Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ice Hooks

ok, this is another posting about the ice storm that came through 2 wks ago, i just haven't had the time to post lately.  my 5yr old q has quite the vocabulary of her own words & sayings (she gave me the idea for the name of the blog if you remember).  this is another she has came up with, ice hooks.  ice hooks, what is that?  well my friends, it is what we call icicles. ;P  she kept telling me to look at the ice hooks, the first time i had no idea what she was talking about but then she pointed them out.  so now every time we see them we ask q if she saw all the pretty ice hooks?  :)  thought i would capture the ones we got at our house, it was like an ice hook garden & then i took one of the neighbors house across the street.

ice hooks off our patio in the back yard they are all so pretty in the sunlight, i like the way they sparkle :)

this is our neighbor dub's house, he had lots of them too.  you will notice that i have their house in a lot of our pics, i have even been known to take pictures in front of his nice trees, on his lawn, for special occasions.  :o)  yes i'm that type of neighbor, we never disturb anything. it's all his fault because his yard is always so purdy! :)


Claudia said...

That is such a pretty picture of ice hooks on top! And by the way, so glad you're that kind of neighbor! LOL

stephanni :] said...

don't be jealous that i'm not your neighbor ;)