Tuesday, March 20, 2012

366 days of photos week 10

damn, i'm so far behind & i apologize, here we go

day 64: sun 3/4/12
hopp enjoying the swings at the park, it was so pretty we couldn't resist!

hopp sliding down the slide

day 65: mon 3/5/12
our new suet feeder & yarn holder for the birds

saw this on pinterest & knew it was way better than the old milk jug i've been using, which btw, just broke & crumbled from weather wear & tear.  got both of them for 1.49 each at tractor supply

day 66: tues 3/6/12 no pic...

day 67: wed 3/7/12

ok, well this is pissing me off, not for sure why it keeps rotating..  anywho, i inherited this painting from a lady that just retired at work.  at first i didn't really like it & thought of a pinterest idea but the more i look at it the more i like it.  :)

day 68: thurs 3/8/12
this is my birthday balloon, remember the chiccarone cake?  :)  it finally started to fall.  it's still up today but it's floating so i'm about to put it out of it's misery.  it's been fun while it lasted.  :o)

day 69: fri 3/9/12
you see that?  we pulled in a parking spot & all the grackles were out & making lots of noise & then, i saw something... there was a grackle on the tire of the truck just chilling & making lots of noise.  i thought it was pretty funny as did q & so i snapped this pic.  sorry, i was going to take one when i got out but when i opened my door it flew off.  :)

day 70: sat 3/10/12  oops, forgot to take a pic...

have a great rest of the week & hopefully, i can get the next week on here.  :o)

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