Friday, February 17, 2012

366 days of photos week 6!

wow!  already over 6 wks have gone by already!  i can't believe it.  so here is week 6, hopefully i will have week 7 for you on tuesday, monday is a holiday & unless i do it in the evening you will see it on tuesday.  :o)

day 36: sunday 2/5/12

it was super bowl sunday & we went to nana's to celebrate.  hopp is playing hostess with her beauty & the beast tea cup set complete with "chip" tea cups.  :)

day 37: monday 2/6/12 apparently i slacked in the picture taking department this week.  i have several days this week that i failed to take pics.  :(

day 38: tuesday 2/7/12
family fun night at q's school.  we had bingo night.  we didn't win anything but she learned her #s that night.  i had to teach what all the #s above 20 looked like & how they sound.  :o)  such a smart, sweet girl!

ummm, she was singing in this pic!  she is such a dork!  now when i say sing, i mean in operatic tones!!!  :o)

day 39: wednesday 2/8/12 another missed day...

day 40: thursday 2/9/12

so ummm, as i was heading to the child support (general attorneys) office for some paperwork, this box of lifestyles was on the ground next to my car.  looks like someone might be getting another baby momma!  ;)

day 41: friday 2/10/12
we did secret valentine at work & this is what my sv gave me with some candy & pencils!  a super cute journal with heart keys!!!  you can see the heart keys by the pen.  how awesome is that?!?  i WILL be using this in our weekly meetings for notes & such.  :o)

day 42: saturday 2/11/12
sorry so dark.  but this is q on skates & hopp (with her tennis shoes on) holding hands skating.  :o)  we went to a birthday party for one of q's classmates.  they had a blast & the mom was so sweet!  she had a gf cake made especially for q!  she was in heaven.  :)


Kathleen said...

Oh my gosh, roller skating parties!! I remember how exciting those were when I was in elementary school.

Also, it cracks me up that one of your photos is a Lifestyles box, since I almost took a photo-a-day of a Trojan box on the side of the road. Very classy! ;)

crystal said...

lol @ the condoms. how funny. i love the last pic of the girls. i used to roller blade all the time when i was a kid. i miss doing that. i'd probably break something if i tried doing it again.

stephanni :] said...

it seems that roller skating parties are still the thing to do when you are little. i haven't skated in forever & since my toe surgery i haven't been able to wear shoes tight on my toes. i have new shoes that still can't wear because they are too snug...

just to clarify, i'm not for sure if the box of condoms was empty or not. just the thought of touching the box was icky!!! so it could have been someone littering. just thought it was funny & knew you guys would get a kick out of it. :o)