Thursday, February 17, 2011

i have decided to post some of my new years resolutions, a little late but thought out...

i want to lose weight and all the usual stuff but these are some things i know i can really work at & get an immediate result from and stick with them.  =) i will post several in the next couple of days. 

#1  i really, really want to learn how to make a magic circle so over the next day or two i'm going to really work hard at it & give it another try.  i found this page that Planet June has on a tutorial, love her stuff.  she does really cute amigurumi stuff.  i know i can do it but on paper it's harder for me than an actual video (i'm hands-on when it comes to learning).

here is a picture of what a magic circle does:
magic ring vs traditional method
it closes up the hole as you see on the right.

well, that's it for today, i will update on how i'm doing & what my next couple of resolutions are.


Claudia said...

OK ... you have some weird resolutions. I'm just sayin'. :D

stephanni :] said...

yes well, it's stuff i know i will follow through with at some point this year. ;P