Monday, March 5, 2012

366 days of photos week 8

hope everyone had a great week.  i enjoyed my short work week with pres day off.  gotta love holidays, especially when i get paid to be off.  :o)  {sorry for the delay, i took some pics with my lovely new asus tablet & couldn't get them to work when i tried to edit/add pics on the tablet, if you use the android system for your blogging please tell me how you do it.  it's so frustrating!!!  oh but i love my new toy!  thanks to the hubby :o)}

day 50: sun 2/19

i caught her reading green eggs & ham.  she is really getting good at this whole reading thing.  we can't go to the store or anywhere else where she is asking me what something is that she read on a package.  she will even spell something & ask me what it says & instead of me telling her i ask her to sound it out & almost every time she gets it exactly!  :o)  SUPER PROUD MOMMA MOMENT!!!

it's hard being a kiddo these days so it's always a good time for a nap!  these two are inseparable!  even in nap time they are always snuggled up!

day 51: mon 2/20
it was president's day & i had the day off.  to help keep the littlest one quiet, she went to daycare.  well i also had errands to run & so it was just me & q.  she enjoyed this day sooooo much!  we didn't do much.  we did mostly window shopping in the mall but she was so good that we stopped at claire's & got some earrings.  now i just need to find a good pinterest project for a jewelry holder with an earring tree type holder attached, something that can be mounted on the wall would be ideal.  if you have any ideas, let me know.  :o)

even though her face was blurry in this pic, it's my fave!  she is like this all the time!  she is my funny, happy, sensitive child.  i love her so much!  i will definitely be spending more one on one time with her...

day 52: tues 2/21
this is what they look like every time i go to bed.  either hopper is hogging the bed or they are spooning or even hopper on top of q.  it really struck me funny how q is crossing her arms.  i think she was channeling run dmc!  hopp looks like she is fencing or doing ballet.  :o)

close up of the arms crossed, face not so angry.  :o)
day 53: wed 2/22
we planted peonies two years ago, i think, & they are finally sprouting!  they are so weird looking, that burgundy color i didn't know what they were.  we planted peonies & bleeding hearts at the same time so i googled it & that's what peonies look like when they sprout.  :o)  i have updated pics for you, coming soon, they grow fast!  the girls were so excited & talk about them every time we walk up our front steps.

day 54: thur 2/23
it's that time of year again!!!  dittos came & went already, thank goodness!  this was all i had to sell this year & i think i sold everything!  i did get a few things back, still not for sure why but i gave them to my daycare lady so she can use them for accidents.  :o)  i didn't have clothes markers & this is so helpful when you are sorting & hanging them so you don't have to do it when you get there.  so i made my own.  :o)  all i did was use my index cards, we don't use them anymore, i cut a slit about 2/3 of the way up & then cut a square in the middle & then that's it!  it's so easy-peasy, not for sure i didn't come up with it earlier!  i have been doing this for over 5 or 6 years & i finally got it figured out!  i will be posting tips on how to price & sell your consignment items in case you want to do dittos later.  :o)

day 55: fri 2/24
q is now a neon twister!  she is on the local jump rope team.  she will not be eligible for the regionals team coming up in april but she will get plenty of practice in for next year.  i'm super stoked for her.  she can DOUBLE DUTCH!!!  she can't run in yet but if she gets her jump right on the first one she can dd for quite some time.  :o)

day 56: sat 2/25 no pics this day...  i have plenty for last week though. :o)

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