Monday, April 16, 2012

366 days of photos weeks 13, 14 & 15!!!

wow...  i can't believe i've gotten this far behind!!!  ok, well here's 3 weeks wrapped into one...

day 85: sun 3/25
barbie hair, i have to confess, we had lice & i found out that if you occasionally flat iron hair it kills the eggs & lice if you have them.  i also found several ways to combat them from getting in your hair in the first place.  apparently if you soak hair in listerine that kills the lice & also if you add in the listerine to your water bottle it deters lice from coming back.  so far so good, we have been free & clear of lice for almost 3 weeks.  hopefully we will stay away from the lice from now on with our deterents.  any other helpful advice is welcomed.  :o)

day 86: mon 3/26
surprising the barbie hair stayed so she felt extra special with her hair this way!  she doesn't look the same with straight hair but i don't mind doing this on occasion just to make her feel special.  :o)

day 87: tues 3/27
at jump rope practice this day & it was windy so i looked up & took a pic of the flags, i love this one!

day 88: wed 3/28
got my painting up, it looks nice, well as nice as it can look with all those damn plugs behind me.  ;o)

day 89: thurs 3/29
i love pouty pictures!  look at that tear on her cheek :(  i think this was one of the times at jump rope practice that she was throwing a fit & i told her no so we had to leave the gym & sit in the lobby.  isn't this precious?!?  :o)

day 90: fri 3/30
i totally forgot about this pic, so glad i take random pics.  :)  q lined up some of her toys.  from left to right, sparkles, pinky-pie, not for sure the cat's name, a bunny that hopp got for her bday & the lady bug flashlight :o) 
 day 91: sat 3/31
koi fish at the local chinese place.

first time for q to see the koi fish.  i love this pic, she is just watching them swim.  so sweet, love these moments!!!

WEEK 14!

day 92: sun 4/1
took this right after midnight, she loves her sleep overs!  :o)

day 93: mon 4/2
not a hair post but look at those shoes!  they are fab-u-lous!  plus she dressed them up with rainbow socks & a tutu & a pink puppy tee!  she was too excited over this outfit & she did it all herself.  :o)

of course hopp had to get her pic taken too, some days she won't but this day she was photogenic.  :o)  she looks so cute in this orange dress & those aqua flip flops :o)

day 94: tues 4/3
saw this on pinterest & bought it.  you can find them on etsy.  i can't remember the shop name but it's under my hooker board.  :o)
 day 95 & 96: wed 4/4 & thurs 4/5 no pics...

day 97: fri 4/6
full moon tonight, picture sucks but it's the best one i got.

day 98: sat 4/7 no pic...

WEEK 15:

day 99: mon 4/8
easter sunday & this is what the easter bunny left the girls.  rapunzel & cinderella bubbles for the littles & a hunger games katniss poster for jess.  some gum & a new skip bo jr card game & some assorted boxed candy.  :o)

day 100: tues 4/9 no pic...

day 101: wed 4/10
omg, how sweet is this pic?!?  i can give her little side pony tails & a headband keeps the top strays away. :o)

q likes to get her picture taken too but hopp was saying don't take my picture, oops, too late!  ;)

a pinterest pin i can cross off my list.  made this super cute calendar, you can find the web page here just look for the 2012 calendar pages

day 102: wed 4/11
hopp & her diddy, having dinner with my inlaws :o)

day 103: thurs 4/12
went with maria & her boys to the crawfish/shrimp boil.  the girls were enjoying the music so much they decided to put on a dance show.  they had a blast!

days 104 & 105: fri 4/13 & sat 4/14 no pics... see you guys later :o)

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