Friday, September 7, 2012

fo friday with a giveaway!!!!

ok, first things first!

here is my fo for this friday!
yay!!!  i'm halfway done!  so technically it's not a finished item per say but hell, i got 44 of these bad boys done!!!  it's a lot of changing colors & weaving in ends (which i despise!!!)  they are GORGEOUS in person & i can't wait to start joining them together.  i'm going to join them in black so the brights really pop!  :o)

now for my giveaway...
i was doing darks & brights in my blanket but i decided that i really liked the all bright better so my loss is your gain right?!?  i have a couple that i kept for myself but i didn't want to throw away all these other ones so i thought i would see if i could get enough likes on my crochet fb page to give these away.  just click on that link or here & like my page.  i would like to get to 200 but i will do the giveaway at 150, i'm just 26 shy!!!!  so close...  also if you share my page & you are the one to get the most peeps to like my page you will be an automatic winner & choose which coasters you like.  i have 6 sets, 2 maroon squares & 2 maroon squares, 1 set of blue circles and someone will receive a special mismatched set, i actually like this set the best!!!  :o)  so anywho, go like my page & maybe you will get a coaster set, i know most of you can make your own but heck, why not get a chance at a set you don't have to make!!!  you can even give them as a gift, i don't care i just want them to go to a good home. 

the cute little mismatched set with a rare mustard yellow circle!!! 
 these are perfect for your fall/winter decor.  hurry!  go like my page!!!  ;)  oh yeah, don't forget to go check out all the other finished goodies at tami's amis.  :o)  it's friday y'all!!!

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