Monday, December 24, 2012

366 days of photos week 43 & partial week 44

day 292: 10/21 sun
see how the jackhole is parked?!?  what an asshole, i even watched him turn around & look back to see how he was parked...  he could have parked just like that on the curb by the street, he didn't have to block the entire aisle.  this to me means you are an asshole & you don't even care!!!

painted pink for breast cancer awareness, had to add the glitter!  :)

learning how to make perler beads, we figured it out & she has made some money off them.  the teal "spiderman" is spiderwoman, according to q.  :)

day 293: 10/22 mon
lil gracie modeling her leia beanie, yes this is a real baby.  doesn't she look like a doll?!?

sweet lil hopp!

the girls posing in front of horton at the hospital.
 day 294: 10/23 tues
my field of dandelions at the house.  :) 

this was a crazy night, sitting outside sbux with my friend cristal & we saw all kinds of crazy shit!  good times.  :)

my frappe. 
 day 295: 10/24 wed
the 3 best friends anyone could have...  me & maria & susan all have semi-matching extensions.  :)

ice cream day at work.  this was a butter crunch bar, so yummy!
day 296: 10/25 thurs
cute little snowflake i made.  i love instant gratification projects.  :)
 day 297: 10/26 fri
went & voted early with the husband. :)
 day 298: 10/27 sat
getting a new tire for the baby car & hopp playing like she is on the phone talking to daddy.  :)

partial week 44, i did a november photo a day so i will put them in one post.

day 299 & 300: sun 10/28 & mon 10/29 no pics

day 301: tues 10/30
so tacky!  that tailpipe stuck out so far like they were compensating for something...

made me some cat ears for my "costume" :)

day 302: 10/31 wed
me as a kitty.  :)

started working on a cute little cowl for a friends little girl in grey & a purple mist ombre.  :)

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