Monday, April 11, 2011

yarnin stuffs & spring fun

yarnin' stuffs:
this weekend i made this really cute & unique scarf that my friend cristal's grandma made for cristal's daughter.  it's so cute, i hope to get it on ravelry as soon as i have permission from her.  i will post pics on it soon!  sorry for the tease.

i wanted to share with you the snake i made for q.  she was begging me to make her a snake.  i started on it a year ago & i kept putting it off & putting it off but i finally finished it.  she loves it!  it took me almost a yr to finish it but i got it done about a month ago.

you can find the pattern here, it's from caron yarns.  she didn't want the red/yellow/black combo so we went with lime green/pink/turq.  it turned out really cute!  i gave it orange button eyes & stuffed it with pony beads & poly fiber.  i alternated a section of each all the way through; a little beads & then a little stuffing.

spring stuffs:
on sunday around 11a i went & had some coffee with my super-wonderful friend claudia, it was so nice to catch up with her after she got back from her trip to san antonio with her 'rockstar' co-worker, really he is a rockstar but i can't divulge who it is, again another tease!  so then after i finished chatting with her i headed over to my mil's house to pick up the girls, they spent the night with nana.  :)  we headed over to michael's to check out some stuff for a little project i want to do with crayons for an easter gift to q's class, but on the way we saw this house that the entire front yard was covered in iris's.  it was stunning & my camera phone didn't capture half the beauty but i tried.  if you live in a-town & want to drive by, it's on the corner of sth 20th & sayles.  the house has always been a bit creepy but was so pretty that day.

every year i get the most beautiful iris's myself but my favorite are my amaryllis flowers!  i luckily inherited them with the house we bought 5 yrs ago & they never need maintenance or watering they just come up like magic! 

i just love how they have 4 huge blooms on one large stalk.  they are white with pink stripes in the middle of the petals.  i really want to take some to work but i usually try to wait till they all bloom but i have noticed that they have several other buds on them ready to bloom soon so i don't want to cut them & then the buds never get a chance to bloom.

sprinkler fun:
it was very warm this weekend & we didn't do much outside on saturday because it was super hot but on sunday it was a little cooler, really i can't feel the difference between high 80s-high 90s it's all so hot!  we use to have a pool but i murdered (yes i said murdered, i took a steak knife to the bottom of the pool all the way around to drain it, the saltwater filter went out so it got nasty) it two years ago & we never replaced it.  i really missed it, we had a saltwater filter & i swear it never got green or dirty.  we had the most beautiful pool!  not only that but the only maintenance you have to do with a saltwater filter is skim it on occasion & change the filters.  it never needs chemicals & your eyes never burn!  your skin feels super soft too!  ok back to the subject at hand; so yesterday i hooked up the sprinkler, let the girls put on their bathing suits & let them have at it.  i don't know what the hell the deal is with sprinklers but hopp will let it splash all in her face, if i dare get water on her face in the bath or shower she wants to KILL me!  :o)  here are the super cute pics of my girlies playing in the sprinkler yesterday.

jess getting wet for a sec with the little ones.

i have a kim k in the making!  look at that booty & those chunky thighs, makes you just want to squeeze them.  :oD

turning away from the sprinkler so it doesn't get in her eyes.

i think q is getting hopp in the face

i hope everyone is enjoying the spring, wish it wasn't so damn hot!  more to come, i still have to tell you about our may farm trip.  have you heard of a beefalo before?  well, there is such a thing, i promise.  :)


Claudia said...

Weird how I fall under "Spring Stuffs" ... :P

crystal said...

the snake is too cute!

Sara said...

Hi Stephanni. Love these sprinkler pics. How fun! Happy to see you at Tangled Happy. Not sure why your headband came out so small? You could alway increase your initial chain and make it bigger. If I can help in any way feel free to email me with your questions at Happy Easter! :)