Monday, January 24, 2011

first post about some actual yarnin'

every since i started selling my hats, my friend neely [i will miss you every nrs program & they will never be the same without you!] has been my most loyal customer.  it started with just cute little hats for her sweet little baby emerson [she has been my facebook/etsy avatar, so you may recognize her] & then all her friends started having babies & they have been jealous so she calls on me for baby shower gifts.  :)  enjoy the hat pics, the first 2 are of emerson but i have one, of the cutest little girl, she is 1 & her name is rowan.  she is a recipient of one of the hats that neely ordered.  she got it for her 1st birthday.  they are both [emerson & rowan] so stinkin' cute!!! 

sweet lil miss emerson

miss e. is the cutest little owl ever!

miss rowan & her bear hat.  so super cute!  i just want to squeeze her!

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