Friday, April 1, 2011

it's that time of year again...

yep that's right, it's april fools day!  also it's my wonderful friend, becky's bday!  so this is my shout out to becky, love you girl! 

happy birthday becky!!!
q got daddy this morning, it was funny.  she had just asked him if it was april fools day & he said yes.  so then a little bit later she says, "daddy you have paper in your hair".  he starts brushing his fingers through his hair & she yells, "april fools day!".  :)  she is so funny, it's hard to get him too!

i don't do april fools stuff unless it's silly.  when i was 16 i had one really backfire on me so i don't really participate anymore.  but i thought i would share this link from about 15 silly pranks your family can do.

french fries & ketchup (pound cake & frosting)

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crystal said...

good one Q! simple, yet effective.