Wednesday, March 28, 2012

366 days of photos week 12

ok, i think i'm caught up after this post until next week.  :)

day 78: sun 3/18/12 ugh, no pic...

day 79: mon 3/19
something random... bent quarter i found in my wallet

day 80: tues 3/20
we decided to let q do her jump rope thing & hopp & i hit the playground.  :o)  look how cute she is & look at her little stance.

day 81: wed 3/21

i love this time of year.  all the trees & flowers are blooming & so is the wisteria!  i love wisteria but it sure is ugly when not in bloom!  so i will enjoy everyone else's wisteria.  i took this from my car since i have no idea whose house this is.  :o)
days 82-84: thur 3/22 - sat 3/24: i can't believe i don't have one single pic!!!  that's crazy especially since i didn't take one on saturday.  sorry guys! 

have a great rest of the week & so far i've been better this week & have taken a pic everyday this week for next week.  :o)

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