Tuesday, December 4, 2012

366 days of photos week 41

on to another week!

day 278: 10/07 sun
happy happy birthday to my sweet baby hopp!!!  she is 4 now!  time really flies!!!  she was helping me make cupcakes for her daycare.  :)

finally got her to put up 4 the right way.  as you see in the above pic she was struggling, she finally got it.  :)

day 279: 10/08 mon
one of my cupcakes looked like brains!  i saved that one for jason.  :)

even though they are glittery & funky colors, they still kinda creep me out. 
day 280: 10/09 tues

jess driving!  so serious, i love it!  i hope she is always this serious when she drives when i'm not in the car with her!!!  i don't know what it is about this pic but she is gorgeous, maybe it's the hair out of her face, can you see her tat behind her ear?  i can't believe she put it there.  oh well, nothing i can do about it, i'm ok with the tat just not the placement...
  day 281: 10/10 wed
omg, this was at the dr office!  seriously, there is nothing more outdated you could still be using.  ;)

super classy!!!  some guy drives around in abilene with spinners, they looked plastic too, a coon tail from the hitch, & nekid ladies on the mud flaps!!!  what a douche!!!

the second hat, a little different pattern from the pink/green one, i decided i would weave as i would finish a row, much easier!!!  :)
 day 282: 10/11thur
this one is a long one, i took so many pictures!!! it was the most gorgeous outdoor craft show i have ever been to!  if you ever get an invite to the quaint marketplace, here in town, go to it!!! you will not be disappointed!!!!  i'm not going to comment on each one just a few.


this was in their backyard!!!  can i just move in please?!?  i will be quiet, promise.  ;)  oh & that's a hot tub on the other side of the swing...

wanted to get a pic of hopp for a super cute birthday idea for her doc mcstuffin's party...

q wanting a pic as well, this was after jump rope practice.  :)
day 283: 10/12 fri
this little critter was taking a stroll on the coffee machine/supply table!!!  at least he was little & not humongo like the one the last time!!!

i made dr badges for the kiddos that came to the party, each had their picture on it.  :)
 day 284: 10/13
finished striped hats with flowers :)  aren't they so cute?!?

the party table with all the decorations

birthday cupcakes!

here is the super cute party idea from the picture i took previously.  i made a huge pic by cutting out different sections in photo shop & pasting them in a word document & then putting her together like a puzzle.  there is a much easier way to do it in paint but didn't find out till just the other day.  oh well, we live & learn right?  we played put the band aid on hopp.  :)  i so love that smile, so toothy!!!

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