Tuesday, April 26, 2011

an easter to remember (eggs & hail)

this year was quite an eventful easter for us.  we started on saturday because jason got off at 4p & had to work his normal shift of 11a-8p on sunday.  it turned out to be the best plan due to sunday being crazy as hail, get it hail?!?  :)

hopp grabbing eggs

q reaching for eggs with jonathan overseeing her progress

i think hopp was trying to show us how much she has so far

hustlin' for eggs

running for more eggs

look how full that basket was, she was so proud, she kept saying, "i find it" "i got it"

just one pic is all i ask with everyone looking the same direction
hopp, jess, q, shawna the SIL, jonathan our cousin
the kids had tons of fun finding all the yummy candy-filled easter eggs.  i swear we got way more candy than we did at christmas or even halloween :o)

so on sunday all was well & great.  it started getting cloudy & we never get rain it just passes us by every time so we decided to head to walmart for the weekly stuff, we are going gluten free due to me being recently considered 'extremely high risk to develop' celiac's disease.  (i will go into that later)  we went basically to get nacho stuffs, love nachos!  ok, let's get back on topic.  we did all our shopping, we loaded all the groceries on the belt & she was just about to start ringing us up & they had a code black!  are you kidding me?  we have to all go to the back of the store.  first they tell us back of the store, then we heard the middle of the store by the fitting rooms & then they say back of the store, so we are back by the seat cushions & curtains.  i figure we could cover our heads with cushions if it got really bad.  ;)  we sat there for 20 minutes or so, meanwhile i have 3 children, 2 are under 6 & all are behaving, no crying, no carrying on, but then we see SEVERAL grown-ass women bawling their eyes out being the most childish people.  really people, i have 3 children that are not freaking out & you are possibly going to freak them out with your incessant crying & carrying on.  well, i tried to divert attentions away from them in case q got uneasy or hopp decided to throw a fit.  they were angels, hopp & q got restless but none-the-less they were perfect.  we did have to open a pack of pull ups because hopp decided to soak the one she had on, i did pay for the pack, btw.  **i will be so excited to have her potty trained!**  we hear this terrible pounding sound the whole time we are at the back.  it's hail...  HUGE HAIL!!!!  i wondered about our car, braving the hail.  other than jason not being with us, i had everyone that needed to be with me so i was not worried really about anything else but my man.  the pounding would stop & then it would start again, it was terrible, i have never heard noise like that before, never seen it hail so much in my life, it was like out of a movie! (it reminded me of the mist, love that movie)  finally they let us go & we trek back to the register with all our stuff about 30-40 minutes after being pulled to move to the back.  i have jess wait while i get to the car to pull it up the the door because it's raining really hard & then it decides to start hailing again!  as i'm putting hopp in the car i'm pelted with hail (a super nice man helped jess put the bags in the trunk so she could hurry up & get in the car, so nice)!  thank you mr nice stranger!!! it wasn't too bad until one got me in the side by this time it was golf ball sized hail, there was apple sized hail if you can believe it!  when i got around to get in on my side i got smacked in the back of my neck with another gb sized hail.  omg it hurt so bad, we drove off & the sound of the huge hail on the car was deafening!  jess was covering her ears & i was asking the little ones if they were ok, hopp kept asking everyone if they were ok.  we were all ok & made it home in one piece! 

so when it rains in abilene, it floods, EVERYWHERE, even my backyard.  it only lasts a very short while but man, look how much water was in my back yard, it looked like i had a moat!  all in all, my family was safe, both cars have a little hail damage & the hubby was safe so i couldn't ask for more than that!  thank goodness our windows didn't break like so many other people in the same area. 

backyard covered in water!

see the rain coming down.  it wouldn't let up for a long time.  we did need all that rain though with all the crazy fires!

a real photo of the largest hail we got in abilene, apple sized!  geez that sucker is huge
there is a slideshow of weather pictures from the easter storm here.  they are amazing.

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