Thursday, March 29, 2012

hopp makes me laugh so hard, all the time!

look how super cute she is!!!!
so while q was at jump rope practice, i took hopp to the playground to play for a little bit.  i actually went down one of those tube slides & she was so happy & excited for me.  i was nervous that i would get in & get stuck but i zipped out of it really fast.  then after that we headed back to the gym to see how practice was going & we went the back way around.  it was a little bit more of a walk but not hardly much of a difference.  i guess i was walking faster than she was wanting to go & she said, i promise i didn't make this up, "UGHHHHH!  i'm tired, i need food in my mouth!".  i turned around & just busted out laughing!  oh my god, really?!?  i totally forgot to tell jason about it that night so i called him on my way to work & told him & it was so funny to relive it that i was in tears from laughing so hard!!!  i love her so much!!!

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