Thursday, December 30, 2010

don't FREAK!!!!

ok, at work i'm known for a messy desk so i thought i would clean it up to start the new year off right.  my boss almost had a heart attack when he passed by, i reassured him i wasn't leaving for another job or anything.  ;)  then a rep comes through the door & they ask if i got another job.  nope i just cleaned my desk ok!  :)

so i took a couple of shots before i cleaned the mess

you like how the strawberry crush is posted up on the stack of papers, don't you, it's just chillin'

bubbles-check, bueno cup-check, steak express handy wipe-check, generic musinex-check

see my sticky notes, they stay until the glue sticks to the desk when the sticky note gets peeled off the desk

now to unveil the clean desk, i even moved everything and sprayed my desk down with some kind of dust and allergen pledge, it worked pretty good but now i have a waxy film on the desk & my finger prints don't want to come off.  drum roll please..................................................

nice huh?!?  awww, you can't see my hello kitty on my stapler or the other sparkly stickers

look at that cute pic of q, she was 2½ there :)  i kept the bubbles

mini giraffe is standing guard watching my lip gloss :)

 i bet you guys didn't know i had it in me.  well, i know how to clean a desk & just for the record, i don't expect i will keep it that way for more than a week.  who knows i may just try to keep it this way it's one of the things i'm gonna work on this year.  :) 

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