Wednesday, January 5, 2011

side ponytail day!!!!

she is going to kill me for this but i love this pic!
i have this amazing, funny, wonderful, oh did i mention, HOT friend named becky colman.  we used to work together but now i don't see her much because she is always off jet-setting across america.  :)  we use to have this joke about side ponytail day, i'm not for sure how it came about but i think it was during office lock down during one of our nrs weeks, she actually put her hair in a side ponytail while at work.  it was so cute!  so every once in a while i put q's hair in a side ponytail & always think of her & sometimes, i will just post on fb "side ponytail day".  well today was one of those days so i made sure to take pics of her, this is in honor of becky.  :)  miss & love ya girl!

so stinkin'  cute, look at that smile!

just a pic from the back, it's more side ponytailish from the back

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