Monday, June 11, 2012

366 days of photos week 22

we got new beds, baby mushrooms & nails along with other stuffs...

day 145: sun 5/27
i finally found their day bed at a garage sale for $35!!!  can you believe it?  they are now sleeping better & a little longer.  it's not fancy but hey, i'm not complaining!!!

day 146: mon 5/28
it was memorial day & i posted this pic on fb.  it's my neighbor that has the gorgeous yard.  he always flies his flag on important days.  we use to but our flag pole bracket came off the house & our american flag is in bad condition

day 147: tues 5/29
my glitter nails.  i used the wet n wild brand.  they turned out so pretty!

look how cute, it's a super tiny little mushroom on my dilapidated fence.  i've never seen them before.  not for sure how i saw them in the first place but i love it!  there are several along the fence but i got a really good pic of this one.

day 148: wed 5/30
i did the girls nails to match my glitter nails.  they maybe lasted to morning the next day but it made them happy & i can't pass up a happy girl moment!!!  :o)

day 149: thurs 5/31
did hopp's hair this morning.  she asked for a braid so we did the mini braid.  it's hard to see on her hair because she is dark headed but it was so cute & she was happy.  :o)
day 150: fri 6/1 no pic

day 151: sat 6/2
we started going to a play date group on saturdays, this was our first one.  the girls had a blast!  we love saturday mornings now!  :o)

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