Monday, February 14, 2011

friday funnies

so last weekend hopp decided to get on the potty while she was watching her most beloved movie, Coraline, you can hear it in the background :).  well, we ended up getting out of the house because a-town decided it was time to thaw out so we headed to the mall playground to let the girls run off some steam & have a little fun so that in turn made it where we didn't have a nap.  she does pretty good until it is bedtime & all hell breaks loose but it usually doesn't last long because all that screaming & crying knocks a girl out fast.  :)  so this was about 5pm & she was sitting on the potty and i was doing some yarnin' stuffs & i look over & she is nodding, hard.  it was too cute so i decided i would take a quick vid to let everyone have a little chuckle.  i know it's gross that i have a potty chair in the living room but believe me when you are potty training a little girl that refuses to go potty you will let her potty where ever she wants when she decides she wants to go.  :)

then on superbowl day jasmine, jess' bff came over to watch the game with us so they decided before the game started they were going to play on the wii.  so during the tennis hopp decided to play along, using both the nunchuks.  she does this little seizure, jerk thing everytime one of the girls would swing to hit the ball she would instantly do her little herky-jerky movements.  so silly!

both videos are super short so make sure to watch both.

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