Monday, April 23, 2012

366 days of photos week 16

well, another week has past.  here's what our week held...

day 104: sun 4/15 no pic

day 105: mon 4/16
remember when i bought the pirates of the caribbean opi mini nail polish collection, well i finally used the stranger tides color.  i'm still not for sure about this one.  it has a green tint to it & as much as i love zombies, the color reminded me of what zombies looked like in the movies.  rotting flesh is not really a color i would necessarily want to color my nails.  :)  it would look great if you were going for the camo look.

day 106: tues 4/17
another pinterest to-do is done.  q loves to water the flowers & plants.  i made this, it's a plant water bottle recycled from a milk jug.  only problem i found is that it sucks the bottle together, does that make sense?  anyway i just need to find a place to add an air hole so it doesn't suck so much, no pun intended.  :)  you can find the tutorial here, in case you have questions.  i used a heated steak knife but a heated nail would have been better...

day 107: wed 4/18 no pic

day 108: thur 4/19
a new hair pic!  i did their hair the same way, one pony on the top & then sectioned it in half like dog ears & then sectioned that in half so they had double ponies.  :)  i love that hopp put her head on q's shoulder in the back photo.  :)

day 109: fri 4/20
this was my fof last week, see the previous post.  audra loved them :o)

day 110: sat 4/21
we went to the flea market in b-gap this weekend, it was my first time.  i wasn't too excited about what i saw.  anywho, the weirdest thing we came across was this set of pigeons, they have curly feathers!  so cool, even their feet had curly feathers on them like ugg boots.  :o)  they are called frillback pigeons here is a link on them for better pics, pretty neato huh?

just wanted to share this cute pic of hopp with her baby she insisted on taking with her that we had to go back twice for because she would drop her & forget about her.  :o)  i love this little face!!!

have a great rest of the week!  see you soon...


Kathleen said...

That last picture of Hopp and her doll should be a magazine ad for something. So. Cute. And as a fan of weird nail polish colours, I think the zombie-ish green is very cool. ;)

stephanni :] said...

thanks kathleen! she is my most animated one, she is better about getting her pic taken now so i will be posting more of her. :o)