Wednesday, June 20, 2012

wip wednesday

it's been awhile since i've done one.  i think i'm back in my groove & out of the funk!  so here it is, the pastel sparkle blanket i'm making for a friend, it's a shower gift for one of her friends who is having her first baby!  how exciting is that?!?

here it is!  almost finished just need to do the border, hoping to have it done by friday for an fof.  :o)  this was taken with my brand new phone, not for sure how i feel about the colors, still not true to life but still a good pic...

i was looking for apps for my new phone & noticed that they have an instagram for androids now!  i was so excited!  this was used with the 'walden' version.    can you see the 'sparkle' at the bottom of the pic.  it's really pretty, glad she chose this yarn.  :o)  i think i'm going to do an all pink border since it will bring out more of the girly in the blanket.  yeah team girl!!!
well, i hope everyone is having a great hump day & it's all downhill from here.  :o)  go check out all the other wips at tami's amis.

last weeks are coming up just need to pull my photos off my old phone, hoping to do that tonight.


Minding My Own Stitches said...

Oh yes, yeah team girl! Pretty blanket, and a pink border will be just perfect!

stephanni :] said...

hahaha, glad i'm not the only team girl person. :o)

thanks for stopping by, i hope you are having a fabulous week!!!

heather said...

Love the blanket! That yarn looks really pretty...and sparkly!

stephanni :] said...

thanks heather! i did get it finished on friday but it was late in the evening & thought it was too late to post on the fof page, maybe i will post it on this friday's post. :)