Thursday, March 31, 2011

i heart photoshop!

so i'm not super great at photoshop but i do some damn good amateur work.  maybe one day i will take a real class on photoshop.

i thought i would share some of my creations.  most of the people are my mgrs that we would play jokes on.  :o)

sigfried & roy bob & lynn 2/09

dukes of hazzard lynn, brad & bob 2/09

charlie's angels bobb, brad & lynn 02/09

bert & ernie bob & lynn 2/09

roger as jc 7/09

birthday photo 8/09 for mgr lynn

same birthday year 8/09 mgr lynn


kyle, lynn, bob & brad 8/09

julie on her 50th bday pic 8/09

doug mug shots 8/09

doug diesel 8/09

team four horsemen feray, lynn, kyle, bobby & jody 3/11

team mean girls india, cristal, diane & julie 3/11

as you can see i've gotten better since i started 2 yrs ago but i still have some learning to do.  it's so much fun putting peoples heads on funny pics.

this one is my fave, it's me as a sexy navy sailor.  ;) 

i'm smoking hot!!!!  :o)

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Claudia said...

Some of these are really good and funny.