure when so i will post the pic here again.  :o)

a finished headband with flower in grey & yellow
have a great turkey day tomorrow & see you guys on friday, hopefully with finished headbands.  :o)  don't forget to head on over to tami's amis to see all the wonderful projects in the works. 


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

busy, busy, busy!!!

i'm getting excited for several things...

1.  it's almost time for HAM, yes i said ham.  i dislike turkey so i get excited for the ham.  :o)  i've been craving, no i'm not preggers, salty stuff & ham is right up my alley. 

2. i get off early tomorrow & i have thurs/fri off so i'm super stoked about that. 

3. the craft fair is next WEEKEND!!!!  i'm so nervous but super excited as well.  i'm going to use the extra time off to make & finish a bunch of stuff for the cf.

here are some pics from the park i took this weekend of the girls

hopp & jess on the swings, i took several of them & i wanted to show you the super cute ones.  she the pimp mobile aka princess carriage behind jess?  ;)

so cute, love that face on hopp & it's a really pretty smile on jess

awwwww, kisses

hopp loves her big sis.  look at the chin(s)  :D 

the creek is dry so we went exploring under the bridge but not too far because it got real muddy & nasty on the other side.  here q is cheesin' with jess.  look how beautiful they are!  i am so blessed with beautiful girls!
funny story about q, while i was pushing hopp on her own swing, q was playing on the playground equipment & i hear, "mommmmmy", i see her hands on the monkey bars but can't see her face or body.  i yell back, "i see you", she says mommy a little louder this time & i say i still see her & then i hear the trouble in her voice.  she starts yelling my name & i can hear she is upset.  i then hear her screaming my name & then the tears, the yelling caught my attention so i moved so i could see her fully & by this time, the screaming & crying started.  i was walking toward her in a semi-fast pace to get to her & was telling her to let go & she was in full-on panic mode.  i was trying not to laugh but it was so cute, i had not seen this emotion on her before & she wasn't in real danger & i was trying to get to her. i kept saying, "just jump, let go qeylee, you are fine", she kept saying, "i can't".  right as i got to her, this only lasted about 10-15 seconds but seemed like minutes, she couldn't hold on any longer & just dropped.  then i was concerned she hurt her wrist because instead of just landing on both feet she landed on all fours.  she was totally fine, no splinters from the mulch, just sore on the palms for holding on so long.  i comforted her & told her not to do it again today.  we then went exploring under the bridge & then left shortly after.  it was time for lunch & then a nap before we headed to a bday party for super cute sadie.  it was nightmare before christmas themed!  so cute!  we had a good time at the party & then went to nana's so i could get some sane time at home to do whatever.  :)  all in all it was a great weekend.

have a great day & hopefully i will have time to post a wip tomorrow.  are you excited as i am about thanksgiving?  oh did i mention my sister & her family are coming down & we are, of course, watching the a&m game that evening with them.  i miss her so & wish we were as close when we were little as we are now.  i really enjoy her now.  :o)

oh yeah, we went & cashed in cans saturday & we had lots of cans & made $7!  thanks to all my gracious friends for helping me show q how you can make money & how we need to save for what we want.  i will have a total soon of what we have currently in the savings jar.  :)