Wednesday, September 5, 2012

wip wednesday

ugh, i tried doing this earlier today from my phone & it wouldn't let me type or add pics!  so this is why i'm late today.  i have a special announcement today!!!

i only have 8 little circles to make into squares & i will be halfway done!  remember this from last year?  i was doing a bright set & a dark set.  i will have this done by winter!!!!  ::fingers crossed::

so on that note, i have decided to only do the bright set as i like the yarn & the colors better.  the dark was in redheart & i so despise the regular redheart!  anywho, i am giving away 6 coaster sets from the dark set, i can't bare to throw them away, i put so much time into them & they are perfect for drinks on the coffee table or on your end table.  i am trying to build up my crochet fb page, you can go here & like my fb page.  i'm trying to hit 200 likes.  if you don't have an fb page & you want to be entered just comment here & i will enter you as well.

this is what the coaster sets kinda look like, they are in maroon, burnt orange, navy & mustard yellow.  they are really pretty & are perfect for fall & winter.  heck, if you win them & want to give them away as a christmas or bday present you are welcome to but i would love for you to like my page.  unfortunately i don't always get to update my blog but i can easily update my fb page from my phone which is usually where my wips & fofs end up if i don't get them linked to tami's amis. 
also if you send some people my way tell them to tell me who sent them & i will automatically give the person with the most people sent a set of the coasters!  you can always friend me on my regular fb page if you wish, i don't have many followers on my blog that aren't already on my fb page but i have a few of you out there that are so kind as to always nicely comment on my stuff.  :o)

don't forget to also check out all the neat stuff in the works at tami's amis.

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