Monday, December 24, 2012

366 days of photos week 42

day 285: sun 10/14
hopp got new shades for her bday.  she loves them!

this is how i found her when i went to check on her.  she is halfway under q's bed!  :)

day 286: mon 10/15  no pics

day 287: tue 10/16
my sea world mug from my boss.  killa killa whales y'all!  :)

we turned in a butt load of box tops for q's class!  :)  it was over a 150 box tops!

day 288: wed 10/17
q picked her clothes & left me a note asking if she could wear it.  so cute!!!
 day 289: thur 10/18
the beginnings of a princess leia hat, the most essential part, the BRAIDS :)

thought this was super cute, this is how jason feels about my yarn stash.  he calls me a hoarder.  ;)
 day 290: 10/19 fri no pics

day 291: 10/20 sat
the final product!  how cute is this?!?

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