Wednesday, May 2, 2012

366 days of photos week 17

i only missed 2 days this week, not bad but got to get better...  this week had a lost tooth & a hopp/mommy day along with some other fun stuffs, so here we go!

day 111: sun 4/22
excuse the red bumps, i'm super white so my leg has these all over.  :o)  anywho, this is my thigh & jason had the bright idea of giving me a "tat".  i told him that he had the liberty of whatever he wanted.  he started with the rainbow then decided to add a sun & then to top it off added 3 birdies for me.  i don't know, looks pretty good for an amateur & the pen wouldn't cooperate...  :) 

day 112: mon 4/23 no pic :(

day 113: tues 4/24
this church is in my neighborhood & they were getting their roof fixed.  look how steep that is!!!  yikes, i would be terrified out of my mind! i've always wondered how they would stay on, they usually put planks up so they can stand on them & work on the shingles but this time they were tethered by pulleys & ropes.  it was kinda neat watching, there was one guy just running up to the top at one point & pulling himself up. 

day 114: wed 4/25
my babies!!!  this was right before bedtime, got them all together.  jess 17, q 6, hopp 3

day 115: thurs 4/26
at jump rope practice & all was going good until she smacked the back of both her arms with her jump rope & she had a melt down.  poor baby, those ropes hurt when they slap you!  anyway, i got her mind off other things & then we started talking about her loose tooth.  i felt it, it was getting looser & asked her if she wanted me to push it back a little so that the front would not be so tight, she ok'd it & i barely pushed back & it was really loose.  i tried pulling it but it wouldn't budge so i pushed it gently back again & told her to go get a paper towel because by this time it was bleeding just a tiny bit.  so she goes to get the paper towel & i try but my fingers were getting in the way so i told her to try pulling it.  she tried 2-3x & nothing happened.  she tried one more time & i thought she wasn't getting it & she yelled, "i GOT it!!!".  she was so excited.  so the fairy came by & left her a dollar bill!  not too shabby for her 3rd tooth huh?!?  :o)  so the best part is that she had graduation pictures the next day & we have a missing tooth graduation picture coming soon!  i just love missing teeth school pics!!!  :o)

day 116: fri 4/27
hopp & i got to have a mommy/daughter lunch date on friday, daycare closed due to a death in the family & they had to travel a couple of hours away.  so we went to lunch with ms claudia & her mommy (her mom came in from out of town) & when we pulled up there was this beautiful pink motorcycle in front of us.  hopp asked if it was for her... um yeah right!!!  :o)  i cracked up & she laughed & asked if it was for me.  no thanks, they scare me.  :)  anywho, she wanted me to take a pic & she loves it. 

lunch with hopp, love that sweet face!!!  she got to color a burro as we were at a mexican restaurant & it was blue & orange as that's all the colors she had been given.  :o)

day 117: sat 4/28 no pic...

well i hope you all had a great week!  have a great rest of the week & see you next week. 


Kathleen said...

I love your tattoo! ;)

And as always, your photos are all smile-making. I, along with Hopper, wish I had that pink motorcycle! It's awesome.

(Also, I need your address so I can send you your handmade PIF thingie---uh, when I make it, that is. But you can email me at slothmuffin at

stephanni :] said...

i just emailed you my addy! i can't see what you send me! :o)

thanks for being my best bloggy friend! you are always the sweetest!!! :o)