Wednesday, August 31, 2011

wip wednesday
it's that time of the week again!  it's time to show off my stuff that's not finished.  :)  i showed you my work station from this weekend & i still haven't finished any of that stuff but i have been getting some progress done on the circles.  i'm far from being even half way to the goal for friday, actually i'm not even ¼ of the way done.  :(  i know that i can almost catch up this weekend ::fingers crossed::

so without further ado, here is where i'm at on the crochet-along with inner hooker.  if you are interested, you can still join in & be behind just like me.  :)  i put a badge on the left to hook you up to it.

only 18 deep...  if you need me i'll be sulking in the corner! ;)  oh again coloring is off.  these is my dark set.  they are deep red/burnt orange & mustard yellow/deep red

 q has been working on her only little wip, she still has that wiggly tooth!  i took a pic this am so show you how cute it is. 

see it sticking out?  it's the bottom front-left one  :)
so i totally forgot to tell you about a total steal i got on saturday evening.  i remembered i had a kohls $10 off card.  i love kohls but i rarely go but i ALWAYS go when i have the $10 card!  i wasn't really feeling anything in the girls section, was looking for the little girls, & i even looked in the toy section for a possible birthday or christmas present but i still didn't find anything i was REALLY interested in.  so then i looked at the home decor stuff, still nothing really caught my eye.  so then i headed over to the purse section.  i saw the clearance section, i'm a cheap ass!, low & behold there it was....  the cutest pink nine & co purse!  oh i had to have it!!!

see how cute it is!!!!

so then i looked at the tag, holy cow, it's only $12.60!!!!  i snatched it up really quick like & then i headed over to the jewelry section to see if they had any other clearance stuff i couldn't live without.  nope, nothing i just have to have.  so i headed over to the cashier & then paid & left the store with my super cute $2.80 purse!!!!  can't beat a great steal!!!

see that?!?  it was originally $42.00!!!  i got it for almost $40 off!!!  what's that... about 95% off?  :)  oh happy day!!!

ok, well got to get busy, have a great wip wednesday!  check out tami's amis for more wip stuff.  :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

an update of sorts....

so this weekend was nice & relaxed.  not much happened, well that i can remember anyways.  :)  but yesterday had some ups & downs.  first off, hopp was acting weird yesterday morning like really fussy & just whiny.  i took her to daycare & she just burst into tears with nanny.  like it wasn't a good day, usually she is clinging on to me & crying but it was "meady", as hopp calls her.  :)  nanny looked at her face & she said, "her lips are white, i think she might throw up", we took her temp & it was good so she said just to leave her & would call me if she needed me.  well, sure enough she threw up about 30 minutes after i dropped her off.  poor baby was not feeling well, that's why she was acting so crazy!  so i went & picked her up & then on the way home she said, "i fro up mama", i said you need to throw up & she shook her head & i grabbed an empty sack in the car & told her if she was going to throw up to do it in the bag, almost before i could finish my sentence she was throwing up in the bag.  :(  poor baby, i hate when your babies are so sick!  so we got in the shower when we got home & then got some pedialyte & got some comfy clothes on.  she laid in my bed & watched some coraline & i started working on my invites to be mailed for a work thing.  we then had some lunch, she ate lots of it!  i think it was all the mucus that she can't spit out when she coughs, i know gross but most of you are mommies & totally know what i'm talking about.  :)  after the car throw up session she never got sick again & was pretty normal acting afterwards.  then she took a nap & then got mad when i had to wake her up 45minutes later to go get q from school but she was excited to see her when we got there.  :)

so sweet!!!

so here's the good part:
i was talking to q after school about her day & i was looking at her mouth when she was talking to me & i noticed something weird about her teeth.  they are starting to move around, does that make sense?  like they are going crooked & one is further in front than the other & then it dawned on me!  q is about to loose some teeth!!!!  :)  oh she has been talking about this for months!!!  so i said q open your mouth & the first one i touched wiggled!!!  :)  i touched a couple more & only one was really noticeable about wiggling so i said to her very excitedly, "q you have a loose TOOOOOOTH!!!!"  omg i wish i had been recording it, she was so super excited.  she wanted to tell daddy & nana right away so i texted jason & told him that q had something really important she needed to tell him as soon as he got on break!  so when he came out for break she ran over to him & told him about her tooth.  she was jumping around & being all silly!  such a happy momentous occasion!  i told her it wasn't quite ready yet but if she works at wiggling it we may have a pulled tooth & a fairy visit by the weekend!  :o)  i will get a pic as soon as we pull it.  oh & q got her bella ballerina shoes she has been dying to get.  my MIL took her to do some errands & they finally saw them at shoe carnival & of course every q wish is her command!  :)  you will get to see them on the hair wrap-up on friday.

speaking of weekends again, this weekend is a 3DAY WEEKEND!!!!!  yipppppppeeeeeeeee!!!!!  i can't wait!  on top of that, it's jason's bday too.  he will be the big 3-5 this saturday & finally the same age as me.  :)

i have not gotten very far on my crochet-along with inner hooker.  :(  on the first week i'm supposed to make 88 rd1/rd2 circles.  i'm only 14 deep!!!  :(  it's taking longer than i thought it would only because i hate, hate, HATE changing colors so often, all that weaving in kills me!  everyone is doing a 6 round granny but i'm only doing a 4 round granny.  so i will probably have to make more than the full 88 squares but we will see because i used a bigger hook plus i think the 4 round looks better & not so bulky.  i will post the circles (hopefully i will have more done tonight at cnc night) on wed. as a wipw.  hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

this is what my "work station" aka the couch looked like this weekend.  as you see, i have more circles done, this was only 11 & i have done all the rd 2 on the orange/red circles.  i just started the red/yellow circles.  the four colors are going to be red/yellow/blue/orange.  i'm doing dark color squares & then bright color squares.  i can't wait to see how it turns out.  i'm then going to join them in black.  it's a version of the afghan found on lafayette's couch on tb.  :o)

sorry bad pic but i did my nails this sunday, forgot about this one.  let me just say that being alone with a 2yr that can't wipe their own butts is not good for drying nails!!!  ;P  i think i have about 5-6 layers of polish on them.  i started out with a dark purple & then added a little/big glitter polish on top & then a tiny glitter layer on top of that.  they turned out really nice & i have had several nice comments on them.  i was asked it they were acrylics, nope they are all my real nails.  :) 

Friday, August 26, 2011

hair days

so i posted earlier this week about doing the girls hair daily & making sure they look cute & sweet (not that they don't already but people treat people differently on how they look.  it's sad but true!  my cuties may be cute but damn they are super cute with their "hurr did")  :P  so here is a look back in the week of hair.  check out hairstyles by mommy for other super cute hair dos!  she is my biggest inspiration & i stole 8/23, 8/25 & 8/26.  she has the triple double (which she calls something else) but i have been doing this for years when jess was little so that is an oldie but a goodie.  :)

8/22 headband day aka day before i vowed to do super cute hair, there will be more of these, i'm sure she will get bored of me pulling on her hair on occasion.  :)

8/23 ponytail veil, i think this is one of my faves.  so pretty!!!

8/24 introducing the 'triple double' & 'everywhere' ponies, don't pay attention to the parts, i'm getting better ;)

8/24 (evening) this was an impromptu 'do, another fave.  i just love how cute this is on her.  despite the sassy pose, she HATES HATES HATES her hair being "bended", that's what she calls it.  :o)  hopp had the same 'do as the day before but i put an extra pony at the bottom gathering all the hair at the bottom  there were a total of 5 ponies on her head.

8/25 still kicking myself for not getting a fresh morning pic!!!!  :(  this was after her shower.  i can't wash her hair too often because she gets really dry scalp, this is my sensitive skin child, i'm thinking that celiac's is the main reason.  it was still really cute.  this was a take on the side knots but her hair wouldn't lay flat, maybe because i didn't do the actual knots so i just connected them.  she said that it looked like a snake, hence the name side snake.  :o)

8/26 the double knotted pony & i tried the triple double on hopp, yay her hair is long enough!  hopp looks like she is doing the 'popeye'.  i swear i can never get her to look me straight in the camera & smile, she is actually saying 'cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese'  :)

i plan on doing a friday roundup of all the cute 'dos on the girls throughout the week.  this has been a great first week at school for q!  she has the cutest new little friend named alexis that sits at her table.  they are so cute together!  :o)  hope everyone else is having a good time back at school.


thanks to someone (annette, don't know why i'm calling her out, she doesn't even read this) on facebook i have that stupid friday song by a young teen, not the kp one.  but anywho, it's friday so i get to show off my finished stuff!  :)  so if you would like to see other creative stuff head on over to tami's amis & check them out, it's mostly knit but there is a few crochet heads like me. 

first off is a bit of a cheat but i was testing it out & did a starburst granny for my crochet along i'm doing starting today i believe so if you crochet & want to join us head on over to inner hooker on fb to get more details.  :)  i can't get a correct color example but the two pics are terrible with the true colors.  i don't even care for them as a blanket so this will end up on the potholder wall.  :)  the real colors from inside out are navy blue, deep red, burnt orange (not bright orange), deep purple, mustard green & grey.  jason said it reminded him of thanksgiving, i was thinking fall.  the colors are really nice together but just not something i would want to look at on my bed.  so now i just need to figure out what colors i want to use.  any suggestions anyone?

starburst granny

 so i have some leftover yarn from that hat i did for a friend & wanted to do something with it because i didn't think i would ever use it so i got the cream & black from her other projects & did a simple granny in different color variations.  the cream is peaches & cream (i think, didn't look like lily stuff) & the black is lily sugar n' cream yarn.  the rainbow yarn is redheart i believe, not for sure of colorway.  each set of 2 is the exact opposite with the white/black.  i really like them & might actually make me some.  :)

my coasters :)  sorry poor picture quality again. 

hope everyone has a great friday & can't wait to see everyone's stuff.

i plan on a hair post later today.  i did hair super cute today & most of the week.  :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

i found a new recipe!!!! :)

i found this pizza casserole recipe on pinterest yesterday & it had to try it.  here is the link to the recipe but here is what i did to make it gluten free.  :)  oh & btw, it was a hit!!!  except hopp didn't care much for it because it had spaghetti noodles.  she just ate the cheese & pepperonis.  :)

Pizza Casserole

bag of Gluten Free Noodles {i used heb's gluten free fusilli pasta}
1 can of Prego smooth & simple sauce {or any tomato/spaghetti/pizza sauce you prefer}
3 cups shredded cheese {1pkg (2cps) should be enough but i like lots of cheese}  :)
1lb hamburger meat
1 package pepperonis

Preheat oven to 350

Brown the meat, & drain
Boil noodles until soft. Drain.
Layer ingredients ½ ingredients at a time in order***
tomato sauce                                       
***(as a side note, i don't think you really would need to layer the sauce & noodles, i think if you just mix them this would save a minute or two.  so to break it down, all you would need to do is mix sauce & noodles, layer ½ cheese & then all the hamburger meat & then ½ cheese & then add all the peps you want on top)
then add pepperonis

bake for 30 minutes

her instructions say:  Now cover with foil, and bake for 30 minutes - Remove the foil & bake for another 15 minutes  (i didn't have foil so i just baked for 30 minutes.  now, i think you should bake for 20 & then add the top layer of cheese & peps at the last 10 minutes of baking (unless you do my side note this step is unnecessary.  but if you have foil i think you can leave everything layered as she wrote it.  i really, really, really, think the last 15 minutes are a waste.  actually you can probably get away with baking for only 15 minutes if you heat up the sauce first!  i will try that next time.  the only reason you need to bake any of this is because you want the cheese melty & the ingredients hot.)

Once it's done baking, take it out & let it sit for 10 or 15 minutes.
{This is to cool it off AND to let everything settle together. If you don't let it sit, it will just fall apart on your fork!}  (i agree with this statement so actually if you have everything heated up & bake for 15, wait 15 & it's good to go in 30 after putting in oven!)


this made a huge 11x13 pan full of casserole.  we have an 8x8 pan leftover, q loved it so much she wants it again tonight.  we will probably not all eat it tonight but we will pick at it throughout the week.  :)  i would highly suggest this recipe!!!  now i just need to check other recipes but i totally think you can pull it off in the crock pot!  also, i think next time i will double this batch & then freeze them before baking into 4 different smaller pans so it will be ready for coming weeks!  :)

this is the pasta i used, it's really good & then they have a penne version & a spaghetti version as well.  i haven't had the penne but the spaghetti kind is good too.

i had a really good gf lunch too, i made a turkey bacon, cheese, mayo grilled sandwich from the udi's gf white bread.  omg!  so good.  i buy the oscar meyer lower sodium turkey bacon.  i have been buying that for a while instead of regular bacon as we significantly cut jason's sodium down due to heart issues.  i was very leary of turkey bacon but O-M-G, turkey bacon is the bomb-biggity!!!  :)  worth the switch!  however you have to watch sodium in turkey items.  the sausage is way higher in sodium than the regular beef sausage but this bacon i buy is lower in fat & sodium than regular bacon.  :)  makes me a happy mama!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

wip wednesday
it's wednesday so you know what that means, it's wipw!  i just have two right now.
this is a trivet that i'm blocking, it's been like this for 2 weeks.  YIKES!!!  now all i need to do is join it.

this is the dishcloth i'm working on for a friend but i ran out of the yellow.  :(
hope everyone has a great wednesday!  head on over to tami's ami's for other great wips.  :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

another resolution

i have been thinking about this winter & i hear rumors that it's going to be unusually warm, makes sense, it's been so hella hot!  so i was thinking jackets & stuff & i thought about making hopp a poncho.  omg, she is going to be so cute in a little poncho & should be pretty easy with buckling up in the car so this is one of my 2011 resolutions, to make a poncho!  i can't wait to start on it.  i found one i like, on ravelry of course.  i can't wait to get started on it.  also, i found inner hooker (through the dainty daisy) & i'm going to do a crochet-along for a sunburst granny blanket!!!  so excited!!!  if you want to participate go to her facebook page.

here is the pattern for the poncho i'm going to be working on...

hopp is gonna rock this poncho!!!  :)

most people have a year of projects but i call it my 2011 resolutions.  i don't feel so obligated to do a list of projects as i do resolutions because i post them as i find them.  i think next year i will make a yop, i don't know though, i'm a spur-of-moment type girl.  :)

first 2 days of school

it's been a good 2 mornings.  everyone has been in a good mood, i've gotten up early, well earlier than usual.  i've been successful in our first two lunches for q & i even did hair pretty today.  not that yesterday wasn't, it was just a headband day yesterday.  today i did lots of extra stuff for q.  so here are the pics from the first day...
my sweet little chickens ready for a new school year

so cute!  i made hopp get out of the picture because she refuses to look & smile at me while getting pics taken ;)

cute smile, check!   hello kitty lunch box, check!

rapunzel backpack, check!!!  she is so proud of that backpack & lunch box!  :)

can you believe these shirts are back in style?  she is getting too old!  i'm not old enough to have a JUNIOR!!!

how appropriate, my little chicken sits at the chicken table :)

playing with play dough, starting the day out right :)

so i really want to make sure q has cute hair each day & since she doesn't have straight hair we can't do bangs so i always have to have her hair back, either headband, ponytail or whatever.  she always wants it down so i was really trying to find new ways to do her hair.  plain ponytails get boring!  so while on pinterest, btw, if you aren't on pinterest you are really missing out!  this site is absolutely genius!  anything & everything you possibly wanted to learn to do yourself or inspiration ideas to silly stuff is on here!  well, i stumbled upon this site to do little girls hair.  i had q pick out a style, we printed it out & i tried it out last night.  i have done something similar before but thought this was so pretty!  so here is the finished product...
ponytail veil
it turned out so pretty!  this is the actually page i got it from.  the site is called hairstyles by mommy.  she has the cutest hairstyles!  i'm definitely going for something new tomorrow!  i've thought i might actually do a hair-a-day post or maybe a weekly post of all her hair through the week would be better.  :)

i also did lil' hopp's hair, she use to go to a home daycare where the lady would put her hair in little ponytails all over.  it looked so cute so after baths i did her hair too. 
i should have gotten a pic of her this am but didn't even think of it till now.  but this is the top/back of her pontytails.  i will take a pick of the front later.  :)

i hope everyone had a great first days at school!  i know some of you started last week so that includes you guys too.  :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

zoo trip

today we went to the zoo, i wanted to do something fun with the girls before they start school on monday.  i still can't believe i'm going to have a jr in high school & a kindergartner!  :)  i have lots of pics so i'm just going to let the pics talk...
hopp, q & jess

i think these are a type of koi, i always love going & feeding them.  there are sooooooo many of them!

hopp & jess

hopp feeding the giraffe, this is the biggest attraction at the zoo

q feeding the giraffes, see her badass tat on her arm?  :)  she was so proud of it!

q 'rolling' down a little hill

the first pout session

i didn't know raccoons could do this, he didn't even look as if he was holding on

super cute burrowing owl, he had a little worm in his mouth

this is a roadrunner or what hopp calls a 'beep beep' because of looney toons.  :)  i wish i took a pic of him before he stood up & scared the shit out of jess.  he was laying flat, wings out & his neck in a weird position.  we thought he was dead but he popped up & scared her.  even i thought he was dead!

this was the big owl, i love owls they are so beautiful!

this is a rattlesnake & native to our area, it was strange, almost all the snakes were super active.  what was strange is no matter how many people touched the glass he would just follow your hand & never was alarmed, never once did i see him rattle his tail.  they must be really use to people.

pretty green snake, he was all over the place too

see the little lizard on the branch?  his back legs are hanging off like he was just chillin'.  his toes were super long!

hehehehe frog porn, couldn't resist

hopp staring down the cayman.  it was so cute & she was so excited!

after we left the creepy crawler center the peacock was just standing between the two buildings & people were just standing around him.  he was so beautiful!  after a few failed pics i moved by the next buildings doors & got this pic.  it would have only been better had he been showing off.  :)  after i got this pic i ruined it for everyone else because he started moving on.  ooooops!  ;P

i guess this is some sort of large white crane in the 'rainforest' exhibit.  he was so pretty standing up high over everyone, watching us.

q's second pouting session.  i love this picture so much.  she is so beautiful, even when she pouts!  i may have this framed.  love this curly-headed little girl!!!

this is after she saw i was taking a pic & instantly posed for me!  what a silly girl!!!  love that teethy grin.  i hope she always keeps it!