Wednesday, June 27, 2012

366 days of photos week 25

some exotic beers, polish & a self pic...

day 166: sun 6/17 no pic...

day 167: mon 6/18

one time jason asked me about a certain beer & i think i finally found it.  kind of expensive, it had a really high rating though.  i love the beer name & logo of the beer on the right.  :o)

day 168: tues 6/19
got this on saturday & i love all the colors, sorry for the crappy pic.  it's the POP AGANDA collection of the Ulta nail polishes.  :o)

day 169: wed 6/20 no pic

day 170: thur 6/21
was doing the phones in the afternoon & decided to take a pic of our atrium as you walk in.  they have done such a good job of remodeling.  it's so green because they put that green fiberglass stuff on the roof.  that rectangular thing on the right is our pond.  we have a frog & a couple of tadpoles.  the tadpoles have back legs now so it won't be long before they will be big frogs.  :o)

day 171: fri 6/22
so my new camera has a front & back camera & i'm totally not good at aiming when using the back camera, how do you guys take such good self pics when you can't see where the camera is aiming?  anywho, colored my hair but the color here is not correct, my hair isn't brown it's red with some brown in it.  :o)

took q to lunch with me & some friends for a going away lunch for a friend.  usually she goes to summer rec but she was having a rough morning so she stayed with daddy & i took her with me during lunch.

ms maria got the girls a necklace, they match.  it's a cute little sparkle strawberry & the chain is red, it's so cute & they absolutely adore their new necklaces!  thank you ms "aria"!!!

posing with abuelo, she was giggling at justin!  look at that smile!!

day 172: sat 6/23
our usual saturday at sonic.  we had a new visitor come with us!  sarah & her crew, i hope they can start coming more often with us.  :o)

Friday, June 22, 2012

366 days of photos week 24

finally got a moment to get my pics off my old phone.  here we go...

day 159: sun 6/10
got my first manicure in for-ever!!!  i usually have a pedi about 3-4x per year but never a mani.  it was nice & much needed for my cuticles.  i love my mani/pedi girl waited forever on her & it was totally worth it, look at my cute nail art she put on my ring finger.  both of my ring fingers had the same thing.  the pink polish is from color club called all that razz but i was told that we are suppose to call it porno pink!  love it!!!

oh texas how hot must you really have to be???  i think my car was super hot because it actually only hit 107 but who cares after it hits the 100 mark, it's all hell hot after that.  :)

day 160: mon 6/11 no pic...

day 161: tues 6/12
a better representation of the yarn i'm working with, it's yarn bee's baby bee pomp in softly.  :o)

day 162: wed 6/13
pic of my two blankets i'm working on, the blue one is not that dark but you know how camera on your phone are...

q came home from summer rec with a busted ring finger...  she put her hand on the pool table & a ball smashed it.  luckily it was just badly bruised & nothing was broken.  as you can see on the left side of the pic it was swollen from the top side & on the right side is a pic of it from the under side.  that thing was black, blue & purple.  i've never seen anything like it!

day 163: thurs 6/14
we were suppose to go to the dr suess festivities all weekend but i got really sick with allergies gone bad.  this was what your lanyard could have looked like, minus some of the pins, each time you went to a dramatic reading you got a pin from the book that was read.  how cute is that?

day 164: fri 6/15  no pics was a sick girl!

day 165: sat 6/16
went to a different sonic than our usual one & it was horrible it was like beach sand!  that crap was everywhere!  they enjoyed time on the playground, hopp about to get on the stairs to go down one of the slides.  :o)

my sister was down this weekend & we took cousin p with us to play.  they had a great time!

hopp & i took a nap while q went with my sister & her family to my brother in laws family in town & went swimming.  after nap hopp & i went to the mall to do a little retail therapy & she was an angel!  so she got to ride bob the builder's tractor. 

at dinner time we went to taco bueno & had dinner with everyone.  my mom came with us too.  had a great weekend & it went by way too fast!  i wish my sister & i lived closer than 5hrs away from each other!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

wip wednesday

it's been awhile since i've done one.  i think i'm back in my groove & out of the funk!  so here it is, the pastel sparkle blanket i'm making for a friend, it's a shower gift for one of her friends who is having her first baby!  how exciting is that?!?

here it is!  almost finished just need to do the border, hoping to have it done by friday for an fof.  :o)  this was taken with my brand new phone, not for sure how i feel about the colors, still not true to life but still a good pic...

i was looking for apps for my new phone & noticed that they have an instagram for androids now!  i was so excited!  this was used with the 'walden' version.    can you see the 'sparkle' at the bottom of the pic.  it's really pretty, glad she chose this yarn.  :o)  i think i'm going to do an all pink border since it will bring out more of the girly in the blanket.  yeah team girl!!!
well, i hope everyone is having a great hump day & it's all downhill from here.  :o)  go check out all the other wips at tami's amis.

last weeks are coming up just need to pull my photos off my old phone, hoping to do that tonight.

Monday, June 11, 2012

366 days of photos week 23

this week is the famous "hotdog-opus", scary statues, cans, plants & crochet...

day 152: sun 6/3
hotdog-opus, hopp loved these, i saw them on pinterest the other day & did this when i made her hot dogs.  i guess they are more like squid since there are only 6 legs huh?  :) 

how scary are these butterfly girls?  look at her eyes, they were super scary in person!

q asked to go on a walk so we went on one & found 5 cans! 

day 153: mon 6/4
first day of summer rec!  she said it was the "best day ever" when i picked her up!  :o)

replanted my bibb lettuce, going to see if it works.  i saw on pinterest you can do it if it still has the roots attached.  we will see...

my suet holders, i added a hot dog bun to the one with suet in it & the other one is the yarn one for nests.  :o)

jason's pepper plants.  i bought the topsy turvy for $1 & all the plants for $1!  the tiny peppers were already on the plant when i bought it so we will see if it produces more.  we have a mixture of jalapeno, habanero & ghost chiles. 

days 154 & 155: tues 6/5 & wed 6/6 no pics...

day 156: thurs 6/7
this is the first blanket i'm working on, colors aren't right but they are detriot lions colors.  it's turning out pretty cute, well for a boy blanket anyways.  :)

day 157: fri 6/8
got to work on the blanket a little more but had to stop for the next one...

this is blanket #2, i think this one is prettier of course because it's got pink in it.  :o)  they are both the same stitch, granny stripe from attic 24's pattern repertoire.  :)

day 158: sat 6/9

a train was going by on our play date #2 & i missed a super cute photo right as i snapped it.  all the girls were watching the train with their fingers in their ears, all lined up so cute!  hopp had already turned around telling us about the train & then the others started walking off...  oh well, maybe next time.  :o)

366 days of photos week 22

we got new beds, baby mushrooms & nails along with other stuffs...

day 145: sun 5/27
i finally found their day bed at a garage sale for $35!!!  can you believe it?  they are now sleeping better & a little longer.  it's not fancy but hey, i'm not complaining!!!

day 146: mon 5/28
it was memorial day & i posted this pic on fb.  it's my neighbor that has the gorgeous yard.  he always flies his flag on important days.  we use to but our flag pole bracket came off the house & our american flag is in bad condition

day 147: tues 5/29
my glitter nails.  i used the wet n wild brand.  they turned out so pretty!

look how cute, it's a super tiny little mushroom on my dilapidated fence.  i've never seen them before.  not for sure how i saw them in the first place but i love it!  there are several along the fence but i got a really good pic of this one.

day 148: wed 5/30
i did the girls nails to match my glitter nails.  they maybe lasted to morning the next day but it made them happy & i can't pass up a happy girl moment!!!  :o)

day 149: thurs 5/31
did hopp's hair this morning.  she asked for a braid so we did the mini braid.  it's hard to see on her hair because she is dark headed but it was so cute & she was happy.  :o)
day 150: fri 6/1 no pic

day 151: sat 6/2
we started going to a play date group on saturdays, this was our first one.  the girls had a blast!  we love saturday mornings now!  :o)