Wednesday, June 27, 2012

366 days of photos week 25

some exotic beers, polish & a self pic...

day 166: sun 6/17 no pic...

day 167: mon 6/18

one time jason asked me about a certain beer & i think i finally found it.  kind of expensive, it had a really high rating though.  i love the beer name & logo of the beer on the right.  :o)

day 168: tues 6/19
got this on saturday & i love all the colors, sorry for the crappy pic.  it's the POP AGANDA collection of the Ulta nail polishes.  :o)

day 169: wed 6/20 no pic

day 170: thur 6/21
was doing the phones in the afternoon & decided to take a pic of our atrium as you walk in.  they have done such a good job of remodeling.  it's so green because they put that green fiberglass stuff on the roof.  that rectangular thing on the right is our pond.  we have a frog & a couple of tadpoles.  the tadpoles have back legs now so it won't be long before they will be big frogs.  :o)

day 171: fri 6/22
so my new camera has a front & back camera & i'm totally not good at aiming when using the back camera, how do you guys take such good self pics when you can't see where the camera is aiming?  anywho, colored my hair but the color here is not correct, my hair isn't brown it's red with some brown in it.  :o)

took q to lunch with me & some friends for a going away lunch for a friend.  usually she goes to summer rec but she was having a rough morning so she stayed with daddy & i took her with me during lunch.

ms maria got the girls a necklace, they match.  it's a cute little sparkle strawberry & the chain is red, it's so cute & they absolutely adore their new necklaces!  thank you ms "aria"!!!

posing with abuelo, she was giggling at justin!  look at that smile!!

day 172: sat 6/23
our usual saturday at sonic.  we had a new visitor come with us!  sarah & her crew, i hope they can start coming more often with us.  :o)

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