Thursday, September 13, 2012

366 days of photos week 35

ok, i'm late, i'm having a crazy work week again.  having presentations really cramps my style. ;o)
here we go...

day 236: sun 8/26
it rained!!!  i let q catch all the rain she could in all the pitchers & buckets we could find.  we ended up having to dump most of it because the mosquitos have been something fierce at our house & west nile has been positive in some that have been caught.  it was fun while it lasted & kept her busy for a while.  :o)

day 237: mon 8/27  FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!
can you guys believe it?!?  i have a SENIOR & a first grader!  crazy...  even hopp had a new daycare to go to so it was new places all the way around. 
showing off my popaganda ulta collection aka porno pink as we call it.  i loved the color in the bottle but it was really see through.  even with 3 layers i could still see through it.  i don't think i will buy ulta brand polish anymore. 

told you it was a busy week!  see those 2 stacks, that's over 660 invitations that needed to go out!  did it in 3 days with all the regular interruptions.

day 238: tue 8/28
ANGELS!!!  so sweet, q had her hand out touching hopp's arm.  yes, hopp sleeps like that all the time.  looks like her arm is about to break off!  poor baby on the floor never made it far in bed that night.  ;)

day 239: wed 8/29
you guys already saw this but it was my wip for the week.  it turned out so pretty as you will see or have seen already.  :o)

day 240: thurs 8/30  sorry no pic

day 241: fri 8/31
see i told you i would show it soon.  :) 
day 242: sat 9/1
this was what i was going to drink that night but i was waiting on jess to see if she needed a ride & by the time she got home it was too late & we went to bed.  but let me tell you, coconut rum & coke zero are yummy together!!!  as you can tell, these are my instagram pics except for one.  i'm going to start using them because i like the filters & features.  if you want to follow me just look for stephannis :o)
  ok, that's all for that week.  on to next week but it will have to wait just a tad bit longer.  :)

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