Monday, December 3, 2012

366 days of photos week 39

i know, i know, i'm so far behind it's ridiculous!!!  here is week 36 & then i will probably do wks 40-44 all in one post.  :)

day 264: 9/23 sun no photo...

day 265: 9/24 mon
did mine & hopp's nails in polka dots!  i love that she is at the stage i can get her to stay still long enough to do her nails.  :)
 day 266: 9/25 tues
sent a letter to my big brother!  :)  see how i addresed it MR Karina? i love giving him a hard time, it also had junk mail in it as that is what he sent me first.  lil buddy is what my oldest started calling him when she was about 4 or 5, he has never been uncle chad, just lil buddy.  i love it!

spider lilies that come up every so often.  :)
 day 267: 9/26 wed
hopp being vanna white with my wip for the week

my coaster giveaway, had 6 sets to giveaway.  :)
jess drew the winners.  :)
 day 268: 9/27 thurs
misti, the receptionist was awesome & bought me some sharpies for me!  it's like christmas morning when you get new office supplies.  :)
 day 269: 9/28 fri
finished pic of the wip, isn't it gorgeous?  i love that slouchy!
 day 270: 9/29 sat
it rained & rained & the backyard flooded.  :)  we enjoyed it.

q running through the rain, she had a blast & was soaked!!  on a side note, jason & i had our anniversary that day, we have been married for 11 years!  seems only yesterday we said our 'i dos' :)

more to come hopefully tomorrow!  i hope you all have been good!  :)  spell check isn't working so feel free to correct my grammar & misspellings.

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Sarah said...

Finally! Lol. Great pics! I still want to try on one of those hats!