Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a visit from grandad & new pajamas :D

drinking a sprite
being silly with a french fry, yes she had chicken nuggets & french fries at a fine mexican restaurant, that's gigi in the yellow hoodie & emily in the grey one
looks like dad is trying to take charge of the photo shoot, see eric in the back?
i love this shot!  my camera on my phone is great!  did i mention i love this pic???  ;)
finally a picture with everyone looking & smiling.  :)

on new year's day we got a visit from grandad, gigi & the kiddos.  we did our usual lunch/dinner at abuelo's, yummy! and even my brother eric showed up, and they brought the girls' christmas presents. 

the last year or 2 we have gotten pj's from them which is super because you can't have enough pj's if you ask me!  they are so cute!  q's are purple with a moose on it that says, "i moose have a hug" & hopp's are pink with a bear on the front which is hugging her & his arms are around the back & they say "bear hug".  (hopp's are blurry because she just can't sit still hardly at all, the one where you can see what they look like is hilarious look at her face)  they get them from this shop in ruidoso where they live.

i think hopp may be thinking of hitting, not for sure though

i think she wants q to stop touching her

sister love, so sweet!

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