Monday, June 11, 2012

366 days of photos week 23

this week is the famous "hotdog-opus", scary statues, cans, plants & crochet...

day 152: sun 6/3
hotdog-opus, hopp loved these, i saw them on pinterest the other day & did this when i made her hot dogs.  i guess they are more like squid since there are only 6 legs huh?  :) 

how scary are these butterfly girls?  look at her eyes, they were super scary in person!

q asked to go on a walk so we went on one & found 5 cans! 

day 153: mon 6/4
first day of summer rec!  she said it was the "best day ever" when i picked her up!  :o)

replanted my bibb lettuce, going to see if it works.  i saw on pinterest you can do it if it still has the roots attached.  we will see...

my suet holders, i added a hot dog bun to the one with suet in it & the other one is the yarn one for nests.  :o)

jason's pepper plants.  i bought the topsy turvy for $1 & all the plants for $1!  the tiny peppers were already on the plant when i bought it so we will see if it produces more.  we have a mixture of jalapeno, habanero & ghost chiles. 

days 154 & 155: tues 6/5 & wed 6/6 no pics...

day 156: thurs 6/7
this is the first blanket i'm working on, colors aren't right but they are detriot lions colors.  it's turning out pretty cute, well for a boy blanket anyways.  :)

day 157: fri 6/8
got to work on the blanket a little more but had to stop for the next one...

this is blanket #2, i think this one is prettier of course because it's got pink in it.  :o)  they are both the same stitch, granny stripe from attic 24's pattern repertoire.  :)

day 158: sat 6/9

a train was going by on our play date #2 & i missed a super cute photo right as i snapped it.  all the girls were watching the train with their fingers in their ears, all lined up so cute!  hopp had already turned around telling us about the train & then the others started walking off...  oh well, maybe next time.  :o)


Kathleen said...

I love your photos. For one thing, now I want a hog dog octopus! ;)

And your blanket is looking awesome.

stephanni :] said...

thanks kathlee! my girls always ask for them now.

i haven't gotten far on the boy blanket but the pretty pastel one is coming along very fast. gotta get busy & get it done by friday!

i should have last weeks pics up in a day or two, i got a new phone so i need to get my pics off of it...

i hope you are having an awesome week so far! :o)