Wednesday, April 25, 2012

new brian mcknight song...

so i'm a huge r&b fan and i really love all of brian mcknight's music but i heard about his new song yesterday & so when jason & i were in bed about to go to sleep we decided to check it out on youtube.  what's awesome is we have directv & we can watch youtube videos on our tv!!!  we can also get pandora on it too.  :o)  so anywho, this is what it was all about...  (don't listen when kids are around or at work or at least just turn it up to where only you can hear it!)

it's called "let me show you", it's VERY ADULT!  it's shocking since you don't hear this from him in his other music.  i LOVE it!  it cracked me up & it's very velvety & smooth for an adult song.  :o) 

so what do you think about the "king of wedding songs" new adult song?

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