Wednesday, February 2, 2011

some more yarnin'

one more post before i get off the 'pooter.  i have just recently finished some items i have been needing to get done.  i got a lovely little family's set of hats done, i still have them & need to finally meet up with tia so she can start wearing them before the winter season stops.  :)  if you follow blogs, you definitely need to follow ms tia's.  she has a way with pictures & words that just melt my heart.  she is going to be my next photographer for my hats & things.  i can't wait, her stuff is great!  she has a photography blog too you can check out. 

tia & girl's hats

christopher & charlie's boise state hats

then i was requested for a amigurumi piece, i'm not a big fan of making them but i love who requested it so i decided to give it a stab.  thanks to a suggestion, i got a hook that doesn't make my fingers hurt & made it easier on me.  i had to piece different patterns together to get what i wanted.  it was definitely a pain in the ass!  i hate it!  all the sewing pieces on but the end result is usually really cute.  i'm torn on this one though.  let me know what you think of the miss mouse.  jason said it's looks like an elephant/rat & q said it looks like a rabbit.  she really is growing on me.  at first i was really disappointed in how she looks but she gets cuter everytime i look at her.  :)  if you would like the pattern to try for yourself let me know i will get it to you.  i may just post it at another time.  :)

oddly cute miss mouse

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